Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Taking a break!

The school break is here. Oh, how glad I am!

The chaotic moments of the first two days of the school break has subsides and now only I have the time to write something here. The final school week for the 1st term was filled with sleeping at 2 or 3 am because of the paper marking frenzy.
Tangan pun ikut jadi merah juga. See how tidak terurus I am, cat kuku pun picah-picah sudah

To top it all off, I had this Dance Workshop by Disney Channel happening on the very same week plus I gotta finish the choreography for that dance before the students go for holidays.

Group photo + choreographers

Came the 25th, is the rehearsal for the KDCA-ISCEP in which some major tropical thunderstorm moments in the head happened due to miscommunications and some retarded colleagues. Fuel for the car also ran like water because I have to go back and forth from Tamparuli and Penampang a few times. Came the concert day as well made it all the more hectic.

My mind was running on auto pilot since the 25th since the experience last year of handling things alone taught me on how not to care so much but one incident caused all the emotional burden to just erupt like a volcano. This one teacher who is supposed to also fetch some of the asrama kids home suddenly went home without notifying me. There were 7 kids who didn't have their parents came in to fetch them because they are the asrama students, so I already negotiated with the other teacher in the morning that we will "bagi-bagi" the students to fit in our cars since my car is only a Viva, can't take it too many kan.

To my horror, she left! Sakit kepala dia bilang. * #$^%^&*&(&^$#$^%&^*())&^!&!(@(#( ___ insert some vulgar words here______ $^%&^*&(*^%$$#@@#%%*

Yes!! Memang sa mengamuk sudah tu malam. Sudah la saya penat jaga the kids since 25th and her turn is actually on the 26th saja and itu pun saya datang juga pigi tolong babysit since I also have to assist the KDCA-ISCEP alumni ( the group which I joined to Korea last year , they are performing as well ). KDCA-ISCEP punya group itu pun huru hara juga sebab tiada yang babysit. Astaga..memang kalau dia ada depan time tu memang habis kana trash talk oh.

I knew she left because one teacher, who has her kids joining the school performance team came to fetch her son, texted me telling me that the (*vulgar word here*) teacher already went home. And I was the last one to know, even the students knew. Cilaka!

For a moment, I just felt like killing someone. But, the students yang ikut saya balik tu cakap that they really had a very good time for the past two days during the whole event made all the difference. And seeing the smiles on their faces because of the proud moments of them being on stage.

SMK Tamparuli Bamboo Orchestra

Also getting the chance to once again spend some time with the KDCA-ISCEP alumni group made all the time spent in KDCA for two days all worth it.

That small matter about the (*vulgar word here*) teacher can be brush off aside. Tidak payah mo ingat urang yang bikin sakit hati begitu. Bikin darah tinggi jak.

To those who attended the concert that night, the LCD wasn't working because the person in charge tidak datang. Haiya, itu lagi satu story. Tapi nda payah la ingat tu. So all the multimedia presentation that night tiada and this was supposed to be "aired" during one of the singing performance.


chegu carol said...

owh ada multimedia presentation pula tu... i thought the concert was gonna bore me but honestly i enjoyed it. i especially love that performance from Ranau. the intro saja suda very dramatic. i wud have given my standing ovation if not bcos i was seated at the gallery stand and people wud have shouted at me for blocking their view (just like Alvin shouted at some boys for blocking ours) LOL!

Yalah, kalo baca cerita ko ni pun macam sa pun rasa tu sakit hati. Macam mau kol on the spot tu cigu and blurt out all vulgar words. I just can't imagine a teacher can just ignore their students. My colleagues and I always agree that until the kids are send home safely, we wouldn't just leave like that unless e-case.

anyways, happy holidays! mari pigi kdca 31st support kuda kita!

Eudora Priscilla said...

haiss, some people can be really selfish, hope I don't get to work with those kind of teacher with I start working few more years from now

Joan said...

chegu..ya i agree with the ranau performance..siok ni. sumirid bah tarian dia punya nama tu. i heard they are performing again in KDCA on the 30th ni..

about the colleague of mine tu, dia tu kan memang begitu gaya dia tu. tapi telampau la bah pandai jadi chipsmore kalau saat genting sudah kan. hmmph..

dora.. yeah, some people can be very selfish, kadang ikut nasib juga ba jumpa orang begini. hehe. hopefully next time u can have good and sporting colleagues.

TaQuiLa said...

bikin panas kan orang macam tu! suda kena bagi chance for only a day to babysit, mo culas lagi.. mmg dasar maksdj09q283-0wqoei0awi09s8! hikhihkihk

ba, it's holiday..happy happy ko sana, don't tensi tensi ..aramaitiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!