Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lazy and no mood day

It is totally "I don't wanna get up from the bed day" today. Although I did get up to have breakfast and do laundry before finding myself in bed now. While the clanging sound outside my bedroom door is because of the lift service guy is doing the maintenance. I am so surprised how did he get in the house. Could be my SIL opened the door for him.

I am really feeling really lethargic today. Been down with a bout of coughing and sore throat (again). January was bad and this time around it took longer to heal. Also it is because I did not go and see the doctor. It is just a virus spread by the mister that he got from his office. Dry throat. Sore throat. Dry coughing and running nose. Totally WTF!

And zumba session was intense yesterday with myself to be blamed for arranging the playlist to be suicidal. The aftermath, sore muscles. I can not even imagine how it is for my students if I myself is experiencing one.

I am missing home. Home as in Tamparuli. It was only January since my last trip back. I guess the the treshold for me is 2-3 months. I actually do miss teaching. It is more than half a year that I left the normal routine of going to work and being a slave for "failed" government education system. As much as I hate it last time, I am having withdrawal symptoms now.

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