Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Usually if you move to a new place, how long do you give yourself to be in a transition period?

It's like a crash course happening for me right now. Currently on a transition from Borneo to the west. Kampung girl roaming around the city. 

I would like to blog more about this once the dust settled. Too many things to take in.

Leaving my job

Leaving my hometown

Leaving my routine back home

Missing my family back home 

Missing my friends 

Missing my students

Bringing my stuff over

Being a student again

So many things. 

And yeah, to those who are still in the dark. Now, you have the answer. I am officially moving to Kuala Lumpur for good. My husband is based here. It's surreal to know that the day I move is finally here.

My mom and my sisters are with me during my first weekend here. Masih happy, then they go back KK. Sedih lagi balik.

The mister isn't around for the first week of my transfer so I kinda have to deal everything on my own. He is in US for training. Thank God, my sis is doing her internship in KL now, so it is not that bad lah.

Ok, good night. Another day to adjust tomorrow and more sorting out of my personal stuff.


Amanda Christine Wong said...

wow, that's such a big transition! dapat jg ko pindah p kl ah..i thought mcm impossible ni for people to get posted to kl. anyway, all the best in your new life. sy pun nda lama sdh ni jg mau do the transition T_T

Avocado said...

hmmm, took my a year juga kalau sa. First bcoz,i have to left my job. then have to sell my car coz klu bawa cni byk tul procedure..nda sanggup mo byr dollar sign utk kasi register tu kreta d cni. then after that, kiri kanan org baru..ahhhhh stress! 3 bulan x buli tdur. lps tu with new job n new environment..kna bully kaw kaw pun rsa mcm ada....ahhhhh mmg kna slow n steady la....everythg start frm zero.....smpai x buli taip ni...sebab x sanggup ingat ..