Saturday, January 15, 2011

Delayed Day 26 = Your fave cartoon character

Tweety Bird!?

No, not my favourite but my family said I look like Tweety when I was small. I supposed I have a very big head and small body la last time. Haha. Thank God, I wasn't yellow like the bird.

Ah, back to the fave cartoon character. Here it is, BUTTERCUP of Power Puff Girls.
I was so obsessed with the character back when I was in highschool and even signed off my name with Buttercup.

During uni years I have a very big poster of this Power Puff girls in my college dorm. But, first year saja la ni...after that no place to lekat already because I have to share small rooms starting from second year onwards.

Come to think of it now. It was kinda stupid. Haha. Macam nama lembu pula.

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