Wednesday, May 14, 2008

bulletin boards...don't abuse

what are they for actually?

1.To post messages..?
I guess so but not for personal ones like "adik!!!!!really miss u!!!!! tek k there!! buat xm bebaik.. wish u all d best.. luv u 0wez adik!tek k!!!GBU"--> Duh! use the send a message button la, kan senang

2.To post news..?
Hmm..yea like someone's cat died or you just planted a rose in a pot and put in a refrigerator because your backyard is not cool enough. (seriously, post news that people really need to or even care to read)

3.To ramble about nothing..?
Like this one "ape2 aje la.." or "bump"... (get a life you all)

4.To post chain letters?
This is the one that I hated the MOST...argh! I mean who started all those S*** after all?

I am very much complaining about the bulletin board on friendster.

For people that fall on category number 1 : I advise you to explore the various functions of the buttons on friendster can offer. May I suggest you to start with the button called " Send a message"

For people that fall on category number 2 and 3: I tell you, do start a blog...Don't infest the bulletin board with those nonsense. Blogging is the "IN" thing now if you don't know...haha.. *even UiTM also is planning to introduce Blogging Studies 101...LOL!*

For people in category 4: Hmmm..what can I say. JUST STOP. enough said before karma springs into action.muahahahahaha *evil laugh*


Anonymous said...

LOL. Absolutely true...! You know what I find absolutely annoying though? People posting personal messages for other people through the bulletin board. I mean, c'monnnnn... Thats why PM were created in friendster y'know? Haha... But awesome post!

fie the elf said...

u know what i hate..

people who post the same thing 10 times in a row. wtf man.

if anything that just makes me to NOT want to read whatever it is you're posting!

Joan said...

yeah..and to those who always abuse this bulletin board.."sedarlah kamu sebelum kamu disedarkan"..hahahaha