Wednesday, February 17, 2010

After the weekend

Yeah, absence makes the heart grows fonder. Anyone missed me for going MIA for a while? What helluva weekend I had, despite the drama and conflict running like soap opera in my head; I had great weekend plus Monday and Tuesday off as well.


# I turned 25. Full stop. No need to elaborate on that. Age is just a number.

# Reunion dinner. It was great. I made a deal with my grand-uncle that I will make myself be able to converse in Mandarin in two years. liang nian it is!


# Valentine's Day. Also my youngest sister's birthday.

# My high school friends wedding too. Congratulations to Pat and Firdauze. High school couple now they are husband and wife

Haha..I didn't manage to take pictures with both the bride and groom.

# Later in the evening, it's another family gathering. gamble + drink and be merry. That's the slogan this time around


# Yeay, no work day and I can wake up late. Happy!

# Nothing much done except putting my life back together again.

# Bored most of the time.


# The day that I thought it is a Sunday. Sewel. Must be too much mandarin oranges.

# Sambung the gambling session with my sisters. I lose money. Cilaka!

# Movie time, watched Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief.

I love the movie, it's awesome given the fact that the idea is so fresh and I didn't know that the Greek mythology is fascinating. The cacat thing about the movie is I could predict already who is the lightning thief. So predictable!

Another thing cacat is the people who was beside me while watching, she just can't stop talking to her mom.

Every now and then she will be like

" uuuh, mommy hensemnya the guy"

"eeee, tinguk tu mommy kuat oh dia kan "

" ooooo, dia pula..."

Argh! I felt like slapping her!

# and more eating session, sushi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ah, the fattening weekend...but wth, I AM FAT BUT HAPPY!!!

p.s: Since it was Valentine that weekend, I bought myself flowers. Haha. Lame. And seriously, why do roses have to cost a lot when it is Valentine? Cilaka.

So, it was a rose and a lot of peonies. Miskin.


Dazeree Joan said...

tuuuuuuuna hadiah sa hehehe

Joan said...

yeay. thanks daz

CathJ said...

Very cute... but you are not Fat at all.. just stay that way... don't increase... hihihi...

JerryInc said...

greek mythology rawkkss :P