Thursday, May 22, 2008

behind the scenes and aftermath of Unduk Ngadau Tuaran

The aftermath and stories behind the scenes. Take a look at this first pic...*macam dorang kencing di toilet kan?* ahahaha. They are actually dancing sumazau on stage. LOL

And here are some actions on the stage by the finalists. Sorry for the not so good quality. Am still a baby at photography.

With the girls are all so beautiful on the stage. You must be dying to know what happen behind the stage.

This one look very sengsara kena make up.. *haha, kesian*Interview session by David Chong from AramaiTi Events

Chaos + Blunder + Heat + Nervous = it's all there!And don't play-play oh! Got policewoman jaga oh!Now, up close and personal with the finalists. Finalist No.1 ~Arneytha AiminNo. 2~ Suzilah SammyNo. 3~Ahliam Ally Pang No. 4 ~Julie AugustineNo. 5~ Vyanetta Silon SikukNo. 6~Jacquilen AnamNo. 7~ Christine Audrey
No. 8~Josephine Lai Fung ChingNo. 9 ~ Philicia TongNo. 10~ Stephannie JingkahNo.11 ~ GurjitNo. 12 ~ Audrey JoanNo. 13~ huhu..forgot her name..*sorry!*No. 14~ Myra Rosnita JanehNo.15 ~ Rafiah SamsonNo. 16 ~ Dierdree Theseira Joannes

All of these girls are vying for the title of Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2008 to succeed after the reigning queen Ms. Joanne Sue Henly Rampas. *isn't she lovely?*
You wanna know the list of all winners refer to my previous post. Congratulations to Serra she will be representing Tuaran!

And Wann she will represent Tamparuli.
hehehe..lawa kan dorang dua. Anyway, don't plan to get near them because they do have their own 'personal' bodyguard. Wanna get their number? Try to get through these guys first...*cuba la kalau berani..hehe*

Also present that day is Ms Patricia Raymond, former state Unduk Ngadau *err, forgot what year already*
Ok, some quiz for you all...guess whose is this? *Siapa punya ni?????*

owh..and almost forgot the boo-lat girl was there also...this time ada the sister juga...

Happy Kaamatan you all!
"Peace through Culture"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tuaran Unduk Ngadau 2008 Winner!

Congratulations to Ms. Deirdree Theseira Joannes a.k.a Serra for being the Tuaran Unduk Ngadau Winner. A heavy responsibility is on your shoulder to retain the State Crown for Tuaran again this year.

These are the Top 5. From left (Philicia Tong -Fourth), (Myra Rosnita -Third), Serra, (Audrey Joan- Second), (Gurjit - Fifth)...Far left is the reigning queen.~JSHR
Top 3 Tuaran Unduk Ngadau 2008Joanne and Serra
Good luck to Serra and Audrey a.k.a Wann for the state finals. Serra will be representing Tuaran and Wann will represent Tamparuli.


do check out

*more pictures will be posted soon. Those who are interested to buy the photos later. Just email me at*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

penat..ko tau ka? was a very tiring day. and it is expected throughout the week gonna be like this until I leave for Bali.

This morning, woke up before 6 and gotta drive to SGCC to attend a course. It is a two day course actually but tomorrow I am surely gonna be sick. So gotta see doctor for MC..*hehe*

Course end at 5 something and of course *JAM!*...dammit...went to Karamunsing to buy some stuff but habis stock *munyit betul* then gotta brave the jam again to go wisma merdeka *my head spinning d that time~fuh!*

On my way back around 7pm, got a call from my friend that my taekwondo coaches from USM came to UMS for MASUM then they wanna have dinner with me. Was at Menggatal d that time, then have to patah balik to UMS to meet up with them *exhausted tahap dewa sudah*

Makan-makan, talk-talk, and after that wanna berak d. cilaka. Luckily they oso wanna go back d so after saying goodbye I faster2 drive back so that tidak terberak tengah jalan. *I know I sound disgusting..just let me be*

Reach home at 10.15pm. Damn tired. Kemas this and that. Shower!!!! *thank goodness for that* and now I am typing this.

Why did I type all this crap for you to read anyway *my head beeping d, time to go to sleep*

Blergh! ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

Sunday, May 18, 2008

tuaran unduk ngadau rehearsal day

Tuaran Unduk Ngadau rehearsal day coincides with the Sugandoi for Tuaran level. So here are some pics. This post is a follow up of my previous post about the selection day of unduk ngadau tuaran. But this time, the finalists are all dolled up-looking better than before. So enjoy the pics! bukan contestant aa..everybody know who this is kan..

So here are the finalists again, Contestant No. 6
Contestant No. 10 ~Stephanie Jingkah

Contestant No. 7 ~ Christine
Contestant No. 11
Contestant No. 12 ~ Audrey Joan
Contestant No. 4
Contestant No. 2 ~ Suzila

Contestant No. 1
Contestant No. 8
Contestant No.15 ~ Rafia.. I hope I got the spelling correct
Contestant No. 14 ~ Myra
Contestant No. 13
Contestant No.16 ~ Serra
Contestant No. 5
Contestant No. 3 and 11 was not there at the rehearsal. Got other commitments maybe. So...don't forget to come to Dewan Tun Hamdan Tamparuli on this wednesday. 21st May.

Jadi, when we get bored we do this..haha.
The reigning queen and the hopeful finalists and below is the queen + finalists + organizing comittee + the "bulat" girl last time. This time she is on strike. *notice the little girl in pink*