Wednesday, April 30, 2014

In dire need of escapism

yeah, I mean it by listening to good music. Is it WORLD ANXIETY WEEK? I seem to flip out almost on everything. And to tolerate with selfish people is totally insane. Be calm Joan, listen to good music like this.



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Keep Calm.. NOT

As per my previous post, lamenting about the whatsapp groups at work and opting to endure it.

I lose my cool today and everyone seem to know about it. Haha. Padan muka. The last straw was when some members kept posting things that she wanna sell and a superior telling the whole school that he wanted to take his shower. 

I am so glad I hit the EXIT group button for the group. Bye bye. See ya. Don't wanna be ya.

And yeah, I don't mind being excluded from the sharing of important announcements there. I don't think there's anything worthwhile to read there anyway.

Whats up with WHATSAPP?

I am for sure now is declaring war with Whatsapp. I used to love whatsapp. It is a mode of communication. I have diverted my attention from Facebook to Instagram and also messaging app ( Whatsapp, LINE, Kakao, WeChat - yes I have them all, don't do the frowning face now ).
This different messaging app exist because different group of people I communicate with tend to use one app more than the other. Go figure which one is which. 

And recently, there is a sudden boom of Whatsapp group for work. YES, for WORK! As if it is not enough that we have an official school blog, official school portal, a department facebook group and now they want MORE! Not one WHATSAPP GROUP but now for workplace only I have THREE!!! ( the gossip group at work not counted okay, that one I wanna keep) and I think some people just love GROUPIES they will CREATE MORE... MORE.. MORE!!!! 

Some of you might see the option to click the exit group button is the best solution but the thing is some higher position people expect you to be in that group. So it is sorta attending a meeting and they are expecting you to be there to participate.. or just listen ( or rather read ) to participate.

I am actually OKAY with these groups. Technology makes life easier. But you have to have some ethics when it comes to some OFFICIAL (as they claim it) WHATSAPP group

This is just like sending an SMS or making a phone call outside of working hours. Mind the privacy please. Or rather let people have some non-working hours peace.

Yeah, I mean it. Stupid, lame, cacat, bida, bodoh, sewel photos or comics or memes or videos are not allowed. If the group title is dedicated for work purpose. KEEP IT THAT WAY!!!!!!!!!!! It is not meant for socializing or some "cyber team building". Just keep strictly for work

Seriously, won't you be horrified to know that you are in a group for a project that you never heard before. I mean, just because you have my phone number, you can just add me in that group. NO! You fucking moron. Even my name is in the list of committee or in that fucking paperwork. I don't care. Have the courtesy to let me know that I am actually in the project, personally, thank you very much. Since, some people love whatsapp-ing so much, just whatsapp me first lah. Aiya, itu pun nda pandai. Buduh seratus kali buduh.

And now I have to two options
1) Just mute everything for the over-ly active group and risk some missing info ( in which I don't mind )

2) Delete Whatsapp once and for all

I have to choose option 1 anyway but I am wishing for the mute function to have an option of MUTE FOREVER!

The Monday

Just flew in from KL yesterday and now it is Monday again. Hey, this is gonna be my new past time. Spending weekends in airports, trains and two different homes. 

Monday morning is usually quiet with just me and the cats at home. And this is Cholo asking for a back massage. Spoiled cat.

Supposed to go Zumba after work but I end up being in a shopping mall because of some errands. Look, what I see at Cotton On. Nice tee eh? It is just RM15. Too bad they don't have "85" printed on the tee, if not I will be buying it already. Cotton On stuff are only worth the buy when it is on sale. Other times, it is like some overpriced sheer t-shirt.

And also, I get my hair washed and my fringe cut at Inspiration Saloon. RM35 for the service. Not bad! But I dislike the girls, who I assumed is new to the job. They just don't know how to blow dry my hair. If you ever wanna try the saloon, don't let the newbies do your hair.

See this photo! Funny right. Haha. It's as if I have that hairy legs there. LOL

How was your Monday?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

10 commandments of Typography

Snooze Time

Sharing about sleep hours.

I have been having sleep distruptions for almost two weeks. I don't know why I can't sleep (as in get a good quality sleep) lately. Despite the zumba sessions, I do feel tired but when it is time to sleep, the brain just won't stop working.

Last night, I had one of the most painful headache ever. It is more the spinning type. I guess all those sleepless and distrupted sleep nights are finally taking its toll on me.

So, I switched off all my devices (laptop, ipad, iphone), surround myself with complete silence and switched off the lights when I felt a hint of sleepiness. I don't care if it is way too early for my bedtime. Lights off, devices off, noise off. Heed the circadian cycle call.

I slept like a baby. I felt totally refreshed this morning.

Apart from having too much thinking done close to sleeping time, I find it's the technology that robs you off from your sleeping time usually. I hope I can keep this routine up.

