Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hurting all over


Again I wanna complain about the concept of time. I hate that there's actually time but other people punya timing just can't coincide with yours. Or rather events don't coincide at all.

First of all, I just get to know my sister need to go for a course during the CNY hols. FARKKK!!! We need the time to practice la. Adui.

Second, the preparation prior to CNY is still haywired. Blame the School Sports Day that's gonna be on Wed till Friday. Saturday is the reunion dinner already. FARKKKKK!!! Food and deco not done yet and i have to do some baking lagi. Adui-adui.

Third, ah..banyak lagi lah mau complain. Sore throat la, sakit badan la, sneezing la, sakit malas, sakit hati, banyak kerja, teda duit, sakit kepala, sakit tumit, mulut kering, batuk kering, poket kering...hahahaha.. rekaan semata-mata yang separuh lagi ni. Bottom line is there's so much to complain about. Bluek!

Ooh..and am so gonna post up the list of gifts I'd like for my birthday...Tomorrow's post..hahahaha..ini baru lah..Keji tahap melampau

Anyway, I went for another project coming up at Papier Mache Music House. It seems that everyone gonna be busy this February.

And I sing " Tuhan menghibur orang yang patah hati "


CathJ said...

hahahhaha... 'farkkkk' hahhahahaha....

Best juga tu lagu tu... ambil video ah... boleh juga dengar time2 patah hati... (Patah hati nda dapat beli kasut ka... hbag kah... ;-p)

Mas Light said...

Jangan patah hati bah. *sweat. Must be happy.

Anyways, wuah banyak jua yang kering ni. How to fix that. Oh I so gotta agree, throat very dry lately. Aku makan terlampau banyak seaweed ka ni? And body aching from all that running. Tulah x maintain lari XD hahaha oh man.

Rungitom said...

Multitasking mode: ON :)

Joan said...

Cath J...

the lagu is actually psalms bah..a new project with Papier Mache


Musim kering-kering sekarang ni kan. hehe


Kasi on multitasking!