Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Macam lama la betul sudah padahal baru 2 minggu lebih sini. 

I am so used to having a lot of people and cats and dogs around me at home and now suddenly it's all silence and just the fan circling above my head.

Mau masak lunch pun tiada motivation. So this is lunch most of the time. Ahahahaha. Gaya pemalas tu ba. Memang terunggul sekali.

Traffic is a major headache here and boy, I tell you; kalau satu hari nda salah jalan nda sah. I am cursing like mad all the time. Be it the road junctions, the toll, the queue, uncivilized drivers. 

Generally KL drivers are all very inhumane. They hardly give way, they compete for junctions, they don't know what's a signal light. It's the attitude I-only-care-about-myself-go-to-hell-with-the-others. I am scared I am slowly turning to be one of them soon. Gone or the days when people just drive slow slow macam itu pick up from Mengkabong that travels at 40km/h only. Definitely that one di Sabah saja ada.

Ada juga yang bagus punya driver but very rare. So if you found one on the road, I will not only give out a thankful prayer, I will sing for God in gratitude. 

Yeah, like seriously. 


Avocado said...

Hi, I was living in KL for like 10 years going to 11 years lah mcm tu. Dulu time bawa kreta kecil ba kena buli buli saja sa ni.Cilaka tul.Sepa duluan depan traffic light pun mo berebut. Nda sedar sa pun jadi pembuli jalan raya lpas tukar kreta. Lol, stress ba kali. Haha. Tp mcm mo bls dendam pun ada coz dulu masa sa newbie selalu kna hon hon kn middle finger pun ada....dei~

Joan said...

Avocado ... KL Traffic is really an experience kan.