Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Here I am

When school break started, I wasn't even bothered because my mind is so occupied with the preparation for this!

After two stages and I am now in the semi final. Haha. Funny story how I ended up being in this competition. When my friend texted me about this audition, I thought it was just an ordinary one off audition and that's it. But, to my surprise when I reached the venue, it is actually a competition. Atui, punya lah!

So, that was me on the semi final stage that happen today.

After I was done with the semifinal stage, I came back and went straight to another rehearsal for an emceeing gig. A beauty pageant contest happening tomorrow.

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd, in the evening was the choir practice with the youth.

Totally, totally and eventful day and tomorrow it is already Wednesday. Tidak merasa saya pun cuti ni tau. Erk!!!!

Holy week is the busiest week ever!

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Is it worrying to have constant headaches? Mine was consistent for one week straight. Gosh! I just wish it will go away.

Or is this the PMS causing all the unnecessary stress I am having? I no longer think I have a short fuse problem. I don't have a fuse anymore. I just blow up.

Hating all the things happening around me. And the best part is no one can really understand what are my problems so sharing about it to ease the burden is irrelevant.

The timetable issue is a never ending issue and I am supposed to play God to find the solution of trying to make insufficient supply of manpower work with the current school situation. Yes, I have the wisdom of God. And if I can't find a solution, I should find a solution. No matter what. Ah whatever! You will never understand.

Same goes with trying to find the right color scheme for the bridal party attire. I choose one color then there will be thousands of opposing opinions. How can satisfy every single other opinion in this world? Now tell me who is actually getting married? Does your thoughts even matter or you just want to take away everything that I want?

I am just trying to satisfy everyone's need and am having major headache now. If this is a an early sign of hypertension then you have succeeded in shortening my life.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tick tock tick tock

Time seems to slow down when you are waiting for the time to go off from work. I am feeling rather useless today. Went in the class to teach and just to find out that my students didn't do their homework and also the class which I recently being assigned to teach is a mess. Basic knowledge about adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers pun tidak tau. Argh!!!!! How to teach?

More of than not, this job is like being a magician. You have turn something broken to something new or something with a wow factor and it is expected to be done in a short time. ( tukar sistem penilaian, tukar buku teks, updating file mak nenek) I am no freaking magician!!!!

Teachers, do you like your job?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

That was easy

I thought it was gonna be a long hunt. But then it was just love at first sight.

So am gonna apply the same way to all the other things next time. Just don't give too much thought about it and just choose. Less headache. Less expectation less heartache.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Strange Calls

Apparently phone scams are on the rise now. I got 3 missed calls from +85215890000 and accidentally answered the call from +8529423322. Pretty much confused the whole day because I thought it was boyfriend who called from the rig. Padahal bukan.

So, I googled the number and terjumpa that this is a reversed call originating from Hong Kong about some lottery thingy. A scam la basically.

I have no clue how my number can be in "their" system. Jadi, kalau dapat call dari +852 something something. JANGAN JAWAB!!


Banyak la ba kejadian sejak akhir-akhir ini. Hmmmm. Tambah bikin risau, bikin stress segala.

I am still contemplating whether or not to hire a wedding planner or just do it on my own. Haish... I have short fuse lately because things are starting to get overwhelming.

Sunday, March 03, 2013

February Round Up

Hello March!

This February round up came a little bit late. It's already the 3rd day of March. Well, maybe I just need a little bit more time to cool down after having a burned out period a few days ago. I guess that's pretty much what could sum up February. Joan was burnt out! Like totally burnt out.

To top all that, I had panic anxiety attack after all those emotional baggage overload. I cried myself to sleep for two consecutive nights just to let all the anger and frustration out. I got so fed up with so many things and I just don't have anyone to confide to during that time.

Recalling February

First week started out hectic with the prep of the KDCA-ISCEP program and the program itself. It was a handful handling the Korean students and also coordinating the program with the students, host families and teachers. It was hard but my extra hardworking colleague, Dazeree and I managed to survive the week. Bitter sweet experience definitely. Expenses claim in which memang susah mo dapat akan diurus this march. Kalau dapat kana bayar claim. Pui!

Chinese New Year! Angpau Angpau Na Lai... But boohoo. The role will be reversed by next year, I won't be at the receiving end anymore. Bluek!

Then it was also my birthday. Yeap, loving the birthday celebration this year.

Thank you Foursquare, you are so sweet!

Led the netball team for the MSSD tourney, a not so good year for my team. From 1st place last year to 4th place this year. Boohoo!

And to conclude February, an extensive "baking" session at the stadium for the district level athletics meet. Kulit hangus!!

Bring it on March!