Friday, March 30, 2012

And so it's Friday

Knowing that it is the start of the weekend today. , it is supposed to calm me down. Yeah, weekend starts from Friday for me, I'd love to think it that way. Again, it is supposed to but unfortunately, the moment I woke up this morning I sort of have this weary feeling. Ni mesti ada orang cakap2 pasal saya ni tu la nda sinang hati. Hahaha..perasan betul!

Sitting here at the dining table, alone at home every morning. ( my parents kerja, my sister sikul, saya karaja petang - so kasi kawan itu kucing sama anjing ja la ) I am enjoying my solitary breakfast

I wish there is one place that I could rant about my workplace or whatever nonsense that I am having in more details. Maybe I should pen it in a another blog with a pseudo name. Gosh! Sometimes all the bottled up feelings are totally eating me up from inside. Plus talking it out to someone else especially from work might have some backlash. Its either there are a good listener but super judgmental towards you or a liar who is actually a news-monger for others. Bottom line, I can't trust my colleagues 100%

Ah, enough about this internal conflict of mine. I am gonna enjoy my glass of milk and a slice of cheesecake now. Have a great day ahead!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Such a shocking news

 Alda Evan Tan - talented musician and music promoter by night, social media community manager by day - turned 29 last month. And just last night, he had a stroke --> source:

Ah, my heart kinda broke to pieces when I heard about this news. Hopefully he will recover soon.Though I don't really know him personally but he has been one of the great supporter for our music ( Jadesisters ). Together with our manager, Mr Chris, they always share notes and what not.

Do click on the link above to know how you can help too. It's lent season you all, we should give more around this time. Prayers do help as well.

Get well soon Alda!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I am happy today!

And I won't let anything ruin my beautiful day today. I hope. Finger crossed!

There's a lot of reasons to smile today

1) Gaji sudah. Yeay ada duit although it will my bank account will be empty in a matter of seconds paying bills and what not but the thought having money even for a while calms the weary heart. Gahaha!

2) My last day of working for the week. Bisuk sa cuti and back to the land where I took my SPM. Mo pigi ambil result SPM ni. kenen.

3) My netball team (under 18) won the first place for the Netball MSSD Tuaran championship yesterday. Tapi saya la pula kena coach itu team under 18 pigi peringkat gabungan. Hadoi! Tapi nda pa la. It was a sweet victory because it has been a while since we won any major title.

4) I get to wake up later than usual because working time is as usual today. Unlike for the past few days I have to wake super early to go the netball tournament place.

Anyway, my daily running routine is getting less. Hadoi! Too busy lately. Maintaning a routine is so hard. MUST run this evening.

Also, my new found love is Zumba. I have stopped listening to Latin songs since I stopped going for Latin dance class. But now my youtube searches are mostly Latin songs already.

To those residing in Tuaran and Tamparuli, do join me going for classes under ZIN Lolee

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Putting Words to my Mouth

How do you feel when people shove words to your mouth? Saying something on your behalf without even asking you in person?

Like seriously, why do some people like to do this in the first place? Especially at the work place.

One ultimate case ( one of it, there are a few ) that really pisses me off right after school resumes this week is having two completely different response from two colleagues asking me to help them.

Well, to make things easier to conclude the long story is:

Teacher A ( head of the event ) said:

Joan, saya mau minta tulung ko bah ni incharge tu persembahan kebudayaan. Mau buat di pentas di padang tu dalam 15 orang lah. Pattern tarian sama lagu tu student yang sedia tu. Ko tinggal pantau saja. Tidak susah bah juga tu. Ini untuk promosi sekolah juga bah masa hari itu. Ok bah kan

Me: Oh, pantau saja ok lah kalau macam tu sebab kalau sa buat saturang semua sengsara juga tu, lagipun costume susah mo kasi sedia kalau ramai. Tidak cukup costume

Then belok sikit jumpa lagi satu urang

Teacher B ( head of the Cultural Club ) said:

Joan, saya sudah bagi respon bagi pihak ko pasal tu tarian. Sa bilang sama tu penganjur, penari depends sama berapa banyak costume kita available lah. Ko ada kunci tu stor kan? So sa kasi pulang sama ko saja lah ni. Pattern tarian tu ko lah in charge juga.

