Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Semangat kunun

I woke up early on a Friday morning to do cleaning and some deco cos the mister is coming back home later at night. Almost a month away. I am so happy that he is gonna be home.

Cantik ka? 

Christmas tree nanti saja la. Tunggu December betul2 baru bikin. It's sad when you have to do the deco alone. For several years I have been doing it with Christmas music blaring and with laughter. This year I am reduced to listening Christmas songs using my earphones and the TV to keep me company.

Anyway, the mister tidak jadi balik. Will have to do a 24hours layover in Seoul because the flight from US got delayed and he missed his connecting flight to KL. Am blogging this because there's no one to talk to now. Huhu

And I am hungry now. I just had some instant noodles and lunch punya leftover for dinner tadi. Teda semangat mau masak.

Adui, can I stop being pathetic?

Tidur la. Tiada semangat sudah ni. Huhu

Friday, November 28, 2014

So damn tired

A day full of errands. Cleaning the house, mop and sweep and dusting and scrubbing bathrooms. 5hours. No joke! Top to bottom. Mau patah pinggang. Then ada class zumba lagi. 2 hours back to back. Komon.

Not to mention earlier in the morning, I have to send my car for inspection at the Affin Bank here. Sesat lagi mau cari bank. Doi! Yes, I got my car posted here. No more fighting over cars on weekends.

Oh my beloved viva. Hehe. I think Sa Macam sot ni. While driving my car, Sa cakap2 to the car as if it is my pet or something. Rindu sa sama ni kereta.

Welcome to your new home Bibah. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Most important meal

Enjoying my lonely breakfast. Gonna take some time to relax after conducting an early morning zumba class earlier. Getting back to the routine is hard even though it is only a week I had my time off.

Ate a lot when I was back home. Felt sluggish and I feel my buntut kembang ni. Sial. More assignments to be finished later. Am on the brink of giving up. 

So need to calm down and makan now

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I stayed up all night

To study. Hahaha. Konon!

See my pretty desk. This is where I should be slaving myself right now. 

But when I came back from classes yesterday, I end up spending time on my bed. 

With the iPad. Watching 6 episodes of "Lovely Girl" until the finale sambil nangis2. Hahaha. Puas hati. Sambil lipat kain okay! The laundry bertimbun sudah lipat. Productive juga ba.

Ok now, I can really start focusing on reading journals and writing my mini research. Ahahaha. Sakit jiwa ba kalau tinguk halfway halfway ni. Those k-drama addicts know this better. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Current obsession

And also a major distraction to my studies. Ahahaha..

I have a lot of reading and writing to do but see what I am doing this weekend.

Damn you Korean Dramas. It is an addiction.

And the fact that you can stream it online and don't wait for whatever episode on TV now. Argh! I need discipline! I need to control myself.


And the fact that the actors semua hensem. Wawawawawawa. Lagi la sa rajin mo tinguk. Rain I love you!!!!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

I can't sleep

Hence the blogging. Feeling very lonely here. Sister back to KK. Only sisters in law around. The mister is in Houston. Argh! Semua pun bikin teda semangat. 

Seriously. All I wanna do is lie down on the bed and do nothing. Really. Adui na. Macam orang depression pun ada. 

I really need to sleep now because I have a zumba class to instruct in the morning. Kenapa la ba ni teda mood. Kenapa. 

Rumah luas tapi kosong, ada orang pun Macam teda. Mau nangisssss

Belated Halloween post

The Halloween it was. So, since relocation, the culture at this new place is somehow different. Never once in my life that I need to decorate my house for Halloween. 

Well, as for a Halloween party pernah la. Bloggers gathering dulu2. Ah, Sioknya tu.

Ok. Anyway, a last minute project. Mostly DIY. Only bought candles, lanterns and colored papers. The rest are all sources from around the house. Browse some DIY stuff on the net and here it goes...

Some eyeballs cutouts printed from some Halloween printables. Some ghost lantern thingy; ideas from the net as well.

Blood is from tomato sauce and food coloring from the fridge.

The end product! Phew, 2 hours all for this. Punya la. 

Also some DIY lollipops because I went surveying for Halloween candies. My God! Bikin miskin. Nda payah la

At night view. Too bad, I didn't get to see the kids around the neighborhood trick or treating. Sa pigi zumba. Huhu

Monday, October 27, 2014

Locked Down

I am home early today. Haha. Siok o. Usually, every weekday I will be home around 9.30pm or 10pm. Classes stretch until 9pm on Monday and Tuesday in the campus.

