Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Longchamp Virgin

I just want to laugh at myself. Seriously. I once said I will never buy a designer handbag. Yeah, now I want to slap myself for it. I bought a Longchamp bag. I used to think those designer bags are like so aunty-ish and you don't have to be brand oriented to enjoy something that only serves its purpose as a normal non brand non expensive bag. 

image of Longchamp paper bag
Tada!!! A paper bag. Haha

Now, laugh at me. Who just got her first designer bag? Me. Adoi bah. Longchamp bags to be honest it does look like aunty bag. (or maybe I have become aunty hence the new taste. OMG!!!! ). But I really like this all black Longchamp Neo Le Pliage Bag. Seriously, the unicolor for the straps and the bag is just SO CHIC!

image of longchamp neo small black

image of Longchamp neo small black

image of Longchamp neo small black

image of Longchamp neo small black

Bought it from the Longchamp Boutique in Paris. Hahaha. Yeah, like seriously. Although not me who went to buy it physically. I have my school and uni senior in Paris right and she do this Personal Shopping business for people. Most of the time, I will be like "meh!" aunty bags, but this Longchamp Neo is an exception. You can dress up and dress down with this bag. Black is beauty too. I have yet to use it because I felt its too precious. Hahaha. Bongok kan. Well, satu bulan zumba baru bulih bayar one nylon bag and its not even full leather. Ngeh. Whatevs!

I am no designer bag virgin anymore. But I am so worried on being a collector for these items. Please I do not want to fall into that trap. Pleaseeeee. Hahaha. (But continue scrolling FB & IG selling those) Window shop bah!

Kinda worried that the mister will disapprove. But as long as it is not on credit dia bilang ok la. And he knows me well also, I don't collect designer bags. Well yeah. Who knows *ngahahaha ~ evil laugh*

Longchamp virgin no more. Bye!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I do not want to be sad

Lately, I have been unfollowing friends people on Instagram and Facebook. You know click "unfollow" button. I am not blocking them. Just unfollowing them. Especially the ones who are having babies, just delivered or announcing that they are pregnant. Why you must ask? I don't know maybe because I am selfish, envious or rather "mean"?

And then I read an article that was shared by my friend that hits me right in the middle. Yeah right there in the core.

And sometimes her period comes, and you start over. Step one. And sometimes it doesn’t come. But the second line doesn’t appear, or the plus, or the whatever these tests do. So you wait. And it’s negative, but you hope, and you see your friends getting pregnant, and you get a little sad. But you get mad at yourself because you want to feel happy for other people, and that’s not fair to them. And then the 17-year-old across the street gets pregnant, and you get a little sadder. And your cousins get pregnant, and you get a little sadder.

To be honest, there is so much emotion to be contained once you know someone else gets pregnant. I do not have to keep explaining myself why I am unfollowing people on social media. Everyone's life is different. I just need to keep myself sane. So, until I could actually join the "others" on that baby boat or whatever, I want to sit in my little bubble here trying not to be sad. I am avoiding all those for now.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Online shopping glory

I have been avoiding Zalora for quite some time before 2016. The mister has a lot of Zalora vouchers and he wanted to give it to me but I usually decline it. Then, I tried buying one item on Zalora. Then another, then another, then another. OMG. Hahaha.

I sometimes put things on my wishlist and monitor the price whether it will be included in Zalora's seasonal offers or not. Suffice to say I manage to get some nice items with good price. Especially those evening gowns with sequins and all. But, who in the world will wear this stuff on a regular basis. Come on. Tsk tsk tsk.

*I don't care!I am just gonna keep it!* - hoarder symptoms. LOL

Just wanna share with you all my recent purchase. A sequined long skirt. It's a straight cut skirt. Wishing it is a mermaid cut though. Anyhow, it is nice! Love it. It is actually from the Zalia collection for Raya by Zalora. But can also lah. (btw, this is not a paid post okay)

image of Zalora Skirt Zalia Collection
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I paired this up with a simple black top that I got from Nichii.

image of Zalora Skirt Zalia Collection

It is a rare time when I get to dress up and get dolled up. Usually I will always be in workout clothes. Haha.

Vainpot selfie
image of clutch in gold
Golden fan clutch is from