Tuesday, March 06, 2012

when things gets tough

You go jogging!!!!

My new found hobby now is running. Well, not exactly a hobby, it is something that I have to do. 3 years shy of hitting the age of 30, everything now is all for the benefit of health and younger looking skin. Chewah! I am slowly turning into a health freak now.

Well, I am not going into any Atkins diet, Blood Type diet, No carbo diet or even do a metal spoon massage to keep my skin taut and younger looking, I am merely on going to revert my current lifestyle to a healthier one. I am also no health and fitness guru but I have several ways to lose weight but nothing beats the benefits of running. Besides, I am quite jealous with some of my friends who can run a marathon or even half a marathon like pammie and massy. These two girls also slim down a lot just with running. Salute! If I run 400m (one round of the track ) also can pengsan ni.

find me! 45-48kg saja this time kunun
Back in highschool, when the metabolism rate was high and the tendency to "collect" fat around tummy, arms and butt area wasn't so prominent, eating just about anything is okay. But these days, hmmmm. Plus back then I was so active in martial arts, so I practically don't really need to think what kind of exercises I should focus on to tone up or increase my stamina


the baju and the skirt that I missed the most. sob sob sob!
Sheila sa pinjam ni gambar dari fb ko ni..hehe
As if martial arts wasn't enough, I joined the lifeguard team back in uni. So, swimming everyday. Gosh, the wonders of swimming. It really can you lose so much weight without a sweat. Hahaha. Now I rarely see an olympic size swimming pool. Swimming pool! Y U SO FAR from Tamparuli???? But then there was one time when I stopped everything during my internship and I started to balloon up. But I managed to lose weight again with meal replacement program ( Shaklee's Cinch ) and a LOT of running. I remembered the time when I pushed myself to much, I nearly blacked out at the park next to my hostel.

Working and now

The biggest weight gain I have now is when I changed my lifestyle from being a student to a working adult. When I first earned myself, I get to eat and eat and eat. Also, at the same time, I forgot that my metabolism rate is not like when I was 18 or 20 therefore I can't wear my size 28 jeans anymore. Boohoo! Now, I don't buy jeans anymore because capat sampit- sakit tu lamak tersepit! I wear leggings or jeggings only because it is stretchable. Odoi, sigh!

Doing martial arts and swimming is like - uhm, what is that? Hahaha. I don't have time. I did enrol myself to a gym membership which I was really determined to go during the first 3 months only. Then, after that. Blergh! Malas la! Besides I have to drive all the way from Tamparuli to 1Borneo every evening. GYM?! Y U SO FAR away from Tamparuli???? So, the motivation eventually fizzles out by itself.

Then, with my sister's suggestion, I decided to try Marie France plus gym. Hey hey hey, it really did show some result. Btw, I hate the dietitian at Marie France, when I passed her my weekly food diary, she will be like "less fried food please, especially for breakfast" - Argh! I love my fried noodles and fried chicken wings every morning. But, for the sake of the money I spent on the bills for Marie France and gym membership, have to sacrifice lah!

CNY 2012, am standing at 64kg. ni pun gambar yang menahan perut sudah ni.huhuhu

I just don't know how I suddenly stopped MF, gym and even exercising on my own. And I eat like I am the boss. So, 6 kg increase since all that. So, last month I weighed at 64kg! Ahhhhhh, malunya saya dengan nombor itu. Tolonglah. My friend yang ada satu anak pun baru 62kg saja - and they still can slim down some more because they are breastfeeding.

Besides, I can't stand for a very long time now because my heels hurt because I am too heavy especially for my height and frame. Then my joints pandai sakit ni kalau telampau makan seafood - takkan ada tanda2 mo ada gout sudah? alama... Then sometimes itu kepala pandai sakit teramat sangat dan pening jika telampau marah2 - takkan ada tanda2 mo darah tinggi sudah.

So, I start with baby steps, not dreaming of a Victoria Secret's supermodel body, that would be too ambitious. I just want to be under 60kg first. Huhuhu. Eating healthy and run everyday is first two effort. :)

Bah, cheer me on okay! I need all the support. Hehe. Anybody wanna join in the running party?


chegu carol said...

Berusahalah Joan! Buli tu...

Eudora Priscilla said...

All the best! one step at a time!

TaQuiLa said...

heee..mari la kita bersama-sama berusaha. do u know everytime i saw that gorgeous pix of us..sa mmg terpana skijap!