Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tadau Kaamatan 2012

It's a different feeling altogether just to stay at home during Kaamatan for the first time today. For the past few years, my annual outing activity with my siblings, cousins and aunties ( plus grandmas on certain years ) is going to the KDCA hall to watch the Unduk Ngadau competition.

The usual activity is waking up bright and early on the 31st, pack some food and water plus cushion/mat and off we go to Penampang. At one year, kami naik bas lagi tu. Sanggup ni bersusah payah. But as of late, my dad or uncle will fetch us. Anyway, all this we endure just for the sake of being a true Unduk Ngadau fan. Haha.

Some last minute food shopping must be done before 9am because we want to enter the hall before the TYT comes in for the perasmian. Must find good spot! and our usual spot is at the right hand side of the hall ( if you are facing the stage ) next to the gongs and PDRM orchestra. Hehe. Pigi chop tempat then make ourself comfortable ( plus on the look out for potential latecomers yang suka pigi rebut tempat duduk ni )

But, this year due to the hectic work overload, I decided not to go. Feeling a little different now seeing updates from facebook saja. Last year, bukan main lagi involved ( I even co-emceed the gala night with Constan ). A break is good too.

All hail technology for making it possible getting updates almost real time. Mr David Chong ( David Aramaitii ) also is doing a very good job covering the event; sa pinjam dulu gambar ko ah.. hehe. It will be a looottttt better if there's live streaming of the event via internet. ^_^

Anyway, here's my top 7 pick for Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2012 ( in random order, but I really like to see someone wearing the tinombunan costume win this year )







So, whose your pick? The second round result will be out soon as I am typing. Around 6pm or so, there will be a new queen already.

Have a happening Kaamatan you all! Party responsibly, don't harm others.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taking a break!

The school break is here. Oh, how glad I am!

The chaotic moments of the first two days of the school break has subsides and now only I have the time to write something here. The final school week for the 1st term was filled with sleeping at 2 or 3 am because of the paper marking frenzy.
Tangan pun ikut jadi merah juga. See how tidak terurus I am, cat kuku pun picah-picah sudah

To top it all off, I had this Dance Workshop by Disney Channel happening on the very same week plus I gotta finish the choreography for that dance before the students go for holidays.

Group photo + choreographers

Came the 25th, is the rehearsal for the KDCA-ISCEP in which some major tropical thunderstorm moments in the head happened due to miscommunications and some retarded colleagues. Fuel for the car also ran like water because I have to go back and forth from Tamparuli and Penampang a few times. Came the concert day as well made it all the more hectic.

My mind was running on auto pilot since the 25th since the experience last year of handling things alone taught me on how not to care so much but one incident caused all the emotional burden to just erupt like a volcano. This one teacher who is supposed to also fetch some of the asrama kids home suddenly went home without notifying me. There were 7 kids who didn't have their parents came in to fetch them because they are the asrama students, so I already negotiated with the other teacher in the morning that we will "bagi-bagi" the students to fit in our cars since my car is only a Viva, can't take it too many kan.

To my horror, she left! Sakit kepala dia bilang. * #$^%^&*&(&^$#$^%&^*())&^!&!(@(#( ___ insert some vulgar words here______ $^%&^*&(*^%$$#@@#%%*

Yes!! Memang sa mengamuk sudah tu malam. Sudah la saya penat jaga the kids since 25th and her turn is actually on the 26th saja and itu pun saya datang juga pigi tolong babysit since I also have to assist the KDCA-ISCEP alumni ( the group which I joined to Korea last year , they are performing as well ). KDCA-ISCEP punya group itu pun huru hara juga sebab tiada yang babysit. Astaga..memang kalau dia ada depan time tu memang habis kana trash talk oh.

I knew she left because one teacher, who has her kids joining the school performance team came to fetch her son, texted me telling me that the (*vulgar word here*) teacher already went home. And I was the last one to know, even the students knew. Cilaka!

