Thursday, December 23, 2010

whatever happen to my 30days blog challenge?

It's still going on. needs to be on hold as for now.

This is the busiest time of the year and its few days away from Christmas. SUPER BUSY!!!

Will continue with the 30days blog challenge once everything back to normal. In the meantime, enjoy this song by me and my sisters


Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 17 = your favourite photo of your friends

Choosing the favourite is usually the hardest when you have tonnes of photos in the collection.

But, over the years.. This is still my favourite!

Taken back in 2007. All the final year students, sort of our so-called geng karas, we did an impromptu photo shoot session. I had so much fun during that time and equally fun reminiscing over the moments. Made me feel going back to being a student again. Yet, things wont be the same when you don't have your friends around you. It will be a lonely journey.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 16 = TV show that you are currently addicted to

The Invicible Youth

* aired on KBS, but it seems there are no more new episodes now. Boohoo!

* its astounding how these stars ( idols ) can keep their make up and hair on without messing them up while doing their work on the farm

* and funny how they don't like their bare face and un-done hair to be shown on air

Day 15 = photograph of the town you live in

Tamparuli di hatiku ^_^
Yang benar,

Sumandak Tamparuli ....hehe

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 14 = what you have been doing for the past 1 week


Morning.Housework.If there's school related business then I have to go to work.


Evening. Caroling.

It sounds so simple right. But I am practically dead by the time the clock hits midnight. And some more no one is allowed to sleep in till noon at my parents' house. This is the unwritten rule.

So, practically everybody is up by 730am. Regardless of working day or holidays. ( Ooh, I think except for New Year's day when everyone sleep so late. Hah! )

Day 13 = Your footwear collection

my humble collection. sikit saja.just one rack only.
those two hanging at the side are my dancing shoes. yang lain semua casual punya. for work, hmmm. ada satu saja. hehe

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12 = Photo of the last item you purchased

A polka dot kain.

Too bad sent to the tailor already and I didn't manage to take picture of the item. Will post the siap item la nanti.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11 = something you ate today

I went caroling almost every night.

So junk food and soft drinks and what non-healthy food available.

But the good thing is our fridge are always stocked up every night.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 10 = One of your favourite photo

Sunset at Uluwatu
Simply breathtaking! I wanna go Bali again.

Aku bukan rasis okay

Just wanna share this. To cheer up the gloomy hearts.
FA KIN SU PAH!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Day 9 = a song to match your mood ( hmm )

I did this yesterday. So, gonna continue on the 30days blog challenge. Gonna redo the yesterday-supposed-to post now.

Day 8 = Your Dream Wedding

Ah ha! I bet everyone are like so keen to know whats my take on this. For some people, they have dream about their wedding days since they were small, having fantasies right from a very young age ( I guess influenced by the Disney fairytales ) to have their dream wedding.

I want to wear this kind of dress. I want to get married at this particular place. I want this type of ring. and the list goes on....

Sadly, I don't have that dream wedding thingy. Am I not normal?

I guess I can figure things out about my dream wedding when I finally feels like getting married kan.

Still I am wondering am I not normal not to have the dream wedding?

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Day 8 = Your Dream Wedding (not!)

I am so not in the mood to talk about weddings today. In a very bad mood now, but this 30 days challenge have to go on still

So, I do Day 9 challenge dulu lah

Day 9 = A song to match your mood

It's been a long long day. I need something to calm me down now.

Hey, I seriously do not know why I am feeling all stressed out during this holiday. Too much commitments sometimes is a burden.

I am about to crash and burn now.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Day 7 = A picture of you 2 years back and now

This year is 2010, so 2 years back is 2008 la kan?

Dec 2008
and this is me ( plus my sisters la..ada saja kan dorang menyibuk..haha ) Nov 2010
How much I have changed?

Yes A LOT!

1 ) Weight ( not new )
2) Dress size ( hell yeah depressing )
3) Wrinkles ( yeppp )
4) Wiser ( okay, I made this up. LOL )

Day 6 = your celebrity crush

Aaaa... this one is easy. I did a blog post on this last time. Read more here

You know Victor Kim?

Day 5 = when was the last time you did something for the first time

~this a delayed day 5 post~ sorry for the delay for my readers who follow my 30 days blog challenge ( kalau ada lah..hik hik hik )

The last time I did something for the first time eh?

this is the hardest lah. not to be a spoiler. but I dunno lah. seriously. my life is quite routine. nothing is done for the first time recently.

so, I guess the last time I did something for the first time was a very very long time ago.

~boring post, might as well don't read~

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Day 4 = Idea of a perfect date


Its always cupcakes and sweet things

plus dreamy lights

and of course a good company

Throw in all of these together, place and time is never a factor.

