Monday, January 10, 2011

Delayed Day 21 = Your Pets

Okay, so I am gonna introduce you my pets.

First photo: From left to right ( Jem-jem, Didi and Tom-tom ). Didi is my sister btw bukan pet ah. Haha...

Didi is considered the 'mother' of this anjing-anjing. Dia la yang paling rajin menjaga ni.

Second photo : The latest addition to the family. Her name is Cholo Emilyana Fuentabella. Nama pendek is Cholo. But her vet suka panggil dia " Amoyyyyyy "

Third photo : The most-loved..haha ..konon la. The oldest among all my pets. He is with us since I was still in matriculation ( that was like in 2002 ) till now. Panjang umur kan.

Nama dia MonChukung a.k.a Uncle Tua. - and because dia paling banyak sinit. We called him dewa sinit as well.
Fourth photo: The mighty Piku. He is actually Cholo's father. Last time I did a post on him being sick and all. He had recovered since then and is back on the game.

Just that lately, he has been very ill again and hasn't been eating well. Kurus sudah balik. Now he is missing for a couple of days sudah. Huhu. We are worried about his whereabouts.
So, there you go. These are my pets. If you are wondering why they have strange names. Hah, I also don't know.

The whole family love animals but no one jadi vet pula. I think its good if one of us boleh jadi vet. At least murah la sikit maintenance for this animals kan.


chegu carol said...

wah memang panjang umur si dewa sinit oh! dog age 9 = human age 63! uishhh warga emas dia tu!

TaQuiLa said...

Cholo Emilyana Fuentabella <-- sa suka ini nama~!

banyak juga 'families' kamu ni~ senang jaga ka? sa baru tiga doggies pun bikin pening kepala suda

Joan said...

carol..ya bah kan warga emas ni si dewa sinit..hehe

sheila..bulih tahan juga pening kepala mo jaga. tapi since adik sa rajin jaga, so ok la.hehe

LaViaP said...

piku berapa umur?

Joan said...

piku is 3 years i think...