Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Vanity Talk: dip dye hair + online shopping

Finding something mailed to you is always exciting (no, I don't mean emails okay?). Online shopping is always a joy, provided that you have the funds for that. I just can't remember when was the last time I ordered something online. So, yeah...It has been a while.

It just so to happen that I saw this website called luccacal.com selling accessories online and I fell in love with a few items that they have. The browsing happens and clicking begins. Haha. And RM101 transferred to the shop. 

And yeay! I got free shipping because the things I bought is more than RM100. ( you know how "bida" is the postage fee to East Malaysia, ~sigh it's always more expensive) That's why I love free shipping privileges.

Besides the items that they have is kinda hard to find in shops in KK (yet)...So bili saja lah. Hihi

visit luccacal.com ( this is not a paid post, okay! ~sharing is caring saja)

One of the hairband that I wear to work today

Oh ya, I told you am so gonna get a bolder colour for my dip dye hair project right? So, tada!!! It's Magenta.  As expected, the ends are now is like so dry and penyapu like. What to do, beauty is pain. Huhu

Vain photo... Wahahaha! Hope the boss at work don't notice this. Nanti kana marah...kekeke


Amanda Christine Wong said...

love ur diy hair! though skrg mcm penyapu buy whatevs, there's tons of products to fix that. n o yeah, totally loving online shopping (abis i no longer live in the big city T_T). my fave accesory shop is minimum30.com. murah!

Just said...

hi! limpas sini dr rmh c annieming! following u... and yes i love on9 shopping! :)

Joan said...

Amanda..am so gonna check out that blogshop that you mention tu. tq!

Just..hello!!! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, online shopping is the bomb!

Sharmeen Hafilda said...

hye , can i ask you something ? where did you buy dip dye hair colouring ?

Joan said...

@CharminBieber ... i bought it all at watson. the bleach and the hair dye