It will be very perfect for me already.

Friday, December 03, 2010

Day 3 = your recent activity


the recent one eh? I watched TV just now. Haunted Universities on Astro. Damn scary. Thai film makers are the best when it comes to horror movies.

another recent activity today was I permed my hair but it doesn't turn out the way I wanted it to be. So, no pictures okay. My hair is fried ( yea, like literally ) cos the ends already rosak kan then kena perm lagi. Disaster la. Then, it seems that my hair kena dreadlock like that instead of flowy curls.

Anyhow, trying to be optimistic. Now, I can really live my dream. To live the legend of Bob Marley with my new hairstyle.

I shall be rockin' the ukulele with the reggae beats with the fried-permed-dreadlock hairstyle!

Long live reggae!!
Go Jah Love!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I am Buttercup!

I always like to think that I am a super hero whenever things get overwhelming. Yeah, today is one of the days.

It was a day full of drama. To summarize everything, lets just say that I woke up very early, went to work even though its a holiday, got lost somewhere in Kolombong, and now I just realized that I forgot to call the vendor to issue the invoice. Argh!!!!!!!

That should be at the top of my to-do list tomorrow.

And oh, I completed Day 2 of the 30 days blog challenge on Day 1 itself juga. Haha. Terlebih semangat for that.

Day 2 = A photo of you and your family

Argh. The family photo. THE FAMILY PHOTO. In my laptop's hard drive, in the picture collection, I can't find the complete family photo with me inside the picture. Saya malas mau cari di external hard disk.

It's either just everyone else minus me or I am inside the photo and somebody went missing. I am so gonna need another new tripod.

Because the existing tripod at home yang ada sudah jadi ini.
Now you know, how we did our videos kan. DIY semua..haha. But that was last time la, now I have the Sony Bloggie. Made everything less complicated. :)

Okay back to the main agenda..

So, here's the only photo of me and my family that I found ( errr, plus my cousin la cos this was taken during his wedding ) ... Ahaha.. bulih la bah kan?

Day 1 = 15 facts about me

Funfacts, nonsense facts, interesting facts, all about me

Fact 1: I love Pink!
*period* .. I used to love blue so much back then and I dont have any idea how on earth I end up lovin' pink

Fact 2: The first sport I learned is swimming
People always think that my first sport is football. Nah, its swimming. Started at the tender age of 4 or 5

Fact 3: Started playing the ukulele in Jan 2010
Yea, just this year. It's just one of my new year resolution to learn something new this year. And I did!

Fact 4: I have very tagap betis!
Pindik-pindik tagap. Always get teased for that and people always say thats the reason I can't really fit in the Unduk Ngadau world. Pffft!

Fact 5: My ambition was to be an astronaut
But I decided otherwise after learning that the chances to be one only happens when one astronaut dies. Okay, you can laugh at me now.

Fact 6: Hearts cupcakes
This is one of the things that made me all soft in the inside...

Fact 7: I love lights
Be it candles, lamps, chasing lights, sun, moon, stars, aurora...anything. Dreamy, beautiful lights to be exact. My sister always marah me when I go to the lights section at any store. Jangan bili dia bilang! Hehe

Fact 8: A cry baby
Yes, I cry a lot. I am an egg. Looks tough but I crack easily

Fact 9: I love my pets
Tom-tom, Jem-Jem, Uncle Tua, Piku, Cholo Emilyana Fuentabella ( <- she is the youngest, kitten btw ) and ooh the fishes. But the fishes don't have names.

Fact 10:Polaroid rocks!
I don't care even if the film is expensive.

Fact 11: I always wish I have a walk-in wardrobe
To store all the nonsense in the world of mine

Fact 12: I am a certified lifeguard
Ah, not like in the picture lah. Itu lifeguard pantai. Mine is for swimming pool only. They have different licence you know. But my licence expired sudah..Haha.. Malas mau renew because mau ambil test balik..

Fact 13: Scared of donating blood not talking about the monthly donation. That one is different. I iz scared with the one with the syringe.....Argggghhhhh!!!

Fact 14: I have very problematic skin and scalp
Can't just use any products. My skin is crazy!!

Fact 15: Scared of ghosts stories
Yeah, seriously. I always avoid this. I admit; saya memang penakut

The 30 days blog challenge

So, it begins today 1st till the 30th of December. I hope I can faithfully do this till the end of the December. If this happen, this gonna be the first time in my blogging history that I blog religiously, everyday. Haha.

Whats gonna happen is am gonna blog about :

day 21- your pets
day 27- wishes
day 29- 3 random photos youve taken 3 years ago
day 30- photo of yourself today and 3 good things that happened in the past 30days

Hello December!

and do check out my flickr here!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last day of November

And so today is the 30th eh? I see many people are lamenting about how time flies. Yeah, time flies super fast. Yet, there were also times I remember that time pass SO slow.

