Saturday, February 27, 2010

it's been a while

been busy, but pretty much alive and still kicking. haha.

so everyone. do support this event tomorrow yea.

JADE sisters? yeah, that's me and my sisters. See you all there.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

After the weekend

Yeah, absence makes the heart grows fonder. Anyone missed me for going MIA for a while? What helluva weekend I had, despite the drama and conflict running like soap opera in my head; I had great weekend plus Monday and Tuesday off as well.


# I turned 25. Full stop. No need to elaborate on that. Age is just a number.

# Reunion dinner. It was great. I made a deal with my grand-uncle that I will make myself be able to converse in Mandarin in two years. liang nian it is!


# Valentine's Day. Also my youngest sister's birthday.

# My high school friends wedding too. Congratulations to Pat and Firdauze. High school couple now they are husband and wife

Haha..I didn't manage to take pictures with both the bride and groom.

# Later in the evening, it's another family gathering. gamble + drink and be merry. That's the slogan this time around


# Yeay, no work day and I can wake up late. Happy!

# Nothing much done except putting my life back together again.

# Bored most of the time.


# The day that I thought it is a Sunday. Sewel. Must be too much mandarin oranges.

# Sambung the gambling session with my sisters. I lose money. Cilaka!

# Movie time, watched Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief.

I love the movie, it's awesome given the fact that the idea is so fresh and I didn't know that the Greek mythology is fascinating. The cacat thing about the movie is I could predict already who is the lightning thief. So predictable!

Another thing cacat is the people who was beside me while watching, she just can't stop talking to her mom.

Every now and then she will be like

" uuuh, mommy hensemnya the guy"

"eeee, tinguk tu mommy kuat oh dia kan "

" ooooo, dia pula..."

Argh! I felt like slapping her!

# and more eating session, sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, the fattening weekend...but wth, I AM FAT BUT HAPPY!!!

p.s: Since it was Valentine that weekend, I bought myself flowers. Haha. Lame. And seriously, why do roses have to cost a lot when it is Valentine? Cilaka.

So, it was a rose and a lot of peonies. Miskin.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

And so these silly sisters of mine, jadi my singing alarm clock this morning. Sang Happy Birthday at my door in the morning + guitars lagi tu.

A quiet birthday for me. Got bored in the afternoon, regret cancelling the brunch and lunch plans with friends. Huhu.

Just a candle blowing session with the family after CNY reunion dinner.

Ah... the mighty quarter of century is another new number I gotta get used to. ~ Sigh.
So, there's 25 cupcakes for me. Candle; one enough la. Haha. i just don't wanna be so scared with the sight of 25 candles in front of me.
I am so loving the cupcakes.

Pink + Cupcakes = Joan happy.

Oh ya, anyone interested can call up Mei from CUBE restaurant. The cupcakes are good.
Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long long day

I promised to do a post about my birthday wishlist which was due yesterday, I think ( not that anyone is anticipating for it anyway)

Anyway, I only have the mood to write a post today because yesterday was a very long, annoying and stressful day. It was a bad day for me. Semua bikin panas! Malas la mau cerita.

Today also very penat, I went to shop some of the things needed for CNY after gym just now. And man...I am so tired of driving la. Sick of it! So much errands to run. Then got this lorry go langgar my side mirror lagi this afternoon when my car was parked nicely. Cilaka oh.


So, bad things aside. I wanna be happy by listing down my birthday wishlist.

1) GHD Styler ( Purple Edition ) - I want!!!!

2) Pink Mahalo Ukulele - Check out the glitters. Love love love!
3) Magic 8 Ball - Sana Popular ada tu, pigi kamurang bili bagi sa..
4) Instax ( Wide Format ) - Wisma Merdeka, Ground Floor got ~ jangan malu2 pigi beli dan bagi sama saya..hahahaha. banyak2 pun bulih. I don't mind. :P

Haha.. Ini baru nda tau malu kasi wishlist lagi.

Anyway, teda kana bagi pun I am still gonna get these stuff. Paling sinang, I need someone to pay my credit card bill only.

Or you can give me lotsa angpow too. That will be the best! :))

p.s: Thanks to Suzie for the early birthday gift. Pink colour lipstick lagi tu by Mary

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hurting all over


Again I wanna complain about the concept of time. I hate that there's actually time but other people punya timing just can't coincide with yours. Or rather events don't coincide at all.

First of all, I just get to know my sister need to go for a course during the CNY hols. FARKKK!!! We need the time to practice la. Adui.

Second, the preparation prior to CNY is still haywired. Blame the School Sports Day that's gonna be on Wed till Friday. Saturday is the reunion dinner already. FARKKKKK!!! Food and deco not done yet and i have to do some baking lagi. Adui-adui.

