Monday, January 30, 2012

Musical Monday : The Baseballs

My sister asked me to search on Youtube for this particular band. And they really wow-ed me. THE BASEBALLS. For me the name a bit cacat lah. But their singing is not!

Here's bringing back the 50's rock and roll era with a twist

and this last video am gonna share. Totally awesome. It's like sex to my ears. Haha.

These guys are from Germany btw. Hot!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Chinese New Year Week

Festive food, firecrackers, fireworks, angpau, alcohol and gambling. That totally summarizes my Chinese New Year holidays. Ushering the dragon year totally with a BANG. 

I really enjoyed watching the massive display of fireworks all around. Prefer to watch only, the sounds made by the fireworks at the stroke of midnight really made the whole neighbourhood "bergegar". And also sending all the dogs and cats to a state of panic. Kesian segala anjing dan kucing. I guess their super sensitive ears really can't take the loud sounds of firecrackers and fireworks. ( and oh, kesian juga about the incident of the man who died because of the firework at one of the housing area in KK kan? )

So, it is back to work day today. I guess some of you is really enjoying the whole week off. Ah, sioknya tu dapat cuti satu minggu.

I guess my face looked really upset when I entered the class today until my students also realized I was not in a good mood.

"Cikgu tidak kana bagi angpau ka cigu punya muka monyok ni?" said one student.

I just rolled my eyes. Malas la mau layan ni budak-budak. Sudah lah teda mood mo karaja ni ari.

Also at the same time, my little Kapas is not feeling very well. He got fever since the first day of Chinese New Year. He just don't wanna eat but as advised by the vet today - must make him eat and drink also. 

And apparently the only food that really triggers his appetite now is KFC. Adui. Bankrap lah kalau begini.
Get well soon, Kapas!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kuat Makan

All I saw on the packet was PIZZA SANDWICH and I just grab it and head straight to the counter. Thinking that inside the packet is a slice of pizza or macam pizza sandwich hybrid lah.

Mana tau ini pula di dalam.. Itu fish snack.. Ini lah akibat godoot. Apa kana tulis on the label also tidak nampak.

I was only driven by the word PIZZA and SANDWICH saja.

p.s: Ah...reunion dinner is 2 hours away. Lapar sudah ni. Huhuhu.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Childhood was AWESOME!

ko ada??? 
p.s: I wonder kids these days ever did this anymore or not? Or they are constantly with their iPad/iPod all the time..

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Red Lips


I have always wondered how some women can pull off that red lips look without a care in the world. I mean they DO look good with red lips even when it is meant for going out shopping or having coffee with a friend. Practically anywhere and anytime. For me, I always thought that red lips will always have to go with events like Unduk Ngadau or Photoshoots. Ah, maybe I am stereotyping... But I know for sure red lips is sure gonna be the "in" look these days. Maybe I should wear it with attitude? Tapi takut kana ingat skanky slut Rossa pula..haisshhh

I have been following a few bloggers who really can pull off this red lips look like nobody's business. And they look good. ( or at least I thought they looked good, you may not agree with me ) Plus they usually dress up like the pin-up girls. Love it. And then again, I wonder how does this vintage/pin-up girls style can really be tried out. Or rather when is the best time? I can't imagine I go to school looking like a pin-up girl.

Speaking of vintage. I heard that there's Vintage Tikar Party happening on the 11th of Feb at Lintasan Deasoka, KK. Anyone know any more info about this? Saw someone tweet about this yesterday at my timeline.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine's Day for all!

It's next month but I love February more than January so I am pretty much looking forward for next month. Check out this idea. Valentine's Day for all. 

This idea might work. Sweet!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

SAPS - not very smart

Oh God, who would have thought? SAPS is totally a nightmare.

Any fellow teachers reading this, I guess you will understand what I am trying to say. You maybe in the same shitty situation or maybe not. My bet is that most of you are not in this situation because

A) You have back up copies of your students' mark for the last semester two exams
B) You are a smart and efficient class/form teacher who had printed out your students' exam result before 2011 ends
C) You are not the Setiausaha Peperiksaan for Tingkatan Dua

I relied to much on the SAPS that I didn't do a backup copy of my students' Maths result. I told myself *nanti lah saja..nanti-nanti* then now mati. Huhu.  I kept on delaying the effort to back up the result because November and December were busy like mad! Now FML too.

