Thursday, January 30, 2014

Everything isn't right

Been kinda depressed lately. Ya, what a great way to start the new year. Sigh. This is all because of things that people say. Maybe its because i put my happiness in someone else's pocket. :((

iNag, iEvil
The lines between saying whats on my mind and nagging is actually very blur. So, i just don't know where to start or stop. So, keeping things only to the minimum is the best solution I see

Why delay
The most dreaded time after getting married is when people are anticipating for the baby news. This is driving me crazy. Don't even start when your folks actually do compare you with your peers ( they will be like sama bah umur kamu tapi dua sudah anak dia, ko bulum lagi. Nda la ko terbubut dia tu ). Gosh! I am not in a hurry. Now that is my parents. Friends, colleagues...hmm some will be like touching my tummy and give me the question mark face. Hey, that is a restricted area. One just don't simply pigang pigang your perut ok. Stress! CNY now and with the family reunion. Double stress! I just wanna run away and hide.

All you do is wrong
I arrange the timetable at school so my colleagues will be like (some) ... Kenapa ko bagi sa ini kelas. Kenapa ko bagi sa timing begini.

And mind you students these days can make you popular online. They start a mean hashtag for you on twitter and facebook, you will be trending worldwide. So, mau berwaspada la ni. Tsk tsk tsk.

Conclusion... I iz not happy

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Year blues

Wow. I have been neglecting this blog for quite some time. There's several promised posts but it's still not done yet. Things can be a whirlwind at work for the first few weeks when school open. Too focused on all the haloo baloo. Overwhelmed is actually the perfect word to describe everything. 

Talking about starting fresh for the new year and new month. One thing I realize that I should really change is stop being a slacker. So resolution number one is knowing how to prioritize. Somehow.... Old habits die hard. Maybe. We'll see.

Since last year has been resolution less. I wanna have some this year.

1) keep a checklist of things to do when I start my day

2) get a scuba diving license (yeah, recycled resolution)

3) study for a masters degree (again recycled ones)

4) travel to at least two countries 

5) join a run (well maybe not a marathon yet, just a 10k run perhaps)

5 resolutions should be enough I guess. I hope I won't be recycling anymore and will be crossing off things from the resolution list. What's yours? It's never too late to get it listed after all it's still January 

Friday, January 03, 2014


Happy New Year! It's already like the 3rd day of the year. It was a memorable 2013 for me. I find every year it gets more challenging than the previous one. Well, as you grow older, responsibilities tend to be more.

Memorable moments of 2013

I hosted this group of Korean university students for a school program and they stayed at my house. Beautiful friendship.

Went to join this audition and managed to survive until semi final ( The top 15 )

First time went for white water rafting. In Kiulu, with my colleagues. Love it!

And yeah, jadi one of the Kerani Mengundi during the General Election

Being appointed one of the Jurulatih Utama Negeri for 1M1S ( Senamrobik )

Performed with my band at Sunset Music Fest Kudat alongside with Atilia, Guba, Tien Loong, Fanzi and Marlleyney

Went for a newscasting audition at RTM Sabah and got shortlisted. Went for training for a couple of months; and I am still wondering whether I will ever be hired. Hehe

Ah yes! I got married too. Beautiful moment in my life

A hell of the year surviving the school days. I hate PBS. Love the students ( well, sorta a love hate kinda thing with them too )

Went to Boracay! Yeay. One of the place off the travel wishlist

Did bungy jumping too! I never thought I would ever take the leap. Longest 3 seconds of my life. Did the bungy in Queenstown. New Zealand is an awesome country!

Had a very meaningful Christmas and New Year celebration with my loved ones.

2013, a year of ups and downs. Most of it was full of my preparation to my big day. Memorable year indeed. 

Let's see what is in store for 2014. And since 2013 had been a resolution-less year. Maybe I should set some realistic goals for 2014. Until next post. Babai! Happy New Year!