1) Heed the circadian cycle ( there's a time when the body tells you to just go to sleep)
2) Switch off everything ( distractions are distruptions )
3) Relax your mind ( the brain just need to think about relaxing stuff )

Good quality sleep is essential to good health apart from working out everyday.

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Taking a break

Phew! The holy week is over and now there's room to breath. Well, a little room to breath at least. Exam week is coming. Kaamatan is coming.

Maundy Thursday

Went to mass straight from work. The holy hour period was so serene for me. I like the atmosphere
Good Friday

While the rest of the people who don't celebrate this beautiful celebration throughout the weekend, it is just another boring Friday for them. But, not for me. The annual way of the cross up the St Veronica hill ( Bukit Ruhiang ) in Tamparuli town. Blessed!

Easter Vigil & Easter Day

The most important celebration in the church calendar. I was equally anxious for the choir preparation as well. Been up and running errands whole week. Guiding the new generation choir team. Pasukan pelapis la ni. Some people told me just LET GO! Don't care about the choir anymore. Let them be. But I prefer to prepare a soft landing for them and guide them in the process. It is just me. I love helping the kids. I have been in their position last time when we have to pick the pieces left by the seniors by ourselves.

One of the choir members pengsan lagi during the mass and when it was about time to sing the GLORY. They were all distracted. I was so worried that they can't sing the new format of the GLORY. Talk about like being a worried mom to them. Huhu. Punya la. Hiccups here and there during the whole mass but it's a learning process. Glad that everything went smoothly overall.

p.s:  It's kinda sad to realize that this gonna be my last Easter at home with these people whom I grow up with at school, church and home.

Change is good. Change is good. Change is good. ( kept telling myself this )

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Things to keep me sane

Halfway through the week. I am so pumped to get through the day, knowing that tomorrow is the last day of school for this week. Thank God for Good Friday. This is also the Holy Week and this means it is busier than usual. More time to spent for the preparation.

I seem to lose my mojo this week. I am sleepy. I am lazy. I yawn while teaching in class. What is happening to me? But on the other hand, doing things that keep me sane keeps me alive pula.

1) Working Out

Feels great to just lose myself in music and move to it. Especially doing Zumba. I love to draw the energy from the people in my class.
If they feel good, I feel good too.

2) Live Music

It has been a while that I attended an event which has a live music. A great outing with the girls made me realize that good company, good food and good music goes well together.
But I would not recommend the food at the place we went to last night. Hot Rod in Warisan Square is a nice place for music and drinks but not for the food.

3) Television series

Currently hooked on to Devious Maids 
and 2 Broke Girls.
I am watching the series on . Really a good way to de-stress. It is just that my internet connection is making me stressed out because it doesn't stream smoothly. Huhu

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Blues

I keep yawning the whole day until my jaw hurts. I have a lot of things going on in my head. I slept late and wake up early. WTF! And this insurance agent whom I already ignored just don't know how to stop bugging me with calls and what not. Sudah la panas lagi ini hari. Confirm Monday Blues.

To face the students with this kind of mood is so hard. hard. I am like a puppet going around today.

I just want to share with you all what I get from my student's answers in the workbook. This was last week. And definitely entertainment of the month!

Nucleus to be confused Nuclear.. kesian

Memang dia boleh melakukan apa saja kesanggupannya!

and this is the ultimate! I didn't know that plant cell and animal cell both has HARIMAU, BERUANG and SINGA.

Tsk..tsk..tsk. The teacher failed to teach or this kid is such an "Albert Einstein" . Too smart in his own ways that I can't decipher maybe.

Have a good week ahead you all!

Monday, April 07, 2014

The weekend yang hancur

It was not really a weekend for me. It was  a mixture of fuzziness between going to work, alcohol, vomit, airport goodbyes and more aerobic session.

The Saturday started early by having a replacement day school. I had to instruct an aerobic session for the kids. Then rush back to pack and fly to join the mister for his farewell party.

Then everything went blurry with patches of memories seeing screaming drunk expats and locals (staff of the mister's department) swimming in the pool intoxicated. Well me too. Lethal combo = pool party and duty free alcohol. 

I can't remember how I can get out of the pool eventually. But I can recall i was cold and wet because I don't have any change of clothes. And more vomiting.

Facing a roadblock and more vomiting while the mister stop to search for alternative route. Gosh!

I woke up at 7am with a throbbing headache. Shower then off to the airport again. Back home and later in the afternoon I was off to school for some co-curriculum activities. And a Zumba session at my usual place on Sunday.

Hangover is only officially over when I crashed on bed last night and slept like a baby. And then it's Monday all over again. WTF!

I officially can't party like I was in college anymore. Old lah. The spirit is willing but the body just gave up. Cilaka!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Humpday Blues

Three days after the school reopen. Mid semester break really killed the momentum. I am still not in the zone. I really need some push to do more on the academic side of my job.

Anyway, just to share the other blog that I am doing for my part time job now.

So, be HAPPY today!