Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Hello again. Again, a delayed post about the new year resolution. Better late than never eh. Haha.

The 2014 resolution list. 

Bravo to myself, almost all done! Yeay, so happy. Actually the number 4 tidak berapa sampai but I count Malaysia as another country. So, it was Korea and Malaysia = two countries! Hahaha. Trololol!

Ok now, let's be rational and reasonable when setting goals eh. Good thing is no more recycled ones this year.

My 2015 resolutions :

1) Join two runs ( still sticking to 10K only, nda mampu la Half Marathon )

2) Get a Zumba Basic 2 Certification or any aerobic/dance fitness certification (at least one new certification)

3) Finish half of my thesis ( fingers crossed until Chapter 3 )

4) I want to see snow!!!!!!! Travel to one foreign country at least.

5) Save money every month ( teehee! )

Bah apa la kamu punya resolutions, share your blog link in the comments ya!

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Hey 2015!

Happy New Year. It's the 3rd day to the new year. It feels like a dejavu pula everytime I will post the first update for the year on this blog will always be on the 3rd January. Last year pun begitu. Anyways, to conclude 2014; it was a truly TRANSITIONAL experience for me. So many changes and up until now, I am still digesting it.

Quick recap of the year that was.

Got myself as a certified Zumba Instructor, teaching classes and hosted a Zumba party. Weehoo!

Had a memorable, fun yet emotional Teacher's Day celebration at school

Did this! And crossing out one more thing off my resolution list

Korea in Summer! Fun budget trip.
Organized a dance competition at school much to the delight of my students. So happy!

Got inked again!

Said goodbye to the almost 7 years service in SMK Tamparuli. SO SAD!

Moved to Kuala Lumpur

Back to being a student again
Went to a job interview as a newscaster for business News at Capital TV, but err..tidak berjaya. Haha

I went to watch this. So awesome!

Finally get to have crazy colors for my hair.

So, I really did another major change in my life in 2014. Looking forward for more exciting journey in 2015. We need a lot of prayers and gratitude to get through the year. 2014 was full of tragedies for Malaysia. Really praying hard for all the right things to be aligned in the universe to avoid all of these misfortunes.

Have a great start of the year people! Live with positive vibes and prayers.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Semangat kunun

I woke up early on a Friday morning to do cleaning and some deco cos the mister is coming back home later at night. Almost a month away. I am so happy that he is gonna be home.

Cantik ka? 

Christmas tree nanti saja la. Tunggu December betul2 baru bikin. It's sad when you have to do the deco alone. For several years I have been doing it with Christmas music blaring and with laughter. This year I am reduced to listening Christmas songs using my earphones and the TV to keep me company.

Anyway, the mister tidak jadi balik. Will have to do a 24hours layover in Seoul because the flight from US got delayed and he missed his connecting flight to KL. Am blogging this because there's no one to talk to now. Huhu

And I am hungry now. I just had some instant noodles and lunch punya leftover for dinner tadi. Teda semangat mau masak.

Adui, can I stop being pathetic?

Tidur la. Tiada semangat sudah ni. Huhu

Friday, November 28, 2014

So damn tired

A day full of errands. Cleaning the house, mop and sweep and dusting and scrubbing bathrooms. 5hours. No joke! Top to bottom. Mau patah pinggang. Then ada class zumba lagi. 2 hours back to back. Komon.

Not to mention earlier in the morning, I have to send my car for inspection at the Affin Bank here. Sesat lagi mau cari bank. Doi! Yes, I got my car posted here. No more fighting over cars on weekends.

Oh my beloved viva. Hehe. I think Sa Macam sot ni. While driving my car, Sa cakap2 to the car as if it is my pet or something. Rindu sa sama ni kereta.

Welcome to your new home Bibah.