Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I think the meaning is flower but I remember a Filipino friend of mine last time told me; it also refers to something "else". Double meaning. So must be careful to use the word if still unsure. Hehe.

Anyway, I love bulaklak@flowers. And I am just so pleased that the fruit shop below the dance class that I go every week is now selling a lot of flowers. It is especially for the Chinese New Year of course.

That pokok limau and the bambu pintal-pintal tu. Haha. I seriously don't know what to call that all. Banyak sana. Siapa yang berkenan, pigi la tinguk-tinguk. FohSang near Imperial Dance School.

This Gerbera(s) I bought last week.

And today, I bought Carnations. No Gerbera available this week.