This week is hell week because of all the assignments are due all at the same time. My God! I just can't believe the amount of reading I should be doing and I am a slacker most of the time.

This morning the lecturer emailed us and extended the deadlines and I am like.... Punya la. Sudah susah payah then actually kena extend lagi. Bah, nda pa la. Bagus la kan. Awal siap. Bulih lagi catch up on sleep kijap. Mata sa sakit sudah telampau menghadap komputer all the time.

Actually today ada presentation juga bah. But, UM is locked down today. This is due to the talk organized by the student body that will take place in UM itself and they invited DSAI to give a talk to the students. So, basically the uni admin never agreed on this so they decided to limit the access to the campus today. Only two gates are open today. KL and PJ gate, the rest of the other smaller gates are all closed. Ugh!

Jam la of course and the security really screen the people coming in to the campus. Funny thing is my lecturer who is a foreigner really believe the email from the Uni saying that there will be power maintenance 4pm onwards today and everyone can go home early today. When we explained the real situation to her she was like so surprised. So cute! 

My evening class is cancelled, presentation postpone next week so senang hati la dapat balik awal ini hari. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


It's almost end of the month and I am doing the monthly book keeping and also budgeting. Now, that I get all the numbers in. OMG! I am actually SO POOR!

The downside of of having a NO PAY study leave is that you really have to be really stingy in your spending. Like REALLY karit punya stail sa kesto la. Adui tahap bikin sakit jiwa.

Imagine when you used to earn more than RM3.5K per month and you are reduced to zero. OMG.

Basically, I have to live within RM1K per month. That's from my Zumba earnings tu. I. Just. Can't. Ugh!

It's good enough that the mister is covering my car and house loan. Credit cards... camana??? I.Just.Can't....aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Bye bye online shopping, bye bye shopping at the mall, bye bye all! Cry cry cry

Bila la tu Cuti Gaji Penuh result keluar ni. Hohoho. Tensen la pula.


Sunday, October 19, 2014


Satu kali datang masa busy, busy memanjang la. Assignments datang bertubi-tubi and definitely am slacking so much. Jarang bah sa study ni baru sa perasan. Title full time student tapi macam part time saja cos I do Zumba most of the time. This week is hectic with Zumba only. But hey, I have roughly RM300 this week from Zumba only. Ada la bikin beli KFC for lunch.

I am enjoying my solitary lunch after my Zumba class just now. Really out of the zone today. I dragged myself out of bed. Feeling trapped in my own house. Can't do this, can't do that. I eat rice more pun kana judge. Apa boleh buat la bah kan urang kampung. Bukan kamu yang kaya boleh makan daging bernama Steak bin Welldone. Hmpph.

Ikan masin + nasi + bambangan = boom. All the time better than those things. I enjoy solitary meal times nowadays. Judgemental city people stay away.

It's sad when you want to call a place your home but it is just so hard to adjust. Most of the time, you end up being alienated. Tsk tsk tsk.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

One month done

Hey! How's everyone? I have been busy. A month here didn't fly by just like that though. I am missing the going to school and teach routine but i dislike the paperwork. Now i am going to school to learn and still disliking the paper work (assignments). Nothing change much for that part. Haha

Monday to Tuesday are always dedicated for attending classes in UM. The rest of the week is for studying. Well, um. Not like totally. 

Been busy instructing Zumba classes at least 5 times a week. Will be more if i have to be a sub for others. Extra pocket money. Bulih la bikin bili krupuk.

At the same time, saya pigi casting for a news reader job lagi. Doiii. Macam la nda cukup sibuk kan. Juggling housework, errands, assignments and zumba classes, terus at times memang nda cukup tidur. Ini lah akibat kalau penyibuk. 

Ok. Its late and i need to sleep. Have a good weekend everyone. Selamat Hari Raya Haji to those celebrating. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Weekend is here! TGIF

As I am blogging this, I am at the boarding hall to travel back to KK. I have never been so elated to be on a flight home since my MRSM days. I remember the moment when I saw mount Kinabalu while I was in the flight back from Kuching to KK for the first time. Sangat gembira ok. This is the same feeling I am feeling right now. Haha. Punya la. Macam budak.

Also, earlier this week I attended the interview for the Cuti Belajar Bergaji Penuh in Cyberjaya. I just got to know that for semenanjung, there's only one place to do the interview, that is in Cyberjaya. Kesian juga la yang dari Kelantan, Johor and outstations have to travel and actually take leave to attend the interview. I am so thankful that my application to change my interview place from KK to KL due to the reason that I am studying is being considered.

