Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ReTouch My Body.. uh huh

"You know I'm gettin' older
And I've gained some weight, too
In my imagination I am just 22
I'm way too busy to do Jenny, Weight Watchers, too
The fast food is to blame, cholesterol's through the roof

If there's a camera up in here that's takin' photographs of me
Then it's true, that you
Must sign this confidentiality agreement right here
tellin' you, what to do
'Cause if you run the pics you got without the use of PhotoShop
I will hunt you down
'Cause baby this is show business, nobody wants the truth
Don't even try it, this is my diet" more here -->LYRICS

my fave line in the song

Retouch my body
Just look at Madonna
In real life she looks like
An ancient iguana


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