Since I have been waiting from the green light from the boss to print out the exam results' before the school holiday and the boss told me to get it done only after everyone have key-ed in their marks. ( which indirectly means when the school reopens ). Now all the form teachers' of Form Three are after me now since I am also the S/U Peperiksaan of Form Two.

Even the Ketua Panitia(s) are after me because they need to key in TOV for their subjects and what not. Also the Head of Bimbingan dan Kaunseling balik-balik cari saya because they need the analysis to stream students accordingly.

And it is all because the SAPS ( after it was upgraded recently ) - no one can access the 2011 data. ( not even the head of the Unit Setiausaha Peperiksaan )-> WTH!!!! and they ( the people who maintain the SAPS ) simply did this without notifying the school that we can't access 2011 data anymore when it is already 2012. Macamana la ni?

Solution for the time being is back to the old software at school. Annnnnnnnnndddddd I need to ask the other teachers to key in the marks AGAIN. Oooh, I am so gonna be the world's greatest enemy at work now. Huhu.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ponder Wonder

I woke up late today. It was almost 8am when I got off from my bed. But I haven't fully woken up right until the time I am typing this post. Kurang bersemangat lah ini hari. Just felt like surfing the net and do nothing but hey life have to go on right?

Hmmm. I saw some articles about one of my favourite artist. She said she was lucky to be involved with the music scene which don't require to be someone else and how her sounds should sound like.

Sometimes I wonder whether it is true that artist like this should ever exist in this business. Or maybe it was just a statement to prove that he/she is indeed a true indie artist.

Most of the pop scene that I know, they are "manufactured" to be a star. Their looks and sounds have been created to meet the demands of the current music market.

Back to being a true independent artist. How independent they are on deciding how their songs will turn out to be? Sigh. I am giving much thought about this because I am currently at the writer's block zone for writing lyrics these days.

I just can't write anymore. Totally a black out zone. Maybe I need to do some soul searching and more reading to get the magic back. Besides I am pretty much demotivated when I know some other artist really shine with their lyrics. How do they do that? Cinta Muka Buku song on Juara Lagu uhm Hello..

Moreover being here in Borneo, we don't have enough folk/indie music scene platform to prosper. Over at the western side of this nation, a lot of platform and gigs for budding talents to shine. It seems there are less people who are into folk/indie music here. Even cinta muka buku also can gain interest just because the singer is from the west Malaysia. There are tons of other good music over here but we are just not over there to prosper.

Even Guba, the sabahan singer made it big over in west Malaysia. Or the band called HWC. Whatever local here who are with English songs usually will only get the smirk telling us off that some international stars are better than us. Or some worse cases getting laughed at. Hmmm, so much for supporting their own people. You know why K-Pop is a phenomenon now? In Korea, in their shops and shopping outlets, they only play their music. ONLY K-Pop and they don't really worship international stars.

I guess people over here only listen to Sumazau songs? Correct me if I am wrong but the taste of music over here is more about people with low self esteem trying to marry a rich/pretty lass. I might be wrong. There are other people with other taste of music but MOST of the people are like this.

Sigh, sigh and sigh. Should I conform to the society's interest about low self esteem and write a song about that as well?

What kind of lyrics do you like?


Monday, January 09, 2012

Manic Monday

Not exactly very manic Monday lah. It's a regular Monday actually but the long break has slowed things down for me and picking it up with high energy - ugh! it's just so taxing! With 6 periods everyday from Monday to Wednesday. Hurray! I can practice my vocal controls as well.

Its 10.15 pm now and it's really my sleepy zone time. 9.30pm-10.30pm. But I have a lot more things to do, I can't sleep that early. Besides I am not teaching in the morning, why should I wake up so early? Yet,if I dont sleep now, the next sleepy zone time is around 2.00-3.00am ~ and that's so freaking late. I hate this circadian rhythm.

Anyway, just a random inquiry to my dear readers; anyone of you knows any info about setting up a Taska or getting a franchise for daycare centre?