I think I have been lazy lately to update anything on my blog. I saw this post at BloggieDoggie, and I thought "Hey, this is a good idea to get my blog updated everyday"

So, I am doin it! Yeay!! ( Thanks for the inspiration at BloggieDoggie)

Anyway, when I woke up this morning, I was's a new day, I need to start working on the things that had been put on hold.

* went to school at 9am to take my letters, then terjumpa my Penolong Kanan then kena bawa discuss about jadual.

* then the Principal wanted to see me about the School Diary project

* whole afternoon, every hour, my phone rang. Someone from the vendor la, the Chief Clerk la, people from church la. afternoon nap pun terkacau.
The phone calls certainly drove me up the wall.. argh!

Huh, so much for a peaceful holiday eh?

Tomorrow, need to go school at 730am lagi. Ada urusan seri paduka baginda. Pffft! :S

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday: Say NO to Plastic Bags

Yes. Going Green doesn't hurt.

I always tend to forget to bring my own shopping bag everywhere I go. So, I decided to get this.

another keychain? No lah..

Put it together with car keys or my clutch. I will have it wherever I go then. Especially on the days when I am so lazy to bring a bag with me. And this will allow me to go green all the way.

We must start somewhere right?

It is quite sad when I hear people whining about plastic bags being banned on Mondays. Menyusahkan la. And what other nonsense I heard.

And its even sad when I saw the attitude of our own people as compared to the Mat Salleh(s)

There was this one time when I was lining up at the Big Apple Donuts outlet in KK. A Mat Salleh couple was in front of me and when they paid their donuts they said to the cashier "No Plastic Bags Please" and just politely bring the box with them.

Immediately after they left, the cashier and her friend were giggling and imitating the Mat Salleh gesture of not wanting the plastic bag. I was so dumbfounded and also disappointed at their attitude. I was unsure whether or not should I say no to the plastic bag when its already my time to pay my donuts.

But, yeah, screw their thoughts. I am going GREEN. I say NO to the plastic bags as well.

Paduli lah kalau dorang mo kasi ketawa. Palui la bah!

It's just so heartbreaking to see people and their attitude like that. And sometimes I saw people at a grocery store, beli satu tin cola pun mau plastic juga tapi minum terus juga itu cola. Why do you even need the plastic bag in the first place? Odoiiii..

I mean you can't change the world in a blink of an eye. But it takes a collective effort to make something happen and make a difference.

Why not start with yourself first. I have taken my first step. Have you?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Every night..

before you go to sleep...
so that tomorrow will be better than today

and always keep this thought in your head

Good night pretty people!

After a few hours...

on this stupid non ergonomic chair of mine. ( but I still love it cos its pink ), I managed to get some inspiration to revamp my blog.

Now, I have a wider blog.

Less nonsense at the sidebar and I can post pictures, videos and other nonsense luas luas.. Muahaha!

And hey it's still in pink. Siapa tidak suka sorry la ah.
I LOVE PINK!!! Hidup Pink-a-holics! ( pumps fists in the air )

The pink yuletide theme, I decided to do something that can last longer than the Christmas season only. But, I am very much anticipating the coming of December. Lovin' Christmas time!

Short updates of me

* dyed my hair two shades lighter ( I guess ) . So, I need to make sure my skin doesn't get tanned if not I'd end up like a Ganguro girl.

* I still haven't finished marking exam papers. Yay me.. ( sigh actually ) - been procrastinating too much

* Everyday wake up must watch TV. Ada asian games bah!

* and yes, I am travelling again this holiday! Where to? Nowhere... hehehe.. Not goin' anywhere this school hols. My pocket is beyond being kering. I don't know where's my pocket already. Konsikang sudah ni.

-London. Paris. New York. All I wanna go!-
* feels weird that I get to spend the whole hols at home and actually could finish up a few projects. Fingers crossed. Will tell you guys about the projects soon. If this could be done, my 2010 will be very much complete

Saturday, November 20, 2010

School's out

School's out, let scream and shout!

And I should be screaming and shouting at myself if I don't get my lazy bum to sit at my workstation to mark exam papers.

The due date for this is in a couple of days and I don't even want to look at the papers. The sight of it made me dizzy, uhmmm... or rather sleepy. @~@

Anyway, cheers for the coming of school holidays

( even though there's a lot of things to do but I'd like to think that I have nothing to worry about ... self denial is the best for the time being )

Congratulations Serra & Neo

Serra & Neo, congratulations for your engagement today. Bah, itu Ketua Anak Negeri bilang satu tahun tu ah.. Hehe. Jangan kasi lama ^_*

Ooh and lovin' the deco and all the little things during the engagement. Truly very Serra.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Youth Arts Festival

Hey, no one coughed in the middle of the song but the ukulele no sound!!!

