Thursday, June 28, 2007

A meaningful one

Read and you will agree with me...

By Bo Sanchez
Jun 24, 2007

We live in a pathologically dissatisfied world. And I'm going to tell
you why. Because we love to compare. Go around the world and discover
that people aren't happy with their bodies.

Filipinos want to be fair-complexioned like Westerners, and so buy
bleaching stuff. Westerners want to own bronzed bodies like ours, and
purchase tanning lotions.

Those with moles have them removed, while those who don't strategically
implant beauty spots.

Some people want to shed a few pounds to look like Ally McBeal, while
others want to gain some baby fat to look like Drew Barrymore.

When are we ever going to stop and simply be happy with how we look?
We live in a sick world. I tell you. And that sickness is
comparisonitis. Take a look at wealth. When we drive our old Toyota , it
really suits us fine. We feel blessed in fact when the rain pours
outside and we feel snug and cozy on its faded upholstered seats.

But the moment we see our own officemate (or neighbor, or buddy, or
cousin, or brother) drive his sleek sky-blue, four-door,
four-wheel-drive Rav4, we automatically feel like third class children
of God.
Next time we drive our bumpy, noisy, rusted, dilapidated Toyota (notice
how all the defects come out all of a sudden?), we feel deprived,
dispossessed, pariah, debased, and only a little higher than the
of the earth.

Listen carefully. Bill Gates' total assets are worth $60 billion.
That's more than the GNP of some small countries. Tiger Woods earns $80
million simply by smiling on TV in a Nike shirt. And the stars of the
sitcom Friends are paid $50,000 per episode! My point? No matter how
hard you work, there'll still be some people who will be richer than

And there'll be some people who will be more beautiful, have more sex
appeal, have more boyfriends/girlfrie nds, and have more problems.
Try it for once. Stop looking around. Don't compare!

Don't compare her nose with your nose.
Don't compare his wife with your wife.
Don't compare his salary with your salary.
Don't compare her breast size with your breast size.
Don't compare her kid's report card with your kid's report card.
Don't compare his prayer group with your prayer group.
Don't compare her/his cellulite deposits with your cellulite deposits.

Stop comparing and start living and you'll be happier with your life.

This is crucial: The most difficult thing in the world is to be who you
are not. Pretending and trying to be someone else is the official
pastime of the human race. (I don't think dogs and cats and cows and
horses have this problem).

And the easiest thing in the world is to be yourself.
Be happy. Live!

There must be a reason why God made you tall or short or fat or thin or
bumpy all over.

Love who you are!

Got this from a friend..found it very TRUE yet most of us neglect it all the time *including me*

Friday, June 22, 2007

it ALL started with a kiss

It started with a kiss? Really ka? Does it really happen that way..Real life maybe no..But in soap opera..of course it can..haha.

I am just so hooked up with the Taiwanese Drama Series. It started with a AEC..NOt only that the guy is SO Cool and cute..the girl who is the heroin also acted very well..bringing out naiveness and clumsiness to the next level...just love her antics..and being two diff ppl came together as a couple..THe whole scene is just SO SWEET.and I believe real life situation can also bring two really different people together...hmm..I dunno since when I turned so mushy wushy this..haha..just love TV SO much these days* For fans of this series too, u can check the review here ..and be ready for the spoiler..haha

and another one

recently..well not so recent..the "jalan-jalan kerana bosan" has been held. A trip to the northern tip of BOrneO..with the opening act here..THe evER classiC Post of the "TIP"

I got that island within my "fingertips"!
dirty car..very dirty car..the trip was nice but the road was bumpy and cuaca gila2..rain then hot..wet then dusty...the result; DIRTY CAR!

check out the signboard.. I think the spelling for Billiard..directly written in Malay was very funny..squint ur eyes and find the funny abt malaysianizing english to the max..Kudat is one of the place..hehe
ONe of the stalls we singgah on our way back..all the goods kena hang like dat..cute huh?

A must-take-picture-pose!

It was hot and sticky and windy..but the pantai there very nice..If there will be a resort nearby there in the near time soon. The tourism in Kudat will surely be given a boost!

yet another un-updated one

wedding lagi..this time my aunt's..feast ur eyes with our beauty (pics below)...haha..cantik ka sumandak2 tamparuli?

behold ur roots...proud of our culture sampai go church pun pakai..*actually kena paksa ba dat*

my aunt and her husband..

"with this ring..u are obliged to jaga me till death do us part..haha" kidding!my friend Judith and her husband also got married dat day.. CONGRATS!

my dad's car jadi kereta pengantin .. these 4wd drive mmg fave for kereta pengantin la ..dat day..4 out of 5 couples came to church in 4wd cars
my cousins with their flowers trying to b cute

check out the sword!

aramai ti!

mengumpat tyme..haha..nah kedapatan..haha

Monday, June 18, 2007

the un-updated news..

Well, well..this are some un-updated news...benefiting only to those who are curious to know what has been happening to me since i left my hey-days being a student.. School Holidays last month means kahwen-kahwin time..Of cos not me la.. These are some pictures from my cousin's ..koyo..dunno wat his muslim name already was in Tambunan..

*If you happen to notice...our family "size" isn't small..literally..haha..get it? take a look urself.. :P