Friday, March 09, 2012


and the weekends is approaching. School break to be exact. Woohoo! Who doesn't love holidays.

SBPA dimansuhkan. Ngehehe! Expected lah. This country has no money. NO MONEY. So much of keeping the government servants hopes high. ~ and now they came tumbling down. Well, it is not THAT bad right. There's 13% increment what.

I haven't been paying much attention to this SBPA thingy from the start. I understand some people tend to be so eager when it comes to having more money in their bank accounts. Pasal mau dapat duit semua orang laju bah mengurus. I can recall during the time this SBPA is being announced, semua cikgu kana paksa pigi pejabat skolah just to sign that form.

Now? Mansuh. Ekekekekekeke. Siapa yang plan mo tambah kereta tu, hancur luluh la harapan kan? Ngehehehe.

Anyway, have faith people! Money is INDEED EVERYTHING. Kalau poket kering, hati pun tidak keruan ni. Huhuhu. Hmmmm, mau cari part time job la ni. Kekekeke.

Just sharing a video of my students who did this short film for a competition and they won the first place for peringkat kebangsaan. Lupa sudah apa pertandingan. But seeing them have grown so much, made me beaming like a proud parent. Haha. They are the first batch of student whom I taught during my first year being a teacher. They did this video last year when they were in form 5.

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