Friday, July 30, 2010

Cheers for the coming weekends

I have learned the fact that I can have no real rest time except for long holidays. ( except long holidays also means going somewhere as well- thats the price to pay maybe ). Weekends are usually not enough to recover my energy level.

House chores are still inevitable. There's no such thing as lazing around and smell the roses.

On un-related things. I love this song now. Yet I still prefer the original rendition with more country-ish vibe in it.

Monday, July 26, 2010


So, I am the boss for this weekend. My parents not in so need to handle household stuff on my own. Luckily my sisters are all grown up already. Yet, sometimes everyone seems to be childish at home juga la. My cat sakit lagi. Susah betul mau jaga. Luckily sudah sembuh.

Anyway, enough about that.

A friend asked me to do some promo video and a promo post for her beauty house/spa.
I got my manicure and pedicure done there also. *ehem, of course sponsored*

Haha.. So it was pure bliss. I love free stuff. They offer facials, massages, scrubs and all the beauty and relaxation thingy all at a VERY reasonable price.

Manicure and pedicure is only RM28. Awesome price right?

Great ambiance as well. As for me the location is very much helpful because I don't have to travel so far to KK ( and mind you, petrol is expensive already )

Anyone around Tuaran, Tamparuli or anywhere near who wants to drop by and get your pamper me moments, just come to D'Charisma Beauty House.

Check out the promo video too. ^_______^

Friday, July 23, 2010

meet the high tech kids

gone are the days when you have to run to a pay phone when you need to call your mom/dad during school time.

gone are the days when you have to choose whether you wanna buy 12/24/36 film roll.

gone are the days when you need to do some snail mail to keep in touch with your pen pals.

hey that was like more than 10 years ago.

meet the high tech kids

where they bring mobile phones and digital cameras to school and facebook is a major part of their lives.

and so I saw this on my student's facebook album. I got tagged some more.
Pictures of me while I am teaching. Tsk tsk tsk. Biarlah... ini budak2 cita2 dorang mo jadi photographer terkenal mungkin.
I was teaching Coordinates that time and if you are wondering why I am drawing some sucky illustration on the writing board...that's me and my usual nonsense when the students can't understand numbers and formal words.

Ok. Happy weekend you all.

p.s: saya sedang susah hati sebab my cat ( si Piku ) sedang sakit tenat. T_T

Sitting, wishing, waiting

When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are

a song by Bruno Mars.

I never heard of this song until I read the review at Daniel's blog.

After having a few down moments these few days, I just wished someone could just say this kind of words to me. I don't feel loved at times.

So, I played the chorus over and over again just to feel better.

p.s: I don't rant much here these days. Twitter la jadi mangsa, I think some may got very fed up cos I complain and whine so much on the timeline.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The week

this is what exactly happening to me right now except that my weekends are suddenly becoming more and more like weekdays as well.
AND today, I am TOTALLY like the WEDNESDAY fella!!

Practically anything could piss me off right now.

aurora borealis

i need to see images like this to calm down now

ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ( doing yoga pose now )

my allergy to mushy wushy and lovey dovey stuff is back and am very close to turning to a green eyed monster at the moment

*therefore i shall meditate*

ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ( mulut kasi muncung skettttt )

and blogging about this is kinda therapeutic

ohmmmmmmmmmm ( ok, must go to bed now )

damn you PMS!

she is scary

a freaky attempt to be cute as a doll and charming as an angel.

Pre-shoot checklist

  • Blonde Wig ->[double check]
  • Dilate-me-pupils contact lens ->[check-check-check!]
  • Super long fake lashes -> [oh check]
  • Super tebal and cakey powder that can make my skin sparkle like a vampire under the sun -> [CHECK!!!!! ]
During shoot checklist
  • Hold the camera at arms length
  • Hover camera in front of face
  • Stare very hard at the camera to make sure eyes looks like its bulging out from the socket
  • Pout like a sick golden fish or a roasted duck
  • Click the shutter button ( or in low light condition must hold the camera very steady cos any movement will make the image appear like a ghost )
  • If not nice, can delete
  • If nice, take some more ( with same pose cos face is very chio! )
  • and take some more until arms got tired
After shoot checklist
  • Upload to computer
  • Open very easy editing software ( easiest is Picnik )
  • Bloom the pictures as much as you can so that everything looks angelic
  • Crop out the messy room behind your face
  • Voila! Done..
  • Upload to facebook

So, what do you think?