In the waiting room, most of the people come with thick files and what nots. I only have my pink folder and several copies of my proposal paper. Huhu. Camana la. And of course, sejuk juga bah tangan. 

All went well. I really hope I could get my application go through for the cuti gaji belajar penuh as I am on a no pay study leave now. Sakit jiwa juga la mau reduce the lifestyle yang ada gaji to tiada gaji. No more online shopping these days. Really just have to live on the essential things only. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Malaysia day

I celebrated Malaysia Day for the first time, away from home. Nasib KL pun cuti sudah sekarang time 16th Sept. Kalau nda mana ada cuti kan. Started the morning with a Zumba session at the Free Market PJ. 

Interesting market concept. People come together and bring their stuff to give away. Macam tamu tapi nda payah bayar. Disebabkan percuma then of course paling capat la abis segala barang.

I didn't stay lama-lama sana sebab hujan, then sambung pigi workout di gym lagi. My sister is doing internship in KL now so siok la ada geng sini. For now.

And later in the evening, we attended the Moonshine 9th Anniversary Special at the Laundry, Curve. Awesome event. Get to see the who's who people in the art/music scene in KL.

Also to support my friend, Nadhira and Jin for their awesome set.

Happy Malaysia Day! 

First Wedding Anniversary

Time flies. 140913. And now a year later, I finally get to stay in the same place and the same house with the mister. A lot of people do not know how long ( It's almost ten years since we started dating ) we have been on a long distance relationship even after we are married. Yes, lepas kawin pun masih jauh-jauh. And yet I was bombarded with the question on why we are not having kids yet. 

It's kinda sad to know that people always generalize and now entering the 1st year married status, eyebrows are being raised and more hush hush talk behind our backs and things are looking as if we are not fertile. Up to that extent!!! Oh well, people gonna say what they want. It is our life that we gonna live.

All I can say, I am grateful for all the blessings up until now. Looking for the infinite years to be together.

Wedding anniversary dinner at Gangnam 88 Restaurant in Solaris Dutamas sebab memang kami trip Kuria. Haha.

Yummy! But if i were to recommend this place to others. Nahhhh.. Nda juga la must try. Ada lagi tempat lebih sedap makanan dia. Haha.

And of course dessert time at Caffe Bene, the Pat Bingsoo. The Korean Summer Dessert.

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's on my back

I remember last time when I did my first tattoo and I blogged about it, I think it was Chegu Carol who said to me that it will be more and that's not gonna be the only one.

Hey, it's true.

During the final week of my service as a teacher in SMKT, before going to be a full time student, I wanted to do something that should remind me that I am always an educator. ( I have the feeling that after leaving the school for quite some time, I might not want to be a teacher anymore in the future )

Live to inspire and be inspired

These are the words that have kept me going in teaching for the past 6 (coming to 7 ) years. So, it should be permanently there.



Hahaha, ini kana tampal di belakang. Macam menstruation pad pula kan.. Yeah, it did bleed a little.


Mo tahan hati juga la mo tahan daripada mo garu tu belakang while it was healing.

And it has been quite some time since my first tattoo, so masa mo kana tattoo tu belakang bulih-bulih juga la bikin sengsara sakit dia especially yang dakat itu spine. T_T

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Macam lama la betul sudah padahal baru 2 minggu lebih sini. 

I am so used to having a lot of people and cats and dogs around me at home and now suddenly it's all silence and just the fan circling above my head.

Mau masak lunch pun tiada motivation. So this is lunch most of the time. Ahahahaha. Gaya pemalas tu ba. Memang terunggul sekali.

Traffic is a major headache here and boy, I tell you; kalau satu hari nda salah jalan nda sah. I am cursing like mad all the time. Be it the road junctions, the toll, the queue, uncivilized drivers. 

Generally KL drivers are all very inhumane. They hardly give way, they compete for junctions, they don't know what's a signal light. It's the attitude I-only-care-about-myself-go-to-hell-with-the-others. I am scared I am slowly turning to be one of them soon. Gone or the days when people just drive slow slow macam itu pick up from Mengkabong that travels at 40km/h only. Definitely that one di Sabah saja ada.

Ada juga yang bagus punya driver but very rare. So if you found one on the road, I will not only give out a thankful prayer, I will sing for God in gratitude. 

Yeah, like seriously. 

