Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tadau Kaamatan 2012

It's a different feeling altogether just to stay at home during Kaamatan for the first time today. For the past few years, my annual outing activity with my siblings, cousins and aunties ( plus grandmas on certain years ) is going to the KDCA hall to watch the Unduk Ngadau competition.

The usual activity is waking up bright and early on the 31st, pack some food and water plus cushion/mat and off we go to Penampang. At one year, kami naik bas lagi tu. Sanggup ni bersusah payah. But as of late, my dad or uncle will fetch us. Anyway, all this we endure just for the sake of being a true Unduk Ngadau fan. Haha.

Some last minute food shopping must be done before 9am because we want to enter the hall before the TYT comes in for the perasmian. Must find good spot! and our usual spot is at the right hand side of the hall ( if you are facing the stage ) next to the gongs and PDRM orchestra. Hehe. Pigi chop tempat then make ourself comfortable ( plus on the look out for potential latecomers yang suka pigi rebut tempat duduk ni )

But, this year due to the hectic work overload, I decided not to go. Feeling a little different now seeing updates from facebook saja. Last year, bukan main lagi involved ( I even co-emceed the gala night with Constan ). A break is good too.

All hail technology for making it possible getting updates almost real time. Mr David Chong ( David Aramaitii ) also is doing a very good job covering the event; sa pinjam dulu gambar ko ah.. hehe. It will be a looottttt better if there's live streaming of the event via internet. ^_^

Anyway, here's my top 7 pick for Unduk Ngadau Kaamatan 2012 ( in random order, but I really like to see someone wearing the tinombunan costume win this year )







So, whose your pick? The second round result will be out soon as I am typing. Around 6pm or so, there will be a new queen already.

Have a happening Kaamatan you all! Party responsibly, don't harm others.


DoRa Priscilla said...

Happy Kaamatan!
I never been to KDCA before. Only this year I am excited for the event because my cousin is entering for UN Tuaran ^^

Daniel Chiam said...

Happy Kaamatan juga!

Lawa ni UN Tambunan :D

Haha congrats to Telupid xD

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