Friday, May 02, 2008

i am allergic to Sarimah overused phrases!

usually am not the type who blog about AF... But it is now beyond control and started getting under my skin...


"buat saspen jer"



alahai, scriptwriter memang cacat or it is just Sarimah being very uncreative. Cannot stand to watch her. It's better that the AF Diari has no so-called-VJ-like person standing there. Just enough with a suara latar. No need to see the face or hear the "over-used" phrases

AC not to be commented la. Itu memang like Sh*t from the start lagi.

always plastering the weird smile on his face and saying out super-lame jokes...come on Malaysia do u need this kind of people?

Botox face AC...lame

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ui, bahaya ko ni joan.. si AC ada suntik botox kah? hehhehe