For a moment, I just felt like killing someone. But, the students yang ikut saya balik tu cakap that they really had a very good time for the past two days during the whole event made all the difference. And seeing the smiles on their faces because of the proud moments of them being on stage.

SMK Tamparuli Bamboo Orchestra

Also getting the chance to once again spend some time with the KDCA-ISCEP alumni group made all the time spent in KDCA for two days all worth it.

That small matter about the (*vulgar word here*) teacher can be brush off aside. Tidak payah mo ingat urang yang bikin sakit hati begitu. Bikin darah tinggi jak.

To those who attended the concert that night, the LCD wasn't working because the person in charge tidak datang. Haiya, itu lagi satu story. Tapi nda payah la ingat tu. So all the multimedia presentation that night tiada and this was supposed to be "aired" during one of the singing performance.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Blogger

Am I? It seems the only time that I really do have time to write is on weekends. ( Note to self: must be more rajin to blog )

Nothing interesting to blog juga bah dats why. Apart from being tormented much with the loads of papers to mark

And also jadi kepoh at the alumni KDCA-ISCEP 2011 dance practice in SMK Bahang. Rindu la pula sama ni budak2 semua. But things had changed, I felt we were only a family while we were away in Korea, now everyone seems to be strangers again.

Bulan 5 ( May ) is always with the Unduk Ngadau fever and also I think time buat dosa the most. Why? Because the kutuk-mengutuk session goes one forever once we have the competition going on. Kalah kana kutuk, manang kana kutuk, cantik kana kutuk, bida laaaaaagi lah kana kutuk. Hmmm, whatever lah. Am trying my best not to fall into the kutuk mengutuk session but sometimes being human you can't help being judgemental. Dalam hati punya kutuk pun kira dosa juga sudah tu kan. Hehe.

Most of the districts have selected their own reps sudah. It's about time the photos of all the reps will be compiled together and we can already start judging from the photos. ( Ni la ni kalau yang fanatic punya fans kan ) - and its rather a big challenge not to mengutuk. Haha.

Currently am so in love with the Linangkit pattern. This is the attire that should be posted to my cousin in Sarawak.

Talking about our neighbours across the borders, my friend Cheryl , in Kuching, got her hair shaved and now she is bald. I really have to give a standing ovation to her for her courage to accept the challenge for this Cancer Awareness campaign.

Cheryl in pink leggings

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Irritating ringtone

We choose our ringtone because we love the sound the best and it should be a joy listening to it especially when the phone rings.

But these days, it is not something that really pleasant to my ears. As of late, I am usually awakened by the sound of messages coming in and even more dramatic; phone calls from work. You see, I teach in the afternoon and my working hours doesn't start until 12noon. Why should I be entertaining calls from work right at 7 or 8am when I am still in bed or just about to wake up. It really does made me to wake up at the wrong side of the bed. Ruining my mood the whole day. -_-

Moreover, these phone calls or messages are usually from my principal or the penolong kanan. Sigh. And also I have been moody for the past few days because of the workload and catching up deadlines therefore I put on airplane mode for my phone last night and slept early.

Hey, I got a restful sleep despite some minor toss and turns when my mind starts to think about work. I turned on my phone back to normal mode half an hour ago and guess what theres indeed a miscall by the boss at around 8am which I haven't turned on my phone that time. Muahahahahaha. Biar. If it is that urgent they will call back definitely.

In the meantime, I gotta persevere and pull through this torturing week at work. Happy teacher's day to me and all the teachers out there. We are the champions of minds!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The weekend it was

After the chaos of the Tuaran Unduk Ngadau starts to fizzle out, I felt battered the day after. Luckily my Friday's schedule was not so hectic. But on another note, I have to focus on school/work. And you know what is every teacher's nightmare when the exam week came and the papers have been photocopied?

YESSSSSS. clipping the papers!