Well, no one to blame. It just happen to be like that. I personally think that the sound system could be better, still okay lah! All is good because we are doing it for charity.

So another re-do on the song because me and my sisters were kinda dissapointed with our own performance earlier. Enjoy the nasal sound of my voice because of my blocked nose! Haha.

At the YAF also, I met two old friends. Jojie and Daisy. My juniors from uni. Ahhh..those were the days and now we are wiser.. Hehe
p.s: still waiting for the inspiration to come for ideas to make a pink yuletide theme..and its already mid November

Friday, November 12, 2010

Rush Rush Friday

I am supposed to be on my CRK today but I have to go to school first to settle all about the text book thingy.

A chaotic afternoon; been trying to keep my head cool amidst all the conflict. I just hate some disorganized people do their work and kacau my space.

Anyway, rushed to 1B for soundcheck just now as well. I, myself haven't really recovered from coughing and flu. My other sister also now in the same boat as me.

So, the performance tomorrow, we are definitely praying hard so that no one.. cough in the middle of the songs.

I have only one wish this weekend; so that everyone is healed from coughing and flu. So susah oh like dis.

To conclude the shitty day, on my way back home, a motorcycle langgar the side of my car and crashed my side mirror ( left side )... kin panas..

Totally a shitty day. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one. I wanna sleep first. Nite2!!!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


This flu and coughing still bugging me a lot. Thank God that the soreness of the throat has subsided and the fever wasn't as bad as Monday.

I thought am gonna die shivering on Monday night. It has been a while since I fell sick like this. Then my dad said it could be due to lack of exercise. WTF???

Chesss.. He wanted to point out that I don't exercise regularly la tu. Well, part of it is true la. But I think the main reason why I fell sick is because I am so damn tired for the past week. And this is the automatic body response to keep me alive.

After I catch up on my sleep. (I am lacking sleep, water and energy ) .. eaten properly and have myself hydrated to the optimum. I felt healthier.

But damn, this cough is still bugging me. And the hingus also..Eeeeee.. I have a singing performance this Saturday and I need my voice. Gonna be less verbal these days la I think, to save my voice.

p.s: I hate November! ( audit, file closing, marking exam papers..yada yada yada yada nonsense, a motivational talk lagi...the last two weeks of final schooling days are so crucial! )

p.p.s : I want to do a blog revamp but still no inspiration up until now. Wanna do something to suit the coming Yuletide season. A pink Yuletide season it is

Sunday, November 07, 2010

All in the pictures - episode 2

All in the pictures

attended a wedding this weekend
met long time friends back in uni years
cam whore in the toilet is a must
in the mean time, I am nursing a sore throat. please get better soon dear throat. I need to practice singing.

Thursday, November 04, 2010


November isn't my fave time of the year. Siapa cigu dia tau la tu kenapa.

Workload. Endless. . . Anyone miss me? Hehehe.. Will be back soon!

In the meantime, here's my mantra for now.
and probably this also.
Ahaha. Gaji bulan November awal oh but .. but.. it's gonna be a long month before the next payday. Christmas lagi coming soon tu. Huhu.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friendster? What?

Anyone here who doesn't know what is Friendster? It was "the" social networking portal back then. Now, it's all Facebook everywhere.

Remember friendships made and broken over Friendster?

I still remember after one AGM gone wrong back in Uni, everyone were lashing out their anger on Friendster.

Yahhhh..and the testimonials column. Reading back. What were we thinking? Testimonials for real. Check this out.
Those were the early days, not long after that it turned to serve the purpose of a notice board already.

Remember romances started and some break up(s) over Friendster?

Those days when people start to get to know each other or rather trying to make the first move by checking out the "potentials" profiles.

Oooh and the ultimate was when you put a hot and attractive primary picture of yours; tons of friend requests will follow after. Put the picture of your cat, then everything turns lukewarm. Really!!!

But the most painful thing that I have to endure while browsing through my Friendster page was the fact that I once was once below 50kg. Bisuk sa mau start jogging la ni!

This is the most ancient pic I have on my profile, taken with a camera phone of a friend of mine.

First year in Uni face, 18 years old. Hah! Now, I iz so fat! FML FML FML FML FML FML

And oh my first blog was on Friendster Blogs as well! ( Damn, ancient man! )

I only started blogging on Blogger on Sept 2006.

Here is the museum of my blog ; Beautiful Nightmare <- such a lame name, don't laugh!

Some people may have deactivate their account. I choose to make it remain dormant like that.

Do you still have your Friendster account?