Sunday, February 19, 2017

CNY Break 2017

OK. I still can blog about my CNY break since it is still February. Hahaha. Everything is delayed nowadays. Adui. CNY has ended my CNY deco is still up. I have no time to take it down just yet.

Yee Sang time! Spot my hand (the very non chinese way of holding chopsticks is me. Hahaha)

CNY celebration is always in Penang, the mister's hometown. A major change since I got married like 3 years ago. The menu for CNY reunion dinner also is slightly different as the menu is more like Nyonya Peranakan menu style as compared to the Hakka style menu back home. My mother in law is an awesome cook!

Yummy food!

Me and the mister

More catching up with the mister's friend, more makan

So this year, I manage to squeeze in time to go back to Tamparuli after the one week in Penang. It is the ONLY time I think I will ever be back for CNY ever again before I resume work. Oh my holidays! I am gonna miss my free time.
The glorious Yam Pork, I didn't get to eat this Penang. Oh Kiu Nyuk, how I miss thee!
I also get a chance to attend the Sidma Fitness Carnival and get to see my old classmate, Azlina who is also one of the orang kuat in Sidma now.

Always love the morning view from the frontyard. So calming. I really miss Tamparuli. Never thought that I actually took for granted things that is always there last time for the years that I have been living in Tamparuli. KL city has a different view to offer everyday.

Also get to catch up with my lovely friends in SMK Tamparuli. The dream team in SMK Tamparuli back in those days. I really miss the camaraderie
Back home also there is a new addition to the family. A puppy. Mixed breed Jack Russell and Shih Tzu, a Jack-Tzu. The mischievous one, Jong Eet. He is super spoiled and full of energy. Too much energy in fact and he thinks he is a cat to actually lie down with people on the sofa.

Ahhh, I miss Tamparuli!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Exercising while pregnant

When I announced my pregnancy last week at 20 weeks, most people thought I am at the end of my first trimester. Yeah, I know my baby bump is kinda small. I did not gain much weight until now. I am in the middle of my second trimester now. But I foresee all the weight will be piling in by the end of my second trimester as I have this appetite surge like nobody's business. Also at the same time, I am also scared of gaining too much weight. Banyak la bah pikiran kan.

And yes, I am still teaching Zumba like usual until now. It is just that I decreased the frequency of my classes tremendously. I used to teach everyday except Sunday with dance fitness classes ( Zumba, group fitness and other programs ). Ranging from minimum 6 hours of classes per week to 8 or 9 hours if with class replacements. Yeah, I was kiasu like that. But, now I am only teaching 2 hours of class per week and it is only Zumba Fitness. I also do have some help from my students to do all the jumping and what not.

Some people said I am crazy, stubborn and endangering the baby. Yes, I agree with them( Kasi iya saja, kalau sa mau bagi point sendiri terus tatap kana bom). Everyone is right. They are entitled to their opinion. I did not even stop during my first trimester. I just decreased class frequency and did milder movements until now. My mom keep bugging me to stop teaching classes. Every now and then, I heard hush hush talk behind my back about me still teaching. At times, I am actually affected by the negative vibes around.

To be honest, there are a few things that people do not know about me. Yes, this is my first pregnancy and I do not know much. But actually I am following all the guidelines that I know is right for me and the baby

  • I am a qualified pre-natal and post-natal fitness trainer. I took the course last year. The knowledge helps me a lot when I get pregnant myself
  • I have been doing Dance Fitness since like high school and I have been teaching Zumba Fitness for over two years. It is not that I started teaching when I got pregnant
  • My gynae did gave clearance on continuing my fitness activities provided that I take extra care and look out for signs that might affect pregnancy
  • It is actually recommended for pregnant moms to exercise. The type of exercise needs to suit the fitness level and needs of the expectant mothers as well. Just don't pick up new activity when you are pregnant. But the Asian mentality has this stigma against exercising pregnant moms.
I can go on and on and on with all the reasons why  I am still exercising and people who are opposing this idea also can go and on and on with their stand. Every pregnancy is different. Every expecting moms have different situation. Acknowledge that. I acknowledge that. I only need positive vibes around for now. If you have nothing good to say, save it to someone else who would actually listen to you.

Dance Fitness makes me happy! This is one thing that actually made me survive the trying times during first trimester with all the hormone imbalance and all. So, I am gonna do what makes me happy. 

p.s: Pre-pregnancy, I am actually very flexible. Splits are very easy all the hip opening poses are my favourite. But the relaxin hormone now is kinda killing me as it made my pelvic area to be extra relaxed during this pregnancy. Nah, start sudah la urang mo cakap tu. "nah, kan pa sa bilang bahaya bah mo esesais time bunting" - so what do you want me to do? Sleep and baring saja sampai beranak?

This pelvic support belt is my best friend now. I have to use this to hold my pelvis in place especially after my Zumba class. After a day with this, the pain will subside. I don't wear it during Zumba class because I find it restricting my movement so much. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Getting ready

Now that the cat is out of the bag. Reality actually starts to sink in. Instead of preparing for my reinstatement back to my service being a teacher, I am more concerned on the preparation to becoming a mother. WTH. Hahaha. I am actually very worried because I really do not know what to do.

Just a brief of timeline of what's gonna happen for the first half of 2017

February - when I start teaching in school again but do not know where in KL or Selangor
June - expected due date for delivery and I plan to deliver in Sabah
July - new house will be ready and I do not know how to foresee the renovation or even decorating the house

Putting the timeline aside, I also need to be mentally and physically prepared for the baby. At the same time finish my thesis as well. Argh, I am so scared!

