Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mixed emotions

This is what happened last night. The climax for the past two weeks.

Buku-buku bertaburan.

Will blog about the KISSM when I have the time. In the mean time, I gotta take some rest. Still so much things to do in November. Won't be free until December. T_T.

SO pardon me, if anyone yang ada urusan with me and can't be entertain yet.

December ah, I promise.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Red is the color

I wanna go starbucks la ni ^_^

On my bed

Yes. I am loving the speed. yeah baby! Blogging with no worries that the line will suddenly disappear being blown away by the wind.

Currently at home, just for tonight though. The KISSM is still on but I am taking this chance to go home and do some laundry and have to go back to Tuaran for some ongoing project.
Done my part for my suara katak. Production is ongoing. Updates on this soon.

Busy-busy end of the year. I guess many of us is facing the same thing as well.

Btw, KISSM is making me fat. Dang. Must get in shape in December!

Oops. it's 1 am already. Need to wake up early to go to school to take care of another project. Don't remind me to get myself studying for my KISSM exam on Wednesday...huhuhuhu

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ticky tock ticky tock tock

10 days

10 days for KISSM. 4 more days to go.

Yes. I survived. Done with my assignments too. Exam is coming my way and the studying part is the one I dreaded the most.

Had our Malam Muhibbah tonight.

Had fun. Although I think some people may hate me (especially) and my group members for being over the top during the event.

Well, we are only helping and actually doing a big favor to the organizers to make the atmosphere merrier. Sorry if the rest of the people don't think like we did.

Like we care what the others think? NO... ahahahaha
Me + some of my group members...Yes, we are the crazy bunch!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kajian Persepsi

The speaker in front now is babbling about 'gagak hitam'. I seriously doesn't know what that has to do with the topic - integrity. Blogging with my phone now. Loyal humble pink sonyE. I want a Blackberry. Huhu

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

short updates

1) Finished my "pengucapan awam"

Always being comfortable on stage doesn't really help when it comes to being evaluated for your public speaking in front of 99 other fellow teachers.

I survived though.

2) Starting to get comfy with this place

After almost a week I am here. Things are getting into place and I think I can complain less. Haha. Another week more I think then I don't wanna go home anymore. Gets me thinking of living by my own. Say what? Freedom!!!

Yes, all the whining all this while are merely just the transition blues.

3) Assignments and exams

More coming our way definitely. The studying part is the one dreaded most. How can I study all about PKPA, Perintah Am, Arahan Keselamatan and other government service related stuff. Ugh!

Exams are definitely scary..

4) Skin irritations

Yes, its back. My skin is peeling all over. Making it worse its on the scalp and on face. People here at the KISSM must think that I have some terrible skin disease. Ugly.

I need my meds!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

pink brain

Remember this "dog"? Hehe. His name is Poku.

And so I left him in my VS bag then my cat, Piku went to accompany him. Dia sendiri pigi join ni. Hehe. Together, inside the bag. cute kan?

Hmm. I miss home. Baru berapa hari pun homesick sudah. haha. apa la ni.

Still, life goes on here. My handphone so sunyi la btw, tolong la sms or call la. anyone? Ni tempat pun memang very sunyi juga. huhu

I am supposed to finish up the script and prepare for my public speaking topic but I am the princess of procrastination. No last minute pressure and everything will be slow and steady. Moreover, the topic I got is on recycling campaign. huh. So sien.

Went out just now and I bought this...

saw Xia Xue and Aida blogged about this before, now only I saw one on the shelf a hypermart.

Pink chips lagi tu.
Me loves!

p.s: I have trouble sleeping early but I have to during this KISSM because all the program starts at 8am. help~help..

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pengubat Lara

To entertain myself and to pujuk myself for not sulking because of this program here, blogging is the only relief.

On the first day of lectures which was yesterday. Am still alive.

Then today, urgh! Information overload.

I am going gaga with this place because of the sudden switch. Nice place, good food, (it is a resort after all~ a shabby one though) Yet, the going out of the comfort zone. No high speed internet, not much channel selection on the tube, not being able to do the activities that I usually get to do. ~ Sigh!

Individual assignments, group assignments, public speaking...exam @_@. I have long forgotten this part of the miserable life of a student. And everything is like dejavu now.

Yes, I am such a cry baby. Whiner also. Hate me if you wish to do so. I can't help but not to be a princess...Ahaha.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blog Hiatus ~ KISSM

Just in case anyone had been missing me...hehe. Currently am at Beringgis Beach Resort, Papar. Today is the 2nd day and am so gonna be here for the coming 14 days. Huhu. Cry2.

