Saturday, March 17, 2012

Where are you school holidays?

Seriously. Like Seriously????!!! Why that it is already Friday now. Wait, it's already past midnight so techinically it is already Saturday and work will resume in another 72 hours. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Usually when it is a normal school week, Friday comes and I welcome it with open arms but today no.. Just because when Friday comes that means my school break is almost gone.

I planned to :

  • finish a book
  • mark all the exam papers
  • sort out my photos in my photo albums
And I didn't even get to do all those mentioned above up until now. Oh tidak!

I have been busy helping out my dad to clean the apartment in UA2 which the last tenant just left without even cleaning anything. Perempuan lagi yang last tinggal sana. 

Ugh! I should have taken the photo of the house BEFORE the cleaning process. The toilet and bathroom was the MOST disgusting place of the house. So, the whole cleaning process was a MIND over MATTER thingy. My sisters semua tidak mau clean the toilet bowl so somebody have to clean it juga kan. So, yours truly did it. 

After 3 days of cleaning, polishing, painting and what other nonsense have been done, almost 90% of the work is done and now the apartment unit is almost ready for another new tenant. BUT, the problem is there is NO NEW TENANT just yet. Ini lah yang sa mo iklan ni sekarang.

It's my dad's apartment unit actually, but if you are interested or would like to share this ad with your friends, contact saya saja pun bulih. Just leave a comment below :)


Amanda Christine Wong said...

ugh, trus depressed ba baca ur post. nooooo

AnnieMing said...

Saya pun belum abis marking paper budak-budak oh.. Hadui!

TaQuiLa said...

of all, sa suka the pink color of the bathroom's mirror..(ah, out of topic) BALIK SCHOOL SUDA..HAIYAAAAAA