Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Delayed day 23 = How was your day today?

Merentas Desa day at school. So, after leading the warm-up session...saya pigi merentas desa di kantin then bertapa di jambatan gantung di belakang sekolah. Hihi!
Sama abang si Linda Nanuwil a.k.a Mex Opearl.
Check out the morning view of Sungai Tamparuli behind our school.
Then pigi menyibuk at one of the check point for merentas desa since I don't have anything better to do.
ada meeting lagi after that. Then in the afternoon, I go and teman my sis for the DJ audition at Novotel.

Much to our surprise at 2pm everything siap sudah padahal the iklan is from 10-5pm. Hairan-hairan.

So, pigi McD saja la kami. MAKAN!! hehehe..

Check out the twisted fries, macam my hair betul lah...hahah!

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