Saturday, November 29, 2014

Semangat kunun

I woke up early on a Friday morning to do cleaning and some deco cos the mister is coming back home later at night. Almost a month away. I am so happy that he is gonna be home.

Cantik ka? 

Christmas tree nanti saja la. Tunggu December betul2 baru bikin. It's sad when you have to do the deco alone. For several years I have been doing it with Christmas music blaring and with laughter. This year I am reduced to listening Christmas songs using my earphones and the TV to keep me company.

Anyway, the mister tidak jadi balik. Will have to do a 24hours layover in Seoul because the flight from US got delayed and he missed his connecting flight to KL. Am blogging this because there's no one to talk to now. Huhu

And I am hungry now. I just had some instant noodles and lunch punya leftover for dinner tadi. Teda semangat mau masak.

Adui, can I stop being pathetic?

Tidur la. Tiada semangat sudah ni. Huhu

Friday, November 28, 2014

So damn tired

A day full of errands. Cleaning the house, mop and sweep and dusting and scrubbing bathrooms. 5hours. No joke! Top to bottom. Mau patah pinggang. Then ada class zumba lagi. 2 hours back to back. Komon.

Not to mention earlier in the morning, I have to send my car for inspection at the Affin Bank here. Sesat lagi mau cari bank. Doi! Yes, I got my car posted here. No more fighting over cars on weekends.

Oh my beloved viva. Hehe. I think Sa Macam sot ni. While driving my car, Sa cakap2 to the car as if it is my pet or something. Rindu sa sama ni kereta.

Welcome to your new home Bibah. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Most important meal

Enjoying my lonely breakfast. Gonna take some time to relax after conducting an early morning zumba class earlier. Getting back to the routine is hard even though it is only a week I had my time off.

Ate a lot when I was back home. Felt sluggish and I feel my buntut kembang ni. Sial. More assignments to be finished later. Am on the brink of giving up. 

So need to calm down and makan now

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I stayed up all night

To study. Hahaha. Konon!

See my pretty desk. This is where I should be slaving myself right now. 

But when I came back from classes yesterday, I end up spending time on my bed. 

With the iPad. Watching 6 episodes of "Lovely Girl" until the finale sambil nangis2. Hahaha. Puas hati. Sambil lipat kain okay! The laundry bertimbun sudah lipat. Productive juga ba.

Ok now, I can really start focusing on reading journals and writing my mini research. Ahahaha. Sakit jiwa ba kalau tinguk halfway halfway ni. Those k-drama addicts know this better. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Current obsession

And also a major distraction to my studies. Ahahaha..

I have a lot of reading and writing to do but see what I am doing this weekend.

Damn you Korean Dramas. It is an addiction.

And the fact that you can stream it online and don't wait for whatever episode on TV now. Argh! I need discipline! I need to control myself.


And the fact that the actors semua hensem. Wawawawawawa. Lagi la sa rajin mo tinguk. Rain I love you!!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

I can't sleep

Hence the blogging. Feeling very lonely here. Sister back to KK. Only sisters in law around. The mister is in Houston. Argh! Semua pun bikin teda semangat. 

Seriously. All I wanna do is lie down on the bed and do nothing. Really. Adui na. Macam orang depression pun ada. 

I really need to sleep now because I have a zumba class to instruct in the morning. Kenapa la ba ni teda mood. Kenapa. 

Rumah luas tapi kosong, ada orang pun Macam teda. Mau nangisssss

Belated Halloween post

The Halloween it was. So, since relocation, the culture at this new place is somehow different. Never once in my life that I need to decorate my house for Halloween. 

Well, as for a Halloween party pernah la. Bloggers gathering dulu2. Ah, Sioknya tu.

Ok. Anyway, a last minute project. Mostly DIY. Only bought candles, lanterns and colored papers. The rest are all sources from around the house. Browse some DIY stuff on the net and here it goes...

Some eyeballs cutouts printed from some Halloween printables. Some ghost lantern thingy; ideas from the net as well.

Blood is from tomato sauce and food coloring from the fridge.

The end product! Phew, 2 hours all for this. Punya la. 

Also some DIY lollipops because I went surveying for Halloween candies. My God! Bikin miskin. Nda payah la

At night view. Too bad, I didn't get to see the kids around the neighborhood trick or treating. Sa pigi zumba. Huhu