Saturday, September 06, 2014

School again

This week is the registration week. And with that, i am officially a student again.

How am I gonna cope with all this? Am i really ready for this? 

Ok, tabahkan hati. Walaupun baru nampak banyak sikit tulisan macam ada tanda tanda panik sudah. Baiklah. Tenang. Tenang.

I am opting for Cuti Belajar Tanpa Gaji. Yes, memang miskin ni. Terpaksa la kerja part time to make ends meet. Kedai kupi punya waitress ka. Kerja kedai potostet ka. Ajar tusyen ka.

But my no pay leave is still pending for approval and thus making more anxious. I am like on a neither here nor there situation now because i am actually at the mercy of my principal. If i dont get any black and white concerning my cuti by the end of this month, i might have to go back and work again. 

Capat la lulus cuti! Tulung la.

In the meantime, i got the interview for the offer for Cuti Belajar Gaji Penuh. Ah, itu lagi punya headache juga. I gotta prepare a research proposal in which i have zero idea on that. Mau mimpi mimpi dulu la mengarang ni.

I am not sure on my chances for the full pay leave (which will only be known the result by end of the year). But, you just have to try your luck and do the best you can right?

Jadi... Untuk memastikan loan kereta boleh dibayar ini bulan, saya kerja part time jadi cleaner dulu. RM60 for 4 hours (that's the day maid rate here). Hahaha. I need to clean house twice a week for a month so that I can pay my car loan.

Sakit juga la pinggang untuk cuci rumah bertingkat tingkat. Nasib juga ada training before this kasi bersih rumah sendiri.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Usually if you move to a new place, how long do you give yourself to be in a transition period?

It's like a crash course happening for me right now. Currently on a transition from Borneo to the west. Kampung girl roaming around the city. 

I would like to blog more about this once the dust settled. Too many things to take in.

Leaving my job

Leaving my hometown

Leaving my routine back home

Missing my family back home 

Missing my friends 

Missing my students

Bringing my stuff over

Being a student again

So many things. 

And yeah, to those who are still in the dark. Now, you have the answer. I am officially moving to Kuala Lumpur for good. My husband is based here. It's surreal to know that the day I move is finally here.

My mom and my sisters are with me during my first weekend here. Masih happy, then they go back KK. Sedih lagi balik.

The mister isn't around for the first week of my transfer so I kinda have to deal everything on my own. He is in US for training. Thank God, my sis is doing her internship in KL now, so it is not that bad lah.

Ok, good night. Another day to adjust tomorrow and more sorting out of my personal stuff.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sot sot

I was so shocked this morning to see my  cat, Taeboo, playing with this animal. Like in the living room. I am like WTF! WTF! WTF! 

I ran inside my room and called my dad at work and then called my grandpa next door to help me. Punya la. Saya rasa lucu sendiri ni. 

It seems that this is his new hobby. Hunt for animals outside and bring inside the house. My dad also just discovered at one corner of the living room, there's a bangkai tikus, believed to be the victim of casualties from Taeboo's hunting spree.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Run

#SH7Krun trending all over my instagram yesterday.

Ran with my dad this year. Lambat sampai kami sebab susah mau cari parking. Jam tahap dewa. Itu lah kejadian kalau lambat bergerak dari Tamparuli mo pigi KK. It's my dad, first time running in a big running event. Nervous juga kali dia tu. Hehe.

Missing my siblings for the run this time. Sutera Harbour official instagram account kasi iklan itu selfie contest dia, ada muka kami sana. Hehehe.

Ramai orang oh! See!! Siok!! Running is totally liberating. 

And since there's a competition for selfie as well. It's selfie madness at the finishing line.

And ada Zumba lagi to kick off the post run concert. Didn't stay for the concert though. Maklum la jauh mau balik. Hehe

My target for this run is 1 hour to complete the 7K. Well, I must say it wasn't easy if I didn't set my target. I didn't train for this and the stamina training are wholly dependent on Zumba only. So, the result is 52mins 56secs for the run. Ok lah juga tapi no muscle endurance. Huhu. My dad finished his run around 55mins. Laju oh.

Camana la mau lari 10K for the Putrajaya Night Run in October. Must. Train. Jog. Not Zumba only. Huhu. Must.RUN! Tapi sa malas bah. Odoi.

Anyway, good job for Sutera Harbour for organizing the event. Super fun! Tapi sa heran nda terjumpa familiar faces this year. Time 2012 ramai pula orang yang sa kenal sa jumpa. Huhu