Thank God for the willingness of my youngest sister to help me. But nothing comes for free mind you. Ada bayaran lagi kana minta. Bayar pun bayar lah. Janji siap.


We had a show at Louis Pang's studio re-opening in Likas Square and after that we kinda rushed home because Didi wanted to go for the Jay Park showcase.

I managed to go in because Dino gave me one pass. Thank you so much for that Dino!

Honestly, I don't really know who Jay Park is - but my sisters and cousins are crazy about him. But pigi tinguk sajalah since he is in KK kan.

Terus terjumpa budak budak skul saya sana lagi - adui, malu juga lah sikit. Hahahaha

I tell you...inside the arena (as I called it ), it was packed!! Especially the area which allow them to go for fan meeting after the showcase ( mine was only for showcase ). Jay Park is big here and given that he speaks good English because he is Korean American, made all the communication better because he doesn't need a translator.

My sister and I trying to stay clear from the crowded places but to no avail when the rest of the people came swarming in. Didi and my cousin were way in front at the other area ( fan meeting zone ).

Once the show kicked off, all I can see is this.

Heads, hands and camera phones... Hmmmm, typical Malaysian style of watching a live show. Mesti mau rakam. Heran saya. Go there for what, tidak pandai enjoy live show betul.

Basically I just can't see anything except through the screen of those phone cameras. Well, at least that's something that I can be thankful for the hundreds of phone cameras.

Being short is not helping also for this kind of event. Hmmmm.


Again another show at the Louis Pang Studio show. It is a privilege to sing for one of Asia's top photographer studio re-opening. Sama kana bagi ini lagi. Happy!! Wheeeee...

Then, of course at home in the evening ada our own Mother's Day celebration. 

Suddenly blackout kunun right before the potong cake session, but the program has to go on juga kan. Photos are also a must. So, Mimi's phone provide the "wireless flash" using her torchlight app and I took the photo using my phone.

The outcome is quite nice juga oh. Jadi juga itu wireless flash technique. Haha.

And the blackout also turned the dinner to be a candlelight dinner lagi. Smart kan?

Happy Mother's Day MAM! We love you!

And also happy mama's day to all supermoms out there ^_^

Friday, May 11, 2012


And so my hiatus is because of this. It has been like hell week for me, juggling work, this kaamatan thingy and singing practice.

I was the emcee for the Gala Night and as well as for the Finals of Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan Tuaran 2012.

Congratulations to Raemma Justin for winning the title. A UMS student and also my ex student in SMK Tamparuli. The third placing girl on the left is also my ex student. Dang! Terasa macam aunty2 sudah sa ni. Cisssss..

Hopefully she will bring the state crown back to Tuaran again this year, perhaps. Anyway, it was an exhausting and exciting experience to be involved in this event.

Backstage photos of some of the girls. Personally I think all the girls are pretty but in the end sometimes physical advantages ( example: height ) really matters.

My feet was aching due to all the standing throughout the event and I just don't know why am so not in the mood to emcee the event yesterday. I was practically was kinda dreaming all the way through.

Sudah la have to get ready awal. I also kepoh wanna make up lawa2, sempat lagi mintapuji trip pakai crown si Miss Jovenea. Hahaha. We went to the same MUA.

But I don't really like my make up yesterday, made me look like ahjumma. Atuiii..betul2 wrong choice ni. Ka memang pun sudah tua.. Erkkk!!!!

Anyway, sa bukan Unduk Ngadau so who cares.

photo credit: David Aramaitii
Ahhhh...this photo reminds me of this photo of mine back in 2007. Raema was in the photo as well. The one pakai baju tindal behind me. That time dia baru habis skul tu and I was like at the end of my "Unduk Ngadau career".. ahahahaha.

Seriously...after looking at this photo I felt that  I need to lose weight. Hahaha.

Kotobian Tadau Tagayo do Kaamatan everyone!!! Aramaiti kita.