Sunday, April 20, 2014

Taking a break

Phew! The holy week is over and now there's room to breath. Well, a little room to breath at least. Exam week is coming. Kaamatan is coming.

Maundy Thursday

Went to mass straight from work. The holy hour period was so serene for me. I like the atmosphere
Good Friday

While the rest of the people who don't celebrate this beautiful celebration throughout the weekend, it is just another boring Friday for them. But, not for me. The annual way of the cross up the St Veronica hill ( Bukit Ruhiang ) in Tamparuli town. Blessed!

Easter Vigil & Easter Day

The most important celebration in the church calendar. I was equally anxious for the choir preparation as well. Been up and running errands whole week. Guiding the new generation choir team. Pasukan pelapis la ni. Some people told me just LET GO! Don't care about the choir anymore. Let them be. But I prefer to prepare a soft landing for them and guide them in the process. It is just me. I love helping the kids. I have been in their position last time when we have to pick the pieces left by the seniors by ourselves.

One of the choir members pengsan lagi during the mass and when it was about time to sing the GLORY. They were all distracted. I was so worried that they can't sing the new format of the GLORY. Talk about like being a worried mom to them. Huhu. Punya la. Hiccups here and there during the whole mass but it's a learning process. Glad that everything went smoothly overall.

p.s:  It's kinda sad to realize that this gonna be my last Easter at home with these people whom I grow up with at school, church and home.

Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. ( kept telling myself this )

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