Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wine Red

It's the color of the season. Hell yeah it is!

So, the holidays is in full swing now. Since the parents are not in because they are away for vacation. Me and my sisters really are like "orang bujang" at home. No one to boss us around. Hehe. *Yeah, the perks of living with parents, you are always a baby no matter what your age is*

No vacation away from the country for me this year. It was kinda odd just to stay at home during the hols but I actually have a lot of things to do. Just that laziness is a big hurdle. Haha. I really have to drag myself to workout everyday. Holidays always means its the time to gain weight; I really hope not this time. But waking up late is such a bliss!

Parents not in! Let's throw a party. Ngeh! Not gonna happen.

I have to take care of the household, chores, groceries shopping and what not. The big sister's responsibility. Besides, both my sisters are still in school (one in college and the other sitting for SPM), so they are kinda excused to get away with some house chores.

Being the kakak, I deserve to have a full glass of wine anytime of the day. Even after lunch. Hmmm, life is good with a glass of red wine.

Ni la wine RM12 yang sa baru testing power. Inda sadap! If you ever come across this wine in Labuan, don't buy it. Those in the boxes ( Stanley or Peter Vella ) lebih sedap. This one is very sour and it gave the tongue a little funny after taste to it.

Apa-apa pun, a glass of wine really gets the blood pumping well. ^_^

Monday, November 26, 2012

Long day for a short weekend

This was supposed to be posted yesterday tapi saya pengsan. It was indeed a long day.

Yesterday, there was an event called PESTA MUZIK BAMBU held here in Tamparuli. It is the 6th edition this year. I co-emceed the event last year and was hoping it I won't be selected again given the long duration of this event to finish.

But, I was asked to emcee the RATU PESTA MUZIK BAMBU this year. The first of its kind as part of the program in this music fest.

The thing is I never emceed a beauty pageant alone before ( usually there is a co-emcee ), so it was kinda awkward to just let words run without having a conversation.

Backstage with the girls

One of the highlight of the event is the performance from the Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra. They came back again for the second time this year. Last year there were more international groups who came but this year there's only from Taiwan.

The event run smoothly, it's just that I hate it when there's no floor manager aka the time keeper for the event to run. Nobody reminds people to keep the time while running the program. It's a total nightmare for an emcee to emcee the event and also be the floor manager -_- ( aiya! )

Me no likey when people don't keep the time

The event scheduled to be finished by 5pm but it dragged until 7pm. I am supposed to be at the studio by 5.30pm to do some work for a Christmas Song project but I ended up being in the studio by 8pm and the session only ended around 11pm.

There you go a long day for a short weekend.

Friday, November 23, 2012

No power

Enough with the frustration of slow Internet connection, it hasn't gotten any better today either. Thank God, my mood did. That was after a sumptuous breakfast. Can't really turn down the temptations. I had fish tomyum for breakfast. That made my morning cheerful. Despite knowing the fact that I've gained a few kilos since the hols started. Gah!!!

Spent the whole morning and afternoon spring cleaning my hard disk on my laptop. It is a tedious task for a disorganized person like me. Sorting out the photos and music was the one that took a lot of time.

And I came to realize that my passion for photography was only during 2009 and 2010 ( it shows in the amount of photos taken ). 2011 is a lazy year and 2012 is even a lazier year. Maybe 2013 will be the laziest. So much for the craze with DSLR before eh? My Flickr account is abandoned like an old castle in Europe too.

After being frustrated a lot with the Internet connection then the electricity goes out. Blackout now. So, I am lying on my bed and ranting my hearts out via my phone. At least the 3G connection is still there to console this frustrated heart.

Bah nanti lagi la saya sambung komplen. I really do have a lot of time pondering over my life this holiday la.

P.S: So, teachers. Apa la kamu bikin ni cuti?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Frustrating evening

Internet slow!!! Yes it is seriously frustrating. Who else is experiencing bad connection with their Streamyx line for the past three days.

The connection is totally unstable. Intermittent connection that's all I got. It's frustrating when you are doing some important transaction online and it got interrupted. Gosh!

Watching videos on YouTube is like waiting for a constipation to pass while you are sitting on the throne (toilet). Torturing!!! I rather have a wedgie than to wait for a video to load. Oh, how I missed the fast Internet connection in Seoul. Damn you Streamyx!

And adding salt to the wound. The MacBook that I am using now is super slow and keeps crashing every now and then. Bad Internet connection + slow poke computer. I am so close of destroying the MacBook; thank God it's not mine. Thinking that it is on loan so I shouldn't kasi hempas itu barang.

