Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Blogger

Am I? It seems the only time that I really do have time to write is on weekends. ( Note to self: must be more rajin to blog )

Nothing interesting to blog juga bah dats why. Apart from being tormented much with the loads of papers to mark

And also jadi kepoh at the alumni KDCA-ISCEP 2011 dance practice in SMK Bahang. Rindu la pula sama ni budak2 semua. But things had changed, I felt we were only a family while we were away in Korea, now everyone seems to be strangers again.

Bulan 5 ( May ) is always with the Unduk Ngadau fever and also I think time buat dosa the most. Why? Because the kutuk-mengutuk session goes one forever once we have the competition going on. Kalah kana kutuk, manang kana kutuk, cantik kana kutuk, bida laaaaaagi lah kana kutuk. Hmmm, whatever lah. Am trying my best not to fall into the kutuk mengutuk session but sometimes being human you can't help being judgemental. Dalam hati punya kutuk pun kira dosa juga sudah tu kan. Hehe.

Most of the districts have selected their own reps sudah. It's about time the photos of all the reps will be compiled together and we can already start judging from the photos. ( Ni la ni kalau yang fanatic punya fans kan ) - and its rather a big challenge not to mengutuk. Haha.

Currently am so in love with the Linangkit pattern. This is the attire that should be posted to my cousin in Sarawak.

Talking about our neighbours across the borders, my friend Cheryl , in Kuching, got her hair shaved and now she is bald. I really have to give a standing ovation to her for her courage to accept the challenge for this Cancer Awareness campaign.

Cheryl in pink leggings


TaQuiLa said...

sa mmg salute la si cheryl kasi bald her hair..huuu

nda lama lagi cuti suda ba moi..bleh honeymoon lagiii~ yeay la ba bilang :P

Fay Baloche said...

Ala, me terasa..I'm also fanatic fan to this Unduk..I used to be judgemental ni until one day my fren yg pena ikut unduk tiba2 meluah dgn sia "mentang2 sia xdpt numbur, trus sia kena hina ni. Bgs kalu dorg hina, dorg brani p ikut unduk"..then after hearing that, I stop kutuk2 suda..hehe

chegu carol said...

sa tia pernah pi tingu tu alvin pnya niece yg ada ikut kamu pi korea tu hari invited us to come watch this year. will prolly go.

p/s i tot i saw si sayang and the cat tapi post removed? hehehe

Joan said...

chegu..hehehe..anyway, hope to c u around at the kdca iscep concert :)