Saturday, November 29, 2014

Semangat kunun

I woke up early on a Friday morning to do cleaning and some deco cos the mister is coming back home later at night. Almost a month away. I am so happy that he is gonna be home.

Cantik ka? 

Christmas tree nanti saja la. Tunggu December betul2 baru bikin. It's sad when you have to do the deco alone. For several years I have been doing it with Christmas music blaring and with laughter. This year I am reduced to listening Christmas songs using my earphones and the TV to keep me company.

Anyway, the mister tidak jadi balik. Will have to do a 24hours layover in Seoul because the flight from US got delayed and he missed his connecting flight to KL. Am blogging this because there's no one to talk to now. Huhu

And I am hungry now. I just had some instant noodles and lunch punya leftover for dinner tadi. Teda semangat mau masak.

Adui, can I stop being pathetic?

Tidur la. Tiada semangat sudah ni. Huhu

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