Friday, September 28, 2012

Dreamy Lights

This is like so portable, you can place it anywhere. I really love lighting fixtures that is portable
Lighting can change the mood to a whole place or room. IKEA lights are nice and affordable. WHY does it have to be in Damansara only?? WHY???

So dreamy!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Joan is a messy girl


How's everyone doin? I am currently down with flu, fever and sore throat. Right after the JB arts festival trip, I got all these sickness. So, for the time being things are like slowing down a little bit. Zumba hours also have to cut down and more resting time.

Two things that I have completed recently; exam schedule and exam questions. These two has been bugging my mind throughout the weekend in JB. Even with the running nose, I managed to clear this thing up.

The only thing that I haven't cleared up is my room.

The messiness of the room correlates with the busy times that I am having. No time to even look through the pile of mess. The only thing I really made sure is I have a place to sleep. Ahahaha. Telampau la bah kan messy ni.

So testing out the new iOS6 panoramic feature in the camera function. I present to you my messy room!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Supposed to be sleeping now

But I went on an overdrive mode over polyvore instead. Okay, so the school annual dinner is gonna be organized by yours truly and the gang, my colleagues are like still puzzled on what to wear for a Wild Wild West theme.

So, this is what I came up with. Well, things are still gonna be difficult though since the environment now is not the same as the working environment in the hospitality industry where all the people are easygoing. ( back in the days, during kerja hotel, apa theme dinner party ok saja ). School, I can say the people are more conservative and not open to something other than routine.

Anyways, back to the outfit inspirations.

As for me, I guess this is what gonna inspire me for my outfit...

Baiklah, okay selesai main main baju sudah. Masa untuk tidur. Good night!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy weekend !

 Waking up late during weekends is a luxury this time around. On Saturday and Sunday, I woke up at 5 am because I have to instruct aerobics for "senaman pagi" for the 1M1S camp state level hosted at my school. Panda eyes...Walking zombie.

And today, I gotta wake up by 6 am because I have to fetch Mr. Marshmallow to the airport.

The weekend fly by very fast because there was

Zumba Toning Masterclass

Practice and more practice at home and the studio

I have a big event to perform this coming weekend. Stoked and also nervous about it. Those who are in JB, do drop by if you have time

I watched Resident Evil today. Action packed, I like! Although I know it from the moment the scene started about the mission to save Project Alice, it's only gonna be a story on how she gonna escape. And I was right.

Those who doesn't fancy action movies. Please don't watch it. Plus it blood all over.

Monday, September 10, 2012

So much of breaking the redundancy

Be careful of what you wish for...

I got a flat tyre today. Sigh!

Just when I have loaded all the hampers that is to be given out during school assembly, to the car.

Just when I was about to get in my car, I saw a flat tyre. Like totally flat.

Poof! They goes my optimism to be punctual at work today. For a moment I was at a loss. Then my friend called about the hampers. I said "no can do" - I just can't make it on time for te assembly. Besides I have a meeting to attend at the same time.

Gosh! Cemana ni.

Thank God there's my dad's car. He went to KK with my mom's car. But his car is manual and it's a frontier! Punya la. Nda yakin sa ni kalau kerita besar tau! Tapi daripada jalan kaki kan.

So I kasi pindah all the hampers to my dad's car and pasrah jak drive.

Hmmm.. What a day! In the end, I found out its not actually a punctured tyre. It's because this morning, my sister pump air to the tyre but salah teknik and it slowly hilang angin.

P.s: punya kuat ni hujan sekarang ni. Ada ribut ka?

Break of redundancy


Well, it's Monday and am practically home alone (again) after a very long time. Well, my sister who is in college has gone back to school because the new term has started. So, housework all back to me (again). Not that am complaining but things gonna fall back into a routine all over again so I am thinking what is the best decision to break the redundancy.

