Sunday, May 11, 2008

tomorrow is Monday

Exam week in school. So now busy marking exam papers. Tedious!!!

Gotta invigilate also at the same time and there gonna be two more days remaining to "jaga" exam. A lot of budak-budak suka meniru.
*when I was in school last time I never bother to tiru~budak baik la konon ni. I just can't see the point of copying others especially if sama-sama bodoh*

So, a lot of budak-budak meniru gotta put on the so-called-garang face all the time...haha. konon


fie the elf said...

last time i never got to meniru coz i always had to sit in front! hahah

Fluxevz said...

i always sit behind so can tiru,used sms,call,textbook,exchange answer script and many more.. XD

EviE said...

wah fluxevz...u very one notty2 student.

and i really do agree those who sit at the back wil have the bigger tendency to copy..