Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Whats up with WHATSAPP?

I am for sure now is declaring war with Whatsapp. I used to love whatsapp. It is a mode of communication. I have diverted my attention from Facebook to Instagram and also messaging app ( Whatsapp, LINE, Kakao, WeChat - yes I have them all, don't do the frowning face now ).
This different messaging app exist because different group of people I communicate with tend to use one app more than the other. Go figure which one is which. 

And recently, there is a sudden boom of Whatsapp group for work. YES, for WORK! As if it is not enough that we have an official school blog, official school portal, a department facebook group and now they want MORE! Not one WHATSAPP GROUP but now for workplace only I have THREE!!! ( the gossip group at work not counted okay, that one I wanna keep) and I think some people just love GROUPIES they will CREATE MORE... MORE.. MORE!!!! 

Some of you might see the option to click the exit group button is the best solution but the thing is some higher position people expect you to be in that group. So it is sorta attending a meeting and they are expecting you to be there to participate.. or just listen ( or rather read ) to participate.

I am actually OKAY with these groups. Technology makes life easier. But you have to have some ethics when it comes to some OFFICIAL (as they claim it) WHATSAPP group

This is just like sending an SMS or making a phone call outside of working hours. Mind the privacy please. Or rather let people have some non-working hours peace.

Yeah, I mean it. Stupid, lame, cacat, bida, bodoh, sewel photos or comics or memes or videos are not allowed. If the group title is dedicated for work purpose. KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!! It is not meant for socializing or some "cyber team building". Just keep strictly for work

Seriously, won't you be horrified to know that you are in a group for a project that you never heard before. I mean, just because you have my phone number, you can just add me in that group. NO! You fucking moron. Even my name is in the list of committee or in that fucking paperwork. I don't care. Have the courtesy to let me know that I am actually in the project, personally, thank you very much. Since, some people love whatsapp-ing so much, just whatsapp me first lah. Aiya, itu pun nda pandai. Buduh seratus kali buduh.

And now I have to two options
1) Just mute everything for the over-ly active group and risk some missing info ( in which I don't mind )

2) Delete Whatsapp once and for all

I have to choose option 1 anyway but I am wishing for the mute function to have an option of MUTE FOREVER!


Mas Light said...

I know exactly how that feels, I mute most of my groups on whatsapp coz they tend to terpesong tu topic. And I have a lot. *cries. I think I'm at my happiest when receiving whatsapp msg from ppl i like lols!

Joan said...

Massy. kan??? Yang terpesong tu topic kan kalau tidak bertubi-tubi macam boleh terima lagi bah. Tapi kalau yang buat lawak bodoh berkali-kali and yang berabis mo suruh orang beli barang2 jualan dia tu. Adui. I think I just wanna stick to having gossip groups on whatsapp.