Friday, June 22, 2007

and another one

recently..well not so recent..the "jalan-jalan kerana bosan" has been held. A trip to the northern tip of BOrneO..with the opening act here..THe evER classiC Post of the "TIP"

I got that island within my "fingertips"!
dirty car..very dirty car..the trip was nice but the road was bumpy and cuaca gila2..rain then hot..wet then dusty...the result; DIRTY CAR!

check out the signboard.. I think the spelling for Billiard..directly written in Malay was very funny..squint ur eyes and find the funny abt malaysianizing english to the max..Kudat is one of the place..hehe
ONe of the stalls we singgah on our way back..all the goods kena hang like dat..cute huh?

A must-take-picture-pose!

It was hot and sticky and windy..but the pantai there very nice..If there will be a resort nearby there in the near time soon. The tourism in Kudat will surely be given a boost!


Dazeree Joan said...

lookg at ur cuti-cuti pics got me a bit nostalgic. went ther (the tip) last decembr.and took really nice pics. but guess wht, my sister main tekan2 the digicam and got evrything deleted. huhuhu. so sedih!. so much 4 going hi tech.

Gallivanter said...

Hey Joan,

I found your blog while surfing through, not sure if you are aware of this, but we're organizing a KK Bloggers' Meet next weekend and would love for you to join us. :-)