This KISSM is sort of a last minute case. Got a phone call when I was on the middle of chaos on Monday. I don't really have a choice on this matter. KISSM is mandatory for the confirmation of our post. *those who doesn't understand this, dont ask me to explain more. saya malas*

So being a last minute plan, it ruined the whole planning of my November

1) I am so gonna be missing all the sessions of my latin dance class
2) The trip to Keningau on 14th is at stake
3) Salsa night on 21st also a question mark still
4) My trip to Penang is cancelled



This is a stay in programme. So our day basically starts at 7 in the morning for breakfast and sessions throughout the day till 10pm. With meal breaks in between of course. Hectic is the word I can say.

Yet, I managed to go back home during the 3 hours gap this afternoon. The journey was tiring because I have to drive myself after a long day. I almost langgar another car at a roundabout because my mind drifted away for a while. Thank God the brake works!

Tired and sleepy maybe. Ok good night peeps.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

clean slate

pixel counts

mood: very nostalgic this morning

Remember when 2.0 mpixel digital camera is the "it" thing last time and hell yeah it cost you a bomb?

And now when you are walking with a handphone camera with that kind of resolution you'll be so inferior...

Time fly so fast before our eyes, things changed so much.

Am missing you girls.
Where is everyone now?

But these two I know la where you two. Still, during this tough missing you two very much.
The life support system I may call it

November story

I just want to pretend that all the thoughts, worries, or even selected memories can be erased like the writings on a blackboard.

Felt like just running away from all this chaos and isolate myself completely.

I am slowly sinking in and I don't have a life jacket with me. I am tired of swimming.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

when everything hurts

Everything aches, just felt like floating, almost numb.
Steady on the gas, revving up till 120km/hr on a rainy evening.
Temporary liberation.
When it stops, tears trickled down my cheek.
I can't change anything.
Everything still hurts.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Frown go away!

Initially, I felt like listing down all the things that I need to do before the school "officially" ends by the 13 of Nov. Yet, it felt so wrong to tell the world of my troubles as if I am the only one who is so damn busy and just don't have time for everything.

Bottom line is I just cant stop frowning these few days and I can't seem to breathe under the pressure and I can easily snap at people straight away.

Let's just say that everyone wants a piece of you. One moment you are talking to someone about a project, somebody is also asking a question about something, then at the same time you need to take some stuff from a place but at the same time you need to be at another place to get things done.

Time is also a factor.. Who in the world invented the time concept anyway? Bikin susah ni

So, pardon me for being rude or cold this past few days and for the coming 2 weeks. Not your fault, its just me.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Muka Tebal

Girls and their stuff.

Nail polish, accessories and what not. Yes we are such complicated being. Not to mention the crazy mood swings and the sudden I-am-not-talking-to-you-and-please-read-my-mind moments.

But please don't stereotype girls. We, in general are human and being human, we are totally not the same.

Just because you see I wear so much make up for an event, it doesn't mean that am a girl who puts on mascara and loads of face powder when I go out. In fact, I rarely wear make up when I go out. In case you doesn't know, it was a Halloween Party and yes people do dress up. WHY in the world you people can't get that?

Anyway, here's one answer to the people who said I put on too much make up..


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Selamat Pagi Dunia

Strangely in a good mood this morning. a complete 180 degree turn from last night. And with that I rewarded myself with this

Not-So-American breakfast that consists of fried egg, sausages, bread and kuah kacang...LOL. odd combination eh? plus a glass of milk.

It's been a while that I have a proper breakfast like this. Proper = packed with calories..yahahahaha

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Stay away..

Lower back pain + stomach cramps + laziness + everything seems to irritate me + crazy mood swings ( definitely! )

Hell..yeah am on PMS mode.

Am feeling the whole world is against me now. Damn!
Stay away from me...Don't tell me that I don't warned ya..

Monday, November 02, 2009


Still wondering how, why, what, where and when?

I want nobody, nobody, nobody but you..

All Hallows' Even

Me and Sheila on a Saturday afternoon. And by night time falls and when the moon is full, we transformed to be..


also with my "twin sister" ( lain mama and lain bapa ni .. haha)

am loving this pic the most, me and Wednesday Addams *Carol*
( pic by Alvin Ting, Chegu Carol's hubby)

It was so much fun at SBG 2009! Got the chance to meet the bloggers in real life. All this while it was all virtual. Kudos to the organizers for making this happen. Tapi saya masih tidak menang itu lucky draw.huhuhu :( Not lucky enough maybe...
But I guess barbie attempt kinda failed. Haha.

I came to the event more like a case of searching of identity, its between these choices in my head all the time.

A) Barbie ( a chubby and petite version though..haha )
B) Paris Hilton ( the "healthy" version of course )
C) Xia Xue ( hahahahaha! loving her actually )
D) Plainly the OMG-dumb-blonde ( LOL!)

p.s: Just in case anyone is wondering, my make up is done by Razak Sindu of Razak Sindu Studio in Warisan Square. I love his work!