Banyaknya mo buat!

So, for the first time ever, the mister and I went surveying for baby stuff at several shops and departmental store. Baru pusing pusing sikijap sudah rasa bankrap. OMG. Why do baby stuff cost so much and it's like kicil only. WTH!

And I don't like all the cartoon-y stuff on the blanket and pillows and what not. Bulih ka macam tu? Haha. Is there anywhere that sells only plain baby stuff, I would like to know where. Pening sa nampak cartoon sana sini. Odoi.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How to fight laziness?

I usually wake up the latest by 7.30 am everyday. Earlier during my first trimester, I woke up around 6.30am to have breakfast. Just to fuel the body before the nausea sets in. But now, I would rather stay in bed until like 9.30am. Wasting my life away. In which mind you, I only have until the 14th of February to wake up this late before I started my service back in the education system. I should be slaving away to finish off my thesis.


I haven't been doing much reading or even writing that contributed to the progress of the thesis. All I do all day is to laze around and just read whatever on the social media. OMG. Not good at all.

Macam mana la mau rajin ni?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

It's an open secret

End of September 2016

When I did my home pregnancy test after my period was late for two weeks. Hey! I got the shock of my life. I was stunned! You know some people who have been waiting for good news, they will be like crying and jumping for joy and what not. I was just STUNNED. The next thing I did was not calling people up or even setting appointment with a doctor. I just sat there for a while looking at the result. Silence. It is a mixed of emotions.

Then I started contacting two fitness instructors whom I see as a mentor to consult them on being pregnant and continue teaching fitness classes in their first trimester. The next thing I know that I did was contacting studio owners to give a notice that I will not be teaching some of the fitness classes anymore starting for the next two weeks. Just with the reason that I am busy with my studies. I am just not ready to break the news to anyone just yet. Nobody should know just yet.

Mister came home and I told him the news. The reaction I got? Not the typical jumping for joy and hugging the wife. It is also just silence. We were both stunned! Hahahaha. Happily stunned? Is there even a word for that. LOL. We both know that our lives are about to change.

Life changing 

Only this year that we decided we should be trying to have kids but everything get halted since both of us were down with dengue somewhere in April and it took almost three months for the body to actually function like normal. I have to stay sober for almost three months after dengue just to make sure alcohol won't damage my liver. I lose my hair and all. Starting trying again and for several months, usually the pregnancy test will turn out negative and I will start to get frustrated. But I guess, good news will always come when you least expect it and God will actually grant you things at the right time and moment.

Well, THANK YOU GOD! (except that I shouldn't be drinking alcohol again until end of next year. huhuhu)

Did my first ultrasound in early October at around 5 weeks, just to make sure everything is ok and I am actually really pregnant. Haha.

Yes, doctor said confirm pregnant

In fact, I only broke the news to my family and in laws around this time. My mom is obviously overjoyed! Yeah, she has been bugging me to start having kids since like forever and the news really made her cry. My sister even took a video of that and whatsapp-ed me. That moment then only I felt like crying as well. WTH. Anyways, I broke the news to my family over whatsapp with a picture of the ultrasound along with a reminder NOT to tell anyone (extended family or friends just yet) and also don't ever try to stop me from doing Zumba.

First trimester

I am actually quite lucky not to be experiencing any major morning sickness. Just nausea and a heightened sense of smell. Any aromatic cooking, spices, garlic, korean sauces all those gonna kill me. It didn't make me vomit but it will be very unpleasant. Body odour and strong perfumes as well. Basically, I prefer to have a face mask on everywhere I go especially when there's a lot of people. Weird mouth taste that also made me brush my teeth 2 to 3 times a day. LOL. Sama memang sa cari mangga la. Yang berabis ni mangga saja. Makan yang asam jak sampai gastrik. Bongok betul.

Since in KL, it was kinda hard to find young mangoes. I am lucky to have scheduled all my flights going back often during my first trimester. It is just so to happen that I have to commute a lot KK and KL during October and November for my thesis stuff and also for the food court that I am managing. I breezed through my proposal defence in my first trimester too. Thank God for the easy experience. Except I need to have snacks in my bag like all the time to avoid feeling dizzy. 

Zumba are as usual but with decreased frequency of classes per week. I keep forgetting that I am carrying so at times I tend to jump around a lot like usual. Energy also running low since I no longer can take my energy cubes that contains high dose of caffeine. I am on my own. Adui. 

Not much difference. I didn't gain any weight for the first trimester as well

Second trimester

As I am typing this post, I am at 19 weeks pregnant. Went to Japan for Asia Zumba Conference at 12 weeks and I got my mom so worried. Still haven't tell any of my friends yet (yes, even my best friends) - I am just not ready to share the news. It's good news (I know right!) but I also know some of my friends have been trying to have babies as well. I know the feeling when someone over shared their good news. So, I am just keeping this to myself until photos on social media can be self explanatory.

However the ladies at the studio that I am teaching Zumba know about me being pregnant already. The owner of the studio announced it after she found out recently as well. Yes, everyone is offering me advice not to jump so much and taking it easy. I appreciate that a lot. But at times, I kinda feel trapped. You know what I mean. I somehow got their worried look all the time in class these days.


I do not know when I will get this blog post out. I actually have announced it on my zumba blog and also on my Youtube channel but definitely not on mainstream Facebook profile. I am too scared of criticism as I still teach classes. Confirm kena kecam.

But when it gets posted, I just want to tell you all that I am pregnant. Hehehe. Expecting the baby to come out somewhere in early June. Tapi harap harap Kaamatan baby lah.