Third, ah..banyak lagi lah mau complain. Sore throat la, sakit badan la, sneezing la, sakit malas, sakit hati, banyak kerja, teda duit, sakit kepala, sakit tumit, mulut kering, batuk kering, poket kering...hahahaha.. rekaan semata-mata yang separuh lagi ni. Bottom line is there's so much to complain about. Bluek!

Ooh..and am so gonna post up the list of gifts I'd like for my birthday...Tomorrow's post..hahahaha..ini baru lah..Keji tahap melampau

Anyway, I went for another project coming up at Papier Mache Music House. It seems that everyone gonna be busy this February.

And I sing " Tuhan menghibur orang yang patah hati "

Monday, February 08, 2010

Makan - makan

I am joining Milai and Sheila on blogging about this. Haha. It was a dinner date with these girls on Saturday evening at Little Italy. Oh, how I miss uni days, but we were so broke that time eh? Only can afford hawker food. Hehe
And so Little Italy, ambience and location is great. Food. Hmmm. You have to know what to order la, I have tasted better Italian food than this place. For me Little Italy is so-so only la. Location is very strategic but very bad for those with cars, parking - can die la wei..punya susah mau cari parking.

I brought my gigantic Instax 210 @ Paola and we had a good time taking pictures with Paola. Hehehe. Polaroids are fun!
Also the dinner date is to celebrate friendship and also February babies.. owh yeah! ^_^
A group picture is a must after a sumptuous meal. And an after party at Firefly after that.. Girls just wanna have fun!
Not enough for the heavy food consumption over the weekend, more damage done with my dinner just now. A 2 hours workout has gone down the drain.
But do I care? As long as it makes me happy, so be it. Life has been more complicated than it seems nowadays.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I think the meaning is flower but I remember a Filipino friend of mine last time told me; it also refers to something "else". Double meaning. So must be careful to use the word if still unsure. Hehe.

Anyway, I love bulaklak@flowers. And I am just so pleased that the fruit shop below the dance class that I go every week is now selling a lot of flowers. It is especially for the Chinese New Year of course.

That pokok limau and the bambu pintal-pintal tu. Haha. I seriously don't know what to call that all. Banyak sana. Siapa yang berkenan, pigi la tinguk-tinguk. FohSang near Imperial Dance School.

This Gerbera(s) I bought last week.

And today, I bought Carnations. No Gerbera available this week.

Hehe. I know. Pink juga kan pilihan hati. My fave wat..

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

February eh?

I am so looking forward for great things to happen this February. January went well. A few hiccups here and there but I am surviving.

One good thing is I survived the January Challenge : not using the credit card. Hehe

Well, I lied about that. I did use it also BUT i did pay up all. So no damage done except for the existing debt. ~ Sigh!

Anyway, my January ended with a blast. I attended Celebrity Showcase @Shenanigans on Sunday night. Yes, the night before Monday. It is always a thrill to party before a working day. Sa suka!

And so.. great friends to accompany too. Though some did cancel on me. Thanks to Jonathan, Mex and Sofi for accompanying me there. Kesian ni nanti saturang saturang bingung sana. Mana entrance Shen pun sa nda tau..huhu
anyway, I had so much fun that night...

Highlights of the night of course was the performance.

Who can forget Luscious. It is my first time seeing them performing though. This 3 ladies are awesome. Love their harmony. Very the Destiny's Child punya stail. I love their song "Khabarkan". Seriously loving it!
And this talented singer/ songwriter Richado. I can't really recall what was his first song that night but his original song also nice. I never knew that we have really great talents in our own Land Below the Wind soil.
Sabhi Saddhi, he just launched his album prior to this celebrity showcase event. My first time hearing him perform as well. My friend said he was the part of the boyband group called Esdeco, together with Adam AF. Hmmm, no wonder he can dance well too. I love his cover for Tompi's song.
Alvin MY. He will be releasing his first album soon. February it is. This month. Can't wait...That night, he blew me away with the jazzy arrangement of Can't Take my eyes off you and L.O.V.E. Jazz and classics like that just can't go wrong.

By the way, the band who accompanied the whole performance that night is superb too. Mad awesome!
Da Prinz. My first time watching them live too. They are a bit unknown to me before this. Sorry la, only recently I really did take the local music scene seriously. And talents like this group never fail to amaze me. They sing well especially the harmony. If only I could get half of that talent; I will be very happy already. Anyway, one glance you will seriously think this group is some Korean or Japanese bunch. ^_^
and as usual, cam-whoring is the integral part of the night. Hehe. Oit, ada orang interprem ni...

Clips of the performances..

Monday, February 01, 2010

January was a blast

more pics to be uploaded soon. will definitely blog about it. in the mean time, para peminat, sila bersabar.

kunun, sejak bila ada peminat ni.hehe.