And now I found myself having several tabs open in my browser

  • working holiday programs ( Hmmm, am I willing to trade my job of not having to face the jam everyday and I can come back home seeing my comfy bed always there for me? )
  • TEFL courses ( And suddenly I got reminded of the English teacher that I met in Korea during the study visit last year. Do I want a life like that? Sounds exciting )
  • eLearning USM ( Long distance learning in my alma mater )

Whatever it is, complacency might be a good thing or a bad thing. Just breaking into something out of the routine could be good I guess. Yet, it doesn't have to be some major life changing decisions but it could be something simple like

  • waking up an hour early than usual and catch the beautiful sunrise ( well, of course I did this today because I have to fetch my sis to UMS, doh! )
  • cook something different for lunch today ( even though no one will eat it except me )
  • or even better try picking your nose with your thumb ( and just to find out that you actually don't have big nostrils like a gorilla )
Because reflecting back to the redundant routine, it's something that I am grateful for actually. It gives me the chance to discover something new because it provides an opportunity for me to do something extraordinary today.

Yeah, am gonna go clock in before 12noon today okay.

This is an attempt of being punctual. That's extraordinary to me. Hahahahaha.

Baiklah, have a great Monday filled with gratitude people!

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Emotional kunun

Saw this on pinterest and I got all teary eyed. Doi, emotional nya.

Caption for the photo lagi bah "Perfect gift for dad's desk". It's not like that am getting married soon but I guess for every girl, deep in their hearts, no matter what age they are in now, mama budak sudah ka, nenek budak sudah ka, or whatever... a girl is just somebody's daughter and they will always remain their dad's little girl.

Random Updates: Weekend News

Almost every school across the nation is having their school replacement day today. My school too, the only exception is that from that we ( afternoon session ) also have to go to school in the morning.

I woke up at 7.45 am today.




ARGH!!!!! Punya la. I have to clock in by 7am actually. And when I came out from my room this morning, my sister ( si Amy ) rilek lagi tanya "Eh, kak pi sikul pagi ka pula?"

My youngest sister ( Form 5 ), sudah pigi school. Tidak kasi bangun saya pun.


Mandi lintang pukang and rushed to school. Managed to clocked in by 8.05 am.

Yeah, and of course, I look like crap when I reached school. The minimum standard of being presentable to all.

Lucky, they have no class like usual because the school is having a fire drill and THANK GOD that am not a form teacher this year. If not, "hangus terbakar" sudah tu students saya sebab tidak kena kira berapa orang yang "selamat" melarikan diri.


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Crafty Time

I never thought that spending time in front of the laptop browsing for fonts and art stuff is addictive. Last night, I stayed up until 2.30am to come up with the design for Jade's CD Cover Design.

And I stumbled upon some interesting sites for crafts and artistic stuff. Being in touch with the creative side of my mind is SO liberating. It's like getting a holiday for a certain part of my brain.

Check this one out! Aren't they cute?

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Vanity Talk: dip dye hair + online shopping

Finding something mailed to you is always exciting (no, I don't mean emails okay?). Online shopping is always a joy, provided that you have the funds for that. I just can't remember when was the last time I ordered something online. So, yeah...It has been a while.

It just so to happen that I saw this website called selling accessories online and I fell in love with a few items that they have. The browsing happens and clicking begins. Haha. And RM101 transferred to the shop. 

And yeay! I got free shipping because the things I bought is more than RM100. ( you know how "bida" is the postage fee to East Malaysia, ~sigh it's always more expensive) That's why I love free shipping privileges.

Besides the items that they have is kinda hard to find in shops in KK (yet)...So bili saja lah. Hihi

visit ( this is not a paid post, okay! ~sharing is caring saja)

One of the hairband that I wear to work today

Oh ya, I told you am so gonna get a bolder colour for my dip dye hair project right? So, tada!!! It's Magenta.  As expected, the ends are now is like so dry and penyapu like. What to do, beauty is pain. Huhu

Vain photo... Wahahaha! Hope the boss at work don't notice this. Nanti kana marah...kekeke

Monday, September 03, 2012

Back to back blogging

Delayed post is what most people like to do. *cricket sounds* ~ Well, I guess it's only me then.

Anyway, earlier there were two posts back to back done in one sitting. And this is the third one. It's really like payback time now since the hiatus a few weeks earlier. Hmm. Not that anyone missed me right?

As of now, the dizzy spells that I am having since my trip to Kuching is here to stay. Damn! Why, I just can't point out what's the reason for this.

