Sunday, May 18, 2008

wanna be sexy?

People say that the sexiest language on earth is French. No wonder that the one thing that is so intimate and can make a woman feel so sexy is Lingerie. It was derived from the French word 'lin' for linen.

"The standard English pronunciation, lòn.zha.ráe, mangles the original French, which would be said more like làann.zhrée. A compromise, làan.zha.rée, could be popularized if English were written phonetically; but it's not. So, ignorant distortions of borrowed words, like lòn.zha.ráe, will remain." quoted from here, say it passionately..kakaka :p

and this particular lingerie really does amaze me. There are 100 ways to wear this bra...seriouslyThis is by Victoria's Secret and another lingerie boutique that is worth checking out is Faire Frou Frou (pronounced fair fru-fru) is derived from the antiquated French phrase "faire du frou-frou". The name so cute I can't stop saying it...haha.

Damn! French words are so addictive.
This bra is by the famous designer John Galliano : The newspaper bra..looks like newspaper but it is not. Definitely get people reading or rather noticing your boobs!

these collections of lingerie at Faire Frou Frou is a whole lot funkier than Victoria's Secret and it IS definitely more flirty. Check out below (unsuitable for minors, so you can stop scrolling down now.hahaha)

Ok...stop with the wild imagination please....


fie the elf said...

i love the galliano one!

Anonymous said...

The 2nd pix alang2 betul oh. But it's sexy alright.

Joan said...

haha..alang2 ba kan. meant for seduction rather than a support..ahakz