This is totally a frustrating night. Two of the only audio mixing software that I know are so hard to use now that I forgot everything. Everything everything just just seems to fall apart now. Argh!!!!

I better go sleep now but my bed smell of pusisang lagi. Apa lagi ni kumbang buduh pigi kacau katil sa ni???? Sial betul.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Minute : Moustache trend

Since its Movember. This is just for fun trendspotting. Do you have a minute to spare?

Prints on pillowcase

On rings
Cupcake decos

Nail art, perhaps?

Moustache frenzy goes on! Movember mood

Friday, November 16, 2012

Timing belt

Back in KK now. And currently at this Perodua Service Center in Inanam. It has been a while since I have been here. My Ms. Viva is such a cutie because all of her species only needs to get regular maintenance once in every 6 months unlike normal cars its every 3 months.

But in rare cases, major maintenance needs to be done. Can't blame her, every girl really have those moments too as well. Major maintenance as in more things to be changed compared to the usual stuff. From normal budget of rm130++ to rm450++ just because her timing belt has reached the time when it is supposed to get changed. Sigh !

I wonder those students who are driving their own cars, how do they get things maintained? The working adults also do feel the burn in their pockets when it comes to maintaining a car. And even worse those with super big and high cc engines type of cars.

Cars are definitely a liability. But my Ms. Viva helped me to go places, so must take care of her if not I will be relying on public transport which is not the best option especially here in Kota Kinabalu.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Solitary Solitude

How's the school break so far?

I am currently everywhere these days. While visiting the mister in Labuan after being deployed to be offshore for 37days, someone has to go off again for another job in Brunei.

So, am currently in Miri to kasi kawan and just to know that the mister tidak jadi pigi Brunei. There you go, nothing can really be planned these days.

Hmmmm. Apa bulih buat la? It's good enough someone is in the same time zone with me now. Long Distance Relationship (LDR) do sucks but I survive. Since my flight to Miri is courtesy of the company of the mister, so can't complain much.

Am flying off in the evening later while the mister is already enroute to Penang to see his folks. In the meantime, I am enjoying the solitude in front of my laptop.

It's quite rare for me to write about my relationship on my blog right? Haha. Blame the writer's block when you are terribly missing someone.

Okay now back to studying song arrangements.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Puppy Love

Looking at the long list of wedding banns at the church weekly newsletter, it startled me a bit to see the names of the people who have "chased" me before is finally tying the knot. Good for them and everyone. Life is indeed of full surprises.

Love life history is the bittersweet memories of growing up. Ahahahaha. It's kinda funny to recall back those days. Stupid and young. But some may end up not in good terms with me until now. Hehe. Some people hold grudges but I don't. I wish them the best for their future. Besides, I don't have any hard feelings of them for not inviting me to their wedding. Ex-flames at weddings sometimes isn't a good idea. You agree?

Now that everyone is in their own path of their lives, the stories of the past will only serve as memories and none of the hard feelings should be taken. Time heals.

Things always happen for a reason.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Anybody who knows how to count from 1 to 20 will surely find something interesting with the date today. Well, since it is a special date today, a lot of couples are tying the knot today.

At the St John Church Tuaran today itself, there were 5 couples getting married. 2 couples at 9am and another 3 at 10am. I sang in the choir for the 9am wedding blessing and stayed on for the 10am wedding mass because another friend was one of the 3 couples.

Come school holiday and end of the year, wedding invites came like waterfall. There's no single weekend without a wedding invitation this November. But since the school holiday has officially started and it will only last for a month and a half, I gotta make the most out of it. Gotta spend the holidays wisely.

To kick start the first official day of the school break, it was the beautiful wedding of my two dear friends. Dierdre (Serra) & Melvin (Neo). Both of them are my childhood friends, it is their destiny to spend their lifetime together. Forever starts today. Congrats you two!

It was indeed a happy day for all. Now am back to my book and with Taylor Swift belting out numbers from her latest album Red playing over my laptop speakers. Awesome record!

Monday, November 05, 2012

Monday Blues

From the airport straight to work today. Sleep deprived and slightly "kogutan". I had an amazing weekend in Labuan for the charity show. Will blog about it soon but in the meantime if you enjoy microblogging ( photo micro blogging it is ), join me on instagram!

Find me "joan_jade"

I write most of my life stories there more than I did here or on twitter.

Ok, now crawling to bed. Gonna have a long day at work tomorrow. Bring it on! ( Final week of school it is )