*Just helping an investor to get some info; saya teda duit mo buka taska ni. hoho.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Horizontal fountain

There was a horizontal fountain at our house on this weekend. This accidental fountain was because of a burst pipe at the main road in front of our house. The pipe sort of burst towards our backyard ( The main road and our backyard is separated by a big drain ).

If it is a normal burst pipe with water flowing gently it is still okay. This one is like the fire hydrant, full on, high pressure spray of water to our backyard. The "fountain" started on Friday evening and water spraying like mad until Saturday afternoon. Can you imagine, how much water has been wasted?

So, at least not to waste so much, we washed our dog and also we "washed" ourselves at the horizontal fountain too. Sort of like a belated buang sial occasion. Haha.

Here's the videos of our crazy activity on a cloudy Saturday morning. ( sajuk tau! )

Friday, January 06, 2012

A thank you note

Thank you for keep asking me to change the time table even I have tried my best to make sure you don't get teaching periods at the end of the day. I have taken note that you have morning classes and afternoon classes and I know that you HAVE to go home early. Yes,you have to rest, you have your kids to fetch, your chickens to feed, your kapal layar practice, your dogs to be pampered, your flowers to be watered, the kettle needs to be polished, you have to move house, you have a rare disease...yada exaggerating, I know. Bottom line I am practically a sponge to absorb every pleas that you have. Sudah dapat betis masih mau paha. Sialan. 

Thank you as well for the people who have to assist me. I know when you gave me the cold shoulder and mumbles when I told you that I need help was indeed a very beautiful gesture. You really mean it right? Awwwww, you are so sweet. You REALLY know that I can do this everything by MYSELF. Thank you!

Thank you for keep talking about me being evil for PURPOSELY giving you so much teaching period. Yes, indeed it IS my intention to make your life miserable.I also work for Satan and also the Angel of Death; I can take your life as well because I am EVIIIILLLLLLLLLLL.

Thank you for always referring to me as if I am the reception desk. Yes, I KNOW where the takwim is. Yes, I WILL give you the official school diary. Yes, I will GIVE you the copies of the exam analysis for you to fill in your TOV. Yes, SURE I will print out your class' exam result. Uhm, btw, the last time I check everyone do have the password to log in to SAPS. But sorry to inform everyone that SAPS portal now is under maintenance. 9th January onwards it will be available okay? Ding Dong..Sekian pengumuman. I am indeed the reception desk.

Again the SAPS will only be accesible by next week. I CAN ONLY give you the what nots analysis by next week. Thank you for being PATIENT.

Uhm, ya I understand that the boss is pestering you about your project but analysis is available next week. NEXT WEEKKKKKKK!!!!!! Thank you for letting me know I have a very short fuse when I am under pressure too. -_-

Thank you for the new policy to make Bahasa Malaysia a glorified language and English a colonizing language. I am very good in translating my lesson plans from English to Malay .Yipee! My brain is a translating machineeeeeee... Oh, wait I can google translate it JUST LIKE what the Ministry of Defense did for their ethical clothing etika pakaian.

Thank you for making me a maid. Yes, I will clean the house and do the dishes and laundry and cook lunch before I go to work and by the time I finish work, I will straight away go to the market and buy things to cook dinner. All your wish is my command MASTER. Now, I shall have dinner when everyone is asleep. Yeah, slaves can't eat at one table with their master.

I am very much indeed happy and pleased that everyone needs me! Yeay! I am the MOST important person in the world! Hurray! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

First day of school

Starting a new week of school on Wednesday is kinda awkward but I am loving it. Because Friday will come fast! Owh yeah!!!!!

I was late to school yesterday, clocked in like 20 mins late. Hell yeah, I am the boss. So much for the new excitement for a new school term eh?

The timetable issues that am working on is forever unending. I have been spending two sleepless nights troubleshooting how to make things work yet the outcome is still with mistakes. So, am gonna do some other adjustments by today after a well rested sleep I had last night. I really hope the sleep gonna help. Oops, I almost forgot, tomorrow morning I have an appointment with the printing company ( as usual ) to settle the matters about the school official daily planner.

Am a lone ranger in doing things when actually I have people to assist me. The people know that they have to assist me but I guess they can ignore whats written in the paper. And in the end, I decided not to ask them to help because I will end up explaining things to them and cost me precious time. So, torturing myself alone is the best solution. Just that I must remember to tell my boss that I don't want the posts/tasks anymore for the following year.