To me the outcome looks scary. Freaky!! I will have nightmares tonight.

p.s: btw, she's one of my students ( running away now )

don't they ever learn that the mad awesome pictures of their beloved k-pop and j-pop idols on magazines have undergone cosmetic surgeries to look good or at least got their photos severely photoshopped? tsk tsk tsk

Monday, July 19, 2010

my mojo's lost, but its back now

after some time, i felt my inspiration had gone. trapped in the past way too much. time to find that ray of sunshine again. life goes on still and I am holding on to the belief that I still have it.

all I gotta do is believe.

Thank God for the creative juice after sitting in front of the laptop for quite some time. Voila! a new look for the blog now.

Less pink but still got pink. Ok. ^v^

My obsession with pink stuff is never ending.
Don't worry, the pink is here to stay. Haha

Sunday, July 18, 2010

online world

am I right?

sometimes there's not much to say

when there's a whirlwind of thoughts in the head
and I need to sleep now because I am working tomorrow ( yes on a Sunday ) - but I can't sleep

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tapau bring, tapau home

Thursday is the second busiest day of the week. But everything feels like eternity today. Busy day. Sore throat some more and throbbing head. Didn't manage to have lunch at home so I tapau some from home and plan to eat when I have free time at school.

Guess what? No free time. The moment I leave my desk at 1pm to go to class, I came back only when the bell rang. Damn! Crazy day.

Anyway, my right eye is sorta red at one corner. I don't know why. I can't sleep now even though I felt feverish. Saw XiaXue's post on her doing an eye surgery ( for beauty purpose of course ) I adore her courage to do all that - and to endure the pain. Salute!

And she included one link as well, you can check it here . I don't read any mandarin but from the sequence of pictures in order to get this beautiful pair of doll-like-eyes.
Oh Mai Gad!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My School Rocks 2010

Getting lost in UMS is inevitable for me, it happened when an event ended late Sunday afternoon. My School Rocks by Disney Channel it was. Damn, the recital hall location was just so confusing.

Anyway, as predicted my school's teams didn't win. I, personally didn't put any high hopes for them. We came there for the sake of experience. Budgets are tight, talents are in abundance; that's why we proceed with it anyway.

The other competitors were awesome and the winning team SM La Salle deserve it. ( More pictures on my Facebook )

I met Linda Jasmine and Sazzy Falak too. They are SUPER gorgeous!

Here's a sucky picture of me and them ( thanks to my sis who doesn't really know how to take pics and hers I took was SO nice..urgh! )

So, that was my Sunday. Ooh, about the book that I was talking about in my previous post. I haven't touch a single page yet.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hari Enam

Joan says: whats that supposed to mean?

-reblogged from

Friday, July 09, 2010

Pamper Me Day

Starting this 2nd half of the year, I came to realize that I should do something to reward myself from time to time.

I guess I have been doing it ever since anyway ( all that only conclude to retail therapy - which is not good since the CC bill won't be decreasing that way )

Rewarding myself ; like treating myself to a relaxing massage, a good afternoon siesta time, a foot reflexology...just to keep myself sane.

I make it a point to at least try and do it on a free Saturday. ( You know some Saturdays you will have some event or program at school ). These things need to be done to escape from reality. THE CHAOS!

So, what shall I do this Saturday?

Urm actually I have to be in school in the morning to deal with some stuff. Hoping its gonna be a short one.

Initially I wanted to visit this shop called Frangipani in 1B to do some manicure and nail art. But come to think of it, I am actually really broke now ( speaking in a very low tone ). So, I decided otherwise.

Maybe I will just pick up some new nail colors at 1B and do my own manicure session in the afternoon. BIG GRIN

And remember this book?
Hehehe. I bought this like last year ( or maybe the year before that .. I can't remember) and I haven't even flipped past 20 pages. I even brought it to Europe and back. Damn.

