Thursday, July 08, 2010

I can't believe I'm not a millionaire


I can't believe it! Oh my.. Yeah, its a song actually. Who would have thought that " I wanna be a billionaire " by Travis McCoy came later than this one. I love both songs though.

And yes.. I am still wondering why I'm not a millionaire nor a billionaire.

Because I am a teacher. That's the reason why.

Choosing to be an educator as a career will never guarantee you much luxury as opposed to the typical stereotype view of the public.

Even my students thinks so too. They say "cigu banyak duit bah". I guess this idea that they have came from their parents or the community they are living in.

Hello, don't they know that teachers have bills to pay as well. BILLS!!!! BILLS!!!

And of course it all depends on your lifestyle. But, basically the things that a normal teacher like me is paying now is

a. Car
b. House
c. Utility and CC Bills
d. Pocket money for parents/family

and just this few things will take up about 70% of my pay. Mana lagi for savings. Pening!

Why not find another profession that could pay you more?

I stay because I love my students and the satisfaction being able to inspire and help them. That's the only reason now.

Because for some reason now, I don't see the point of staying at my current school as I don't see any opportunity to step up the career ladder. Worst still if you are not teaching your option (forte), everything is hindered. Sigh!

Me, back in 2008 when I first started teaching.
I wonder how will I look like a few years down the road. With the stress and workload, wrinkles are inevitable. Today, I scolded the dance team that I am supervising; scolded them like mad. Fuming mad! ( imagine nostrils flaring up with fire kinda fury )

I will not only end up with wrinkles soon. Hypertension might be on the way too. Double Sigh!



chegu carol said...

Ha! I really think we have mind that works and think the same way. Itu hari ko bilang there are some post u tot of wanting to blog but ive already blog. Now, i have been thinking to blog something about cigu will never get rich phrase yg the teaching lecturers selalu cakap...but u blog first. hehehe

Students are the core reason we are a teacher. You and I agree to that. So, becoming a millionaire will be far reach from our hands. Unless kena struck tu 26mil jackpot la hahaha

Mas Light said...

Think of gewd happy thoughts, when there's a will, there is a way kekekeke ;) *angan angan.