Me: Eh, ya ka pula? Tadi cikgu A cakap saya pantau saja. Napa begini?

Then I went to the office, came two students:

Student: Teacher, macam mana ni? Tu tarian camana?

Me: Eh, apa pula? Bukan kamu yang koreograf ka? Berapa orang penari ada, cikgu mo check berapa banyak costume cikgu bulih sedia

Student: Nda tau ni cikgu. Belum lagi pilih penari. Muzik pun tiada. Cikgu B cakap semua cikgu yang in-charge.

Me: Hah? Begini pula ka? Apa pula ni semua orang cakap benda yang nda sama.

In the end, I ask the students to just do whatever things that they wanted to do first and I MUST go and confront both teachers who have been happily shoving words to my mouth as if I am the only one who can do  work here.

Hmmmm. Susah bah begini.

I don't mind helping. But I am not a superhero. I can't be constantly on my toes whenever one workload came like that. And plus it came without warning. I am really not satisfied on how the organizer of the event agreed to have that stupid tarian thingy without even consulting me whether I can do it or not in the first place.

Aih! Bikin bertambah jirawat di muka saya. This is only one of the many case. And suddenly juga saya jadi Presiden Kelab Staf and the nonsense continues.

Baiklah, untuk kasi sinang hati sa sudah apply CRK hari 5 ini. Urus la kamu tu school in the meantime, am gonna enjoy myself at my highschool reunion in Kuching this weekend. Kusut masai sudah pikiran ni.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where are you school holidays?

Seriously. Like Seriously????!!! Why that it is already Friday now. Wait, it's already past midnight so techinically it is already Saturday and work will resume in another 72 hours. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Usually when it is a normal school week, Friday comes and I welcome it with open arms but today no.. Just because when Friday comes that means my school break is almost gone.

I planned to :

  • finish a book
  • mark all the exam papers
  • sort out my photos in my photo albums
And I didn't even get to do all those mentioned above up until now. Oh tidak!

I have been busy helping out my dad to clean the apartment in UA2 which the last tenant just left without even cleaning anything. Perempuan lagi yang last tinggal sana. 

Ugh! I should have taken the photo of the house BEFORE the cleaning process. The toilet and bathroom was the MOST disgusting place of the house. So, the whole cleaning process was a MIND over MATTER thingy. My sisters semua tidak mau clean the toilet bowl so somebody have to clean it juga kan. So, yours truly did it. 

After 3 days of cleaning, polishing, painting and what other nonsense have been done, almost 90% of the work is done and now the apartment unit is almost ready for another new tenant. BUT, the problem is there is NO NEW TENANT just yet. Ini lah yang sa mo iklan ni sekarang.

It's my dad's apartment unit actually, but if you are interested or would like to share this ad with your friends, contact saya saja pun bulih. Just leave a comment below :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

I am a mess

Ah. Haha.

Bikin malu oh bilik perempuan macam tongkang pecah.

I have to force myself to get all the things cleared this afternoon.

I really hope I can stay clutter free during this holidays. You know how we have the tendency to NOT putting the things that we took back to its original place.

Friday, March 09, 2012

male inferiority

here's another song that I discovered today. It is not very new but the concept stinks. But, male inferiority kind of songs really sells in Sabah. Tsk tsk tsk.

Is sabahan male really that inferior ka?

Aiya...kenapa bah. Y so shallow.

Apa bulih buat saya bukan anak urang kaya.
Yoku tanak kampung, aiso nunu

Y self esteem so low? Maybe not all lah. Or maybe this is the selling point for a song especially in Sabah. 

But why choose to be inferior? Humility at the wrong place sometimes. I am sorry if I don't agree with the rest of low self esteemed Sabahan - but I choose to be otherwise. Besides, personally I think confident men is more appealing than those who always like to think they are no good to anyone else. If you are not good for anybody even for yourself then you don't even deserve to be alive. Tsk tsk tsk.

I wonder if this "male inferiority" concept is being used in the US music industry. Imagine Jay-Z is rapping something about he has no money, that girl really pretty but I am not at par with you. Hahaha..that would be really funny.. LOL


and the weekends is approaching. School break to be exact. Woohoo! Who doesn't love holidays.

SBPA dimansuhkan. Ngehehe! Expected lah. This country has no money. NO MONEY. So much of keeping the government servants hopes high. ~ and now they came tumbling down. Well, it is not THAT bad right. There's 13% increment what.