Me and my shiny forehead 

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Thank You 2011 and now Hi 2012!

What do you have in store for me dear 2012?

I guess getting used to write the date will be quite troublesome during the first week of January 2012 right? Even while typing this post, I have to constantly press the backspace when I typed out the year. Haha. Happened to you as well? Yeah,virtual HIGH 5!!!

So, cut the beating around the bush to the topic for today. Ah...the resolutions.

This year am gonna have 6 resolutions. Plus, recycled resolutions also are allowed. Haha! Its not because its my favourite number but am allowing myself a duration of two month average for a resolutions to get done. 6 x 2 = 12 months. a year lah tu. Gosh! why do I have to be so mathematical?!

The 6 things that I want to achieve this year:

1) Scuba diving licence
Recycled resolutions. Yea I know. Hihi

2) Get my band's EP done
Soon..soon..soon. Crossing fingers for this

3) Blog more
Yeah, serious! Also do follow my 365 days oops its leap year; 366 days ( a photo a day ) blog 

4) Learn a new musical instrument
Bongo! Come on... hehe. Am so bad with rhythm. So let's see. Haha

5) Get at least another RM2000 saved in my savings account
A specific target, its a must. If not, I will only be bank in RM1 every month in result, I only have RM12 savings per year. Saving money its like the hardest thing to do. Its a battle of will power. Even if you have saved some in the bank, the tendency to get the money out is always there. Again its always will power

6) Eat less meat and exercise regularly
God! please help me on this. Don't take away my meat from me. I love meat. Must have it all the time but the diet must be well balanced right. Adoi, eating healthy is totally a challenge cos I LOVE MEAT! Exercise...yeah, I start tomorrow la. Today rehat dulu. Ngehehehe..

Hello 2012

Woke up late today? Me? No. Got up as usual but with a difference. A new kindred spirit just came to me and am automatically kinda pumped up to face the new year ahead. Mau pigi Church punya pasal juga la bangun pagi awal ni.

This was last night family gathering at my cousins' place. It was a good change once in a while to be the guest at a party and not the host. Yea, you got the fun minus the cleaning post party stuff. And lots of makan of course. Ate like a goldfish and stuffed myself until I can't get up from the chair. Haha.. A sign of a fattening new year? I hope not. Haha.

At the strike of midnight, fireworks went off like mad but I guess the neighbours are still reserving a lot more for the coming Chinese New Year end of this month. Anyway, looking at my blog entries for 2011. I blog less last year. Gosh, that's new. Haha. I am surprised. I blogged for 128 posts only compared to 200++ in 2010. I must be more rajin to update this blog lah this 2012.

I saw my first post of 2011, so let's review back the undone resolutions.  The 2012 will be in another post, let's not crowd our mind on the first day of new year today. Let's get organized!

SO, what's in store for 2011?

1) Scuba diving ( I have to put this on top of the list, but dunno mana mau cari fundings or time for this...but it is still gonna be on top of my list ) --> HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Status: Still Undone.

2) Gonna have at least 3 songs from JADE sisters to be on air ( fingers crossed for an EP, tidak tau mau korek duit di mana for all this - tapi tidak apa yang penting happy ) --> Status : DONE! Yesssss... Janji/ Hot Chocolate / Saya Mau Jadi Unduk Ngadau 

3) Continue my studies...hopeful for the middle or end of the year intake ( I am still indecisive on what to study ) --> Status: Halfway DONE. Well, not really done coz I did get the offer but I delayed the registration to another intake due to funding problems T_T

4) Spend less, save more ( this is something that I need to keep up ) --> Status : HMMMMMM.. But I manage to clear off all my credit card debts though and tiada pigi hutang loan shark. Ada hutang lain jak yang perlu dibayar sekarang.  Savings ada la sket tapi masih juga nda bulih bikin kahwin.

5) Be healthy and pretty ( losing weight is seriously out of topic sudah. The more I talked about it, the more I gain weight. Jadi biar saja lah ) --> Status: Hehehe..ntah lah ni. I don't think I got healthier because somewhere in the middle of 2011, I kinda stop exercising regularly. Sigh!