Monday, April 07, 2014

The weekend yang hancur

It was not really a weekend for me. It was  a mixture of fuzziness between going to work, alcohol, vomit, airport goodbyes and more aerobic session.

The Saturday started early by having a replacement day school. I had to instruct an aerobic session for the kids. Then rush back to pack and fly to join the mister for his farewell party.

Then everything went blurry with patches of memories seeing screaming drunk expats and locals (staff of the mister's department) swimming in the pool intoxicated. Well me too. Lethal combo = pool party and duty free alcohol. 

I can't remember how I can get out of the pool eventually. But I can recall i was cold and wet because I don't have any change of clothes. And more vomiting.

Facing a roadblock and more vomiting while the mister stop to search for alternative route. Gosh!

I woke up at 7am with a throbbing headache. Shower then off to the airport again. Back home and later in the afternoon I was off to school for some co-curriculum activities. And a Zumba session at my usual place on Sunday.

Hangover is only officially over when I crashed on bed last night and slept like a baby. And then it's Monday all over again. WTF!

I officially can't party like I was in college anymore. Old lah. The spirit is willing but the body just gave up. Cilaka!

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