So, I try to finish it by this weekend. Haha. Fat hopes eh?

At least I am giving it a try right? Hehe

Thursday, July 08, 2010

I can't believe I'm not a millionaire


I can't believe it! Oh my.. Yeah, its a song actually. Who would have thought that " I wanna be a billionaire " by Travis McCoy came later than this one. I love both songs though.

And yes.. I am still wondering why I'm not a millionaire nor a billionaire.

Because I am a teacher. That's the reason why.

Choosing to be an educator as a career will never guarantee you much luxury as opposed to the typical stereotype view of the public.

Even my students thinks so too. They say "cigu banyak duit bah". I guess this idea that they have came from their parents or the community they are living in.

Hello, don't they know that teachers have bills to pay as well. BILLS!!!! BILLS!!!

And of course it all depends on your lifestyle. But, basically the things that a normal teacher like me is paying now is

a. Car
b. House
c. Utility and CC Bills
d. Pocket money for parents/family

and just this few things will take up about 70% of my pay. Mana lagi for savings. Pening!

Why not find another profession that could pay you more?

I stay because I love my students and the satisfaction being able to inspire and help them. That's the only reason now.

Because for some reason now, I don't see the point of staying at my current school as I don't see any opportunity to step up the career ladder. Worst still if you are not teaching your option (forte), everything is hindered. Sigh!

Me, back in 2008 when I first started teaching.
I wonder how will I look like a few years down the road. With the stress and workload, wrinkles are inevitable. Today, I scolded the dance team that I am supervising; scolded them like mad. Fuming mad! ( imagine nostrils flaring up with fire kinda fury )

I will not only end up with wrinkles soon. Hypertension might be on the way too. Double Sigh!


Monday, July 05, 2010

Monday Blues

Life is indeed a bed roses but remember roses have thorns too. If you are not careful, you will bleed.

I am so looking forward for Tuesday and hopefully less procrastination. Wish me luck! LOL

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy 4th July!

It has nothing to do with us here in Malaysia, but I just wanna say it " Happy 4th of July!!! "
Waving American Flag.. ahahaha.

I wanna visit the States. Boo hoo! Bilakah?

On another note, how was your weekend? Its ending in half an hour.

Mine. Hmmm..Lets see

  • Re-arranged my closet on Saturday. Chucked out some old clothes to be donated. Some I just can't let go though. But the feeling is liberating.
  • And that makes half of the room is arranged and in correct order now. Last weekend was throwing away unwanted cds and some old PC cables.
  • So, next weekend gonna be the hardest part where I have to do spring cleaning on my dusty files, documents, books and magazines. Sounds impossible for me for this part. I am such a hoarder at times.
  • I went for an aerobic marathon at 1fitness also. 2-5 pm. and I thought its only 2 hours. (stupid maths teacher tidak pandai kira time) ~ tiring!!! But it was fun.
  • Sunday is a very slow day. I managed to catch up on my sleep though and my siesta time in the afternoon was interrupted by my own snoring. Damn. Haha.
  • I am supposed to clear my external hard disk to give room for more storage of pictures. Major fail! I am hooked on Mall World and Nightclub City on Facebook. Curses on you FB! haha.
Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy 4th of July again!

Friday, July 02, 2010

Where did I go?

Perhaps, some of you are still wondering where did i "disappear" during the last school holidays. So, this is the summary.

2.5 hours flight ( KK-KL)
A night at Tune Hotels
7hours flight ( KL- Doha )
9hours transit at Doha, Qatar
6 hours flight ( Doha - Rome )
Hello Roma!
Went to Civitavecchia ( where the cruise ship was docking )

Then cruise started;
First stop: Genoa, Italy
Second stop: Toulon, France
Third stop: Barcelona, Spain
Fourth stop: Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Final stop: Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
So, back to Civitavecchia. Spent a few days in Rome and Vatican City.It was a superb trip!

Flight back took a total of almost 24hours ( including transit ) . Landed in KK Airport and straight away to the venue of Jadesisters' show. Exhaustion beyond words can describe.

Anyway, detailed stories of the trip is at

Pictures on facebook will be up soon. Until then, ciao!!