Saturday, September 06, 2014

School again

This week is the registration week. And with that, i am officially a student again.

How am I gonna cope with all this? Am i really ready for this? 

Ok, tabahkan hati. Walaupun baru nampak banyak sikit tulisan macam ada tanda tanda panik sudah. Baiklah. Tenang. Tenang.

I am opting for Cuti Belajar Tanpa Gaji. Yes, memang miskin ni. Terpaksa la kerja part time to make ends meet. Kedai kupi punya waitress ka. Kerja kedai potostet ka. Ajar tusyen ka.

But my no pay leave is still pending for approval and thus making more anxious. I am like on a neither here nor there situation now because i am actually at the mercy of my principal. If i dont get any black and white concerning my cuti by the end of this month, i might have to go back and work again. 

Capat la lulus cuti! Tulung la.

In the meantime, i got the interview for the offer for Cuti Belajar Gaji Penuh. Ah, itu lagi punya headache juga. I gotta prepare a research proposal in which i have zero idea on that. Mau mimpi mimpi dulu la mengarang ni.

I am not sure on my chances for the full pay leave (which will only be known the result by end of the year). But, you just have to try your luck and do the best you can right?

Jadi... Untuk memastikan loan kereta boleh dibayar ini bulan, saya kerja part time jadi cleaner dulu. RM60 for 4 hours (that's the day maid rate here). Hahaha. I need to clean house twice a week for a month so that I can pay my car loan.

Sakit juga la pinggang untuk cuci rumah bertingkat tingkat. Nasib juga ada training before this kasi bersih rumah sendiri.


StellaClaire-Richard said...

Good luck on your research proposal.. 😄

Amanda Christine Wong said...

Ohh..ko sambung blajar pla..all the best! Paling bgaya ni pny cleaner..hehe

Joan said...

@stellaclaire... thanks! need loads of luck for that.

Joan said...

@amanda ...yup. missing home a lot though.. huhu