Friday, September 12, 2014

It's on my back

I remember last time when I did my first tattoo and I blogged about it, I think it was Chegu Carol who said to me that it will be more and that's not gonna be the only one.

Hey, it's true.

During the final week of my service as a teacher in SMKT, before going to be a full time student, I wanted to do something that should remind me that I am always an educator. ( I have the feeling that after leaving the school for quite some time, I might not want to be a teacher anymore in the future )

Live to inspire and be inspired

These are the words that have kept me going in teaching for the past 6 (coming to 7 ) years. So, it should be permanently there.



Hahaha, ini kana tampal di belakang. Macam menstruation pad pula kan.. Yeah, it did bleed a little.


Mo tahan hati juga la mo tahan daripada mo garu tu belakang while it was healing.

And it has been quite some time since my first tattoo, so masa mo kana tattoo tu belakang bulih-bulih juga la bikin sengsara sakit dia especially yang dakat itu spine. T_T

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StellaClaire-Richard said...

Wah tahan juga ko..huhu kalau sya tu teda tahan oh