The dizzyness: It's like negligible at times, it is more like a feeling of light headed, but not really that, swaying motion, almost not feeling my head at times. Numb-ish feeling..ah! I don't know how to describe it. But there's some pain near my ears and at the back of my neck. The pain is also hard to describe. It is not really that painful or sharp pain, it's almost like a discomfort.

I guess even a doctor can't understand any of the things mentioned earlier. I am just scared that I am going deaf because there's something wrong with my ears that causes me to have this swaying feeling and balance disruption. Or whatever it is. Should I go and see a doctor soon? I guess I will wait a few more days la. See how it goes. Hopefully this is nothing serious.

image courtesy of

Anyway, on another note, September is here and I sometimes dread the months where it ends with "-ber" . Why? 3 more months and it will be a new year and again a set of "popular" questions will follow. You know what I mean? the ones yang bikin panas telinga.

Bah, not only that. Now that, there's a lot of people are actually "doing" something with their life 

  • getting married
  • "multiplying"
  • getting a second degree
  • bla bla bla bla

and I am still here, like this ( So what kan? )

I hate it when I get compared with other people, and they will be all like " ko tinguk, dorang sambung belajar sudah.. ko bila lagi" or "ko tinguk, dorang kahwin ada anak sudah.. ko bila lagi?"

Hmmm, so apparently I don't have any achievements in life now. 

I don't own some fancy imported car 
I don't own a big mansion/apartment
I don't own a Master's degree
I am 27 and I still live with my parents

Basically, if I don't keep up with others, I am stuck behind. ( well, that's a nicer word ; LOSER is more like it )

Tell me again, why should I conform to the society and my family's opinion? Am I not entitled to my decision to dictate my life?

Let me just live my life okay. Hmppphhh

image courtesy of

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Dip dye aka ombre hair DIY

Lately, I am just so crazy with hair color and with my sister keep on mentioning about dip dyed hair, it really made me so determined to do it properly this time because after the hair dye activity done weeks earlier didn't really deliver the desired result.

At first, my sister wanted a dip dye hair color ( ombre hair ) with the ends dyed in red. But without bleaching, it really didn't deliver. Still contemplating between a visit to the hair salon which will cost me around RM200 or just a trip to Watsons to buy a hair dye and a bleach which will cost me RM50.

So, a trip to Watson it was. Gatsby hair bleach is around RM19.80 and the Revlon haircolour is around RM22.  Can't remember the price. Threw away the receipt already. So all in all it was less than RM50 and my sister and I split the cost 50-50 lagi. Hehehe.

This was what inside the Gatsby hair bleach box.

The photo before our project. Teehee!
So, I bleached only the ends of my hair. ( Well, part of it because if there's anything that will go wrong, I can just cut off the damaged part. Haha ). As recommended by the instruction on the box, I bleached my hair for 20mins only. Not more than here is the result.

Since I have dyed my hair before, the bleach reacted quite fast especially to the part that was severely damaged by hair dye before. See the blonde ends. 
I really don't like the sight of that blonde ends actually, by right, I should have let my hair "rest" for 24 hours or so before another hair dye session again. But cannot tunggu lah! So later in the evening, dye the ends again.

This was what inside of the box

We take turns to be kuli and boss. Hahaha
Wash, blow and dry. Here's the result the morning after ( too tired to take photo right after my hair kering that evening ). Anyway, I am envious with my sister's hair. The dip dye effect is more prominent on her hair since her hair is curly and mine is not.

So, the solution is get a hair curler and curl it. Hahaha

Macam Rebecca Black's hair now? Hahaha..

At the moment, I am still not satisfied because my hair has the orange-y hue to it. In search of a pink dye now. Tunggggguuuuuuuu... ^__^

Kuching getaway (again)

This year is like the most mileage done ever to date. Why? Domestic travel is like a lot and for this year alone I have been to Kuching like 3 times. March was for high school reunion, July was for RWMF and August is for my best friend's wedding.

Pullman Hotel was awesome! But I dislike their pool..It's dirty

In search of the most delicious Kolok Mee , futile though! Timing not ngam

But at least get to meet my cousins..Yeay!

Congratulations friend! Cath memang bride paling rock okay..

Congratulations again

So, I went jalan-jalan around Kuching. Hmmm, selalu tutup la the shops if it is in the afternoon and weekends. Kuchingites definitely a more laid back bunch to KK people.