Wednesday, May 25, 2011

knock knock

no one's here. Joan has gone fishing.

Nah, seriously I have lotsa things under my hands now. Am all tied up. Even friends from west Malaysia came over for their holiday also I can't spare some time to entertain them.

I even forgot to eat. And thats not good. Thats TOO BUSY for me. Joan never forgets her mealtime.

24th: Due date to submit exam analysis, audit report

and I am way behind schedule, yes I know

25th: Make up for dance team for Teachers Day celebration, see producer to get more CDs

26th: Update the school documents before hols

27th-28th: Rehearsals and Preparing the students for KDCA-ISCEP Concert

29th: Morn rehearsal and evening, emceeing an event

30th: Somebody's wedding to attend

31st: Kaamatan!!!

June's schedule awaits. And more singing practice.

Argh!!!!!!!! Tolong.

1 comment:

Okayarms said...

Owh you're really a busy person aren't ya ;D Well hope everything goes well.

And you're a dancer izit?