I haven't been paying much attention to this SBPA thingy from the start. I understand some people tend to be so eager when it comes to having more money in their bank accounts. Pasal mau dapat duit semua orang laju bah mengurus. I can recall during the time this SBPA is being announced, semua cikgu kana paksa pigi pejabat skolah just to sign that form.

Now? Mansuh. Ekekekekekeke. Siapa yang plan mo tambah kereta tu, hancur luluh la harapan kan? Ngehehehe.

Anyway, have faith people! Money is INDEED EVERYTHING. Kalau poket kering, hati pun tidak keruan ni. Huhuhu. Hmmmm, mau cari part time job la ni. Kekekeke.

Just sharing a video of my students who did this short film for a competition and they won the first place for peringkat kebangsaan. Lupa sudah apa pertandingan. But seeing them have grown so much, made me beaming like a proud parent. Haha. They are the first batch of student whom I taught during my first year being a teacher. They did this video last year when they were in form 5.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Facebook is for

Procrastinators like me..

I can surely make the time fly un-noticed by just opening my browser to facebook. I guess blog hopping wont make me procrastinate that much because I usually frequent those in FOLLOW list only. Haven't really done much blog hopping of this late because I spend more time being nosy on facebook. Silent stalker it is.

Anyway, what's with the facebook "like" competition for photos on facebook. It started to make a comeback again after it fizzled out some time ago. Hmmm. Kalau competition hebat nda pa juga ni. Ni yang selalu yang teda-teda bah. Nda tau pun apa prize dia. Natural Beauty la, Best Smile lah.. tau nunu-nunu poh. Weird!

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

when things gets tough

You go jogging!!!!

My new found hobby now is running. Well, not exactly a hobby, it is something that I have to do. 3 years shy of hitting the age of 30, everything now is all for the benefit of health and younger looking skin. Chewah! I am slowly turning into a health freak now.

Well, I am not going into any Atkins diet, Blood Type diet, No carbo diet or even do a metal spoon massage to keep my skin taut and younger looking, I am merely on going to revert my current lifestyle to a healthier one. I am also no health and fitness guru but I have several ways to lose weight but nothing beats the benefits of running. Besides, I am quite jealous with some of my friends who can run a marathon or even half a marathon like pammie and massy. These two girls also slim down a lot just with running. Salute! If I run 400m (one round of the track ) also can pengsan ni.

find me! 45-48kg saja this time kunun
Back in highschool, when the metabolism rate was high and the tendency to "collect" fat around tummy, arms and butt area wasn't so prominent, eating just about anything is okay. But these days, hmmmm. Plus back then I was so active in martial arts, so I practically don't really need to think what kind of exercises I should focus on to tone up or increase my stamina


the baju and the skirt that I missed the most. sob sob sob!
Sheila sa pinjam ni gambar dari fb ko ni..hehe
As if martial arts wasn't enough, I joined the lifeguard team back in uni. So, swimming everyday. Gosh, the wonders of swimming. It really can you lose so much weight without a sweat. Hahaha. Now I rarely see an olympic size swimming pool. Swimming pool! Y U SO FAR from Tamparuli???? But then there was one time when I stopped everything during my internship and I started to balloon up. But I managed to lose weight again with meal replacement program ( Shaklee's Cinch ) and a LOT of running. I remembered the time when I pushed myself to much, I nearly blacked out at the park next to my hostel.

Working and now

The biggest weight gain I have now is when I changed my lifestyle from being a student to a working adult. When I first earned myself, I get to eat and eat and eat. Also, at the same time, I forgot that my metabolism rate is not like when I was 18 or 20 therefore I can't wear my size 28 jeans anymore. Boohoo! Now, I don't buy jeans anymore because capat sampit- sakit tu lamak tersepit! I wear leggings or jeggings only because it is stretchable. Odoi, sigh!

Doing martial arts and swimming is like - uhm, what is that? Hahaha. I don't have time. I did enrol myself to a gym membership which I was really determined to go during the first 3 months only. Then, after that. Blergh! Malas la! Besides I have to drive all the way from Tamparuli to 1Borneo every evening. GYM?! Y U SO FAR away from Tamparuli???? So, the motivation eventually fizzles out by itself.

