Monday, March 23, 2015

DIY Ombre Hair (Kylie Jenner Inspired)

So, ombre hair is the craze now. When I did mine back in 2012, people will be saying like "napa dye ko ni di bawah saja?" 

Then hair chalking came and what not. I honestly don't like hair chalk because it make the hair uhmmm.. chalky. Hahaha

Anyway, here is a recent project that I did as requested by my sister. This DIY could save you at least MYR100 of labour charge at the saloon.

Well, here's some sharing on it.

Gatsby Hair Bleach (bought from Watson), it's the same hair bleach that I used on my hair project last time. Here's how it look like if you are wondering

What you should do next is a no brainer! Bleach the ends and make sure it is evenly applied (that's all!) and of course wait long enough to make it go blonde (don't be afraid, the lighter the color, the easier the colorful dye to pop out). My sister kept the bleach on her hair for around 30-40 minutes.

The result is on the upper right hand photo. 

The next process to get the greenish turquoise colour is by using the Manic Panic Semi Permanent Dye (bought from . Since DIY-ing always require your own energy, so give yourself and the hair a rest and try dyeing again the next day. Trust me, you will be more patient to wait for the color to set in.

The color is ATOMIC TURQUOISE and for this we did not even finish one tub of the hair dye because we are cheapskate like that and to keep for retouching purpose next month.

 Repeat the same process like bleaching the hair. And Voila!!! The result is on the lower right hand photo.

Although the color is not like what the catalog said but fuck it...It still look awesome. Yeah!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The lonely traveller

So I am in Singapore (alone). Actually I am here not for leisure but to attend a Zumba training. Anyways, since I am alone, I am just so lazy to go touring around. 

I am currently staying in a box. One of the "pods" in this backpacker place called Plush Pod at 2, Tan Quee Lan street, SG

How much?
It's SGD32 per bunk per night . Sorta like a capsule hotel concept. 

It's really really convenient and strategic. Literally a stone throw away from the Bugis shopping mall and the MRT station. But singapore city is so tight that things that look far on the map actually is not far.

Common area:
It has a lot of seating place with fridge and microwave and water supply for drinking and also sink to wash utensils. Basic backpackers amenities all there. 

Overall, it's nice to stay. Staff is friendly. And they actually have elevator to go up the building. Bagus Kalau ada banyak barang. It's just a little noisy at night because it's next to a main and lively road. That's what you need to sacrifice for strategic location. 

Okay tomorrow I will be having a very long day. AM to PM and after that flying back to KL.

Good night!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lazy and no mood day

It is totally "I don't wanna get up from the bed day" today. Although I did get up to have breakfast and do laundry before finding myself in bed now. While the clanging sound outside my bedroom door is because of the lift service guy is doing the maintenance. I am so surprised how did he get in the house. Could be my SIL opened the door for him.

I am really feeling really lethargic today. Been down with a bout of coughing and sore throat (again). January was bad and this time around it took longer to heal. Also it is because I did not go and see the doctor. It is just a virus spread by the mister that he got from his office. Dry throat. Sore throat. Dry coughing and running nose. Totally WTF!

And zumba session was intense yesterday with myself to be blamed for arranging the playlist to be suicidal. The aftermath, sore muscles. I can not even imagine how it is for my students if I myself is experiencing one.

I am missing home. Home as in Tamparuli. It was only January since my last trip back. I guess the the treshold for me is 2-3 months. I actually do miss teaching. It is more than half a year that I left the normal routine of going to work and being a slave for "failed" government education system. As much as I hate it last time, I am having withdrawal symptoms now.

Friday, March 06, 2015

Here is the weekend

One question posed to me earlier today that really got me smirking until now.

"Are you a muslim?"

Hey it has been a while since I got that asked to my face. 

Well, my classmate saw my full name today

Joan Vivienne Moo binti Rejoss

Usually i will just write "Joan Moo" or "Joan V. Moo" in the attendance list. So she sorta saw my computer screen with my full name there and boom the question. Haha. I don't blame her though for the lack of exposure of the culture and background of the people especially from Sabah.

I usually get this question every now and then when I was studying in Penang and I don't get questioned for my weird name when I am in homeground because in Sabah everyone has weird names (well, almost). So, now I am back in west Malaysia then I suddenly became the one of the rare species.

People have questions with my name, my look, my language as I don't fit to the main 3 races generic look. When i went to the wet market here and start speaking Malay to purchase pork,; haha! Imagine the look of the aunty or uncle who are selling it. They will be like "you orang apa?" Or rather one aunty will be like "oh ini Cina Melayu!" -- errr, how on earth is that possible? But the binti in my name really help saving a lot of money when purchasing property though because of the bumiputera discount. Oh, well the perks of being weird. Hahaha. 

I am never dropping the 'binti' from my name. Hahaha. Some Sabahans I know ada yang pigi buka tu binti. 

Binti = weird .... But i like it!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


You know when you have responsibilities or when you are really a grown up when you have to write a will.

Yes, it is like in the movies. A document that tell how much someone and somebody will get when you are not around anymore.

Although I don't have any harta but need to have one nonetheless. Moreover, if you are married to a non Sabahan in which the Mahkamah Anak Negeri law is not applicable to your other half.

Mahkamah Anak Negeri law for Sabahans might be easier to execute but a will perhaps is a proper documentation. Ugh, writing about this made me feel uneasy too. Oh, what the hell. Anyway, if you need to make one and if you have Maybank account, you can get it done online for a fee of RM298.00