Then, with my sister's suggestion, I decided to try Marie France plus gym. Hey hey hey, it really did show some result. Btw, I hate the dietitian at Marie France, when I passed her my weekly food diary, she will be like "less fried food please, especially for breakfast" - Argh! I love my fried noodles and fried chicken wings every morning. But, for the sake of the money I spent on the bills for Marie France and gym membership, have to sacrifice lah!

CNY 2012, am standing at 64kg. ni pun gambar yang menahan perut sudah ni.huhuhu

I just don't know how I suddenly stopped MF, gym and even exercising on my own. And I eat like I am the boss. So, 6 kg increase since all that. So, last month I weighed at 64kg! Ahhhhhh, malunya saya dengan nombor itu. Tolonglah. My friend yang ada satu anak pun baru 62kg saja - and they still can slim down some more because they are breastfeeding.

Besides, I can't stand for a very long time now because my heels hurt because I am too heavy especially for my height and frame. Then my joints pandai sakit ni kalau telampau makan seafood - takkan ada tanda2 mo ada gout sudah? alama... Then sometimes itu kepala pandai sakit teramat sangat dan pening jika telampau marah2 - takkan ada tanda2 mo darah tinggi sudah.

So, I start with baby steps, not dreaming of a Victoria Secret's supermodel body, that would be too ambitious. I just want to be under 60kg first. Huhuhu. Eating healthy and run everyday is first two effort. :)

Bah, cheer me on okay! I need all the support. Hehe. Anybody wanna join in the running party?

Monday, March 05, 2012

when the zits came popping in

Yes, I am!
Oh, how I wish!

Maybe, I should try one of these because I really feel smashing something right now. Mau kasi hempas barang saja ni sekarang sa punya misi..Argh, tulung! Thinking about Monday is coming tomorrow lagi la tambah stress!!!

Saturday, March 03, 2012

On time

Today is the very first time since February that I actually go to school on time. Jam saya selalu rosak bah. haha. tu alasan bah.

Anyway, I am the guru bertugas this week, so need to go around and observe + evaluate the keceriaan of the classes as well. Haaa.. ini ada cerita ni.

So, went classes lah macam biasa. See the curtain, see the wall, see the table and chairs, see got sampah or not. Then I sampai one class. This class is the kelas aliran arab. Supposedly all the students are the good ones. I singgah at the window to look to the class.

At the window, next to where I am standing, there was this one student so engrossed with something under the table. I was standing next to him but he didn't even realized I was there. I expected that he must looking at  his mobile phone. Hmmm..memang mo kena ni sa bilang dalam hati.

Instead of evaluating the keceriaan of the class, I look into what he was holding in his hand. Ahhhh, main game..main bola punya game. Without hesitation, I grabbed the phone that was partly hidden under the table.

"Eeeeee...jangan kacau bah!" said the kid without looking up. Then I say "Hey, bagi cigu ni telefon"

His expression when he saw me there was priceless. I don't know how to describe. But just imagine, somebody's face if they are caught red-handed with no way out or what so ever to deny and get away with it.

He kept pleading. " Cikgu, nda bulih bagi 'chan' ka cigu? - alaaaaa... mama saya marah saya la nih". I just told him to see the Penolong Kanan Petang if he wants his phone back. Then masih lagi dia cakap.. " aaalllaaaa..cigu...alamaaaaa".

Biarlah kau sa bilang dalam hati. I quickly evaluate the class and look to the student's phone again, to turn off his on going football game. Pressed the back button and it led me to the folder where all the game is stored. Nah, one game caught my eyes, which I really think that a young boy shouldn't  have in his mobile.

King of Sex City.

I open the game and BAM...come a topless cartoon lady. and says " come stroke my pussy " and BAM a man banging her.

Atukoi!!! Gila juga ni budak ni. Nampak saja bagus. Bah, berurusan la ko sama tu PK Petang. His offence, if you really wanna play by the book could lead to gantung sekolah I think for he is in possession of pornographic material too.

I know hormones are raging. But agak-agakla bah. Kalau mau pun pandai2 la bah tapuk. Jangan la bah bawa tu telefon pigi sikul. Ni kalau malang tidak berbau then terjumpa cigu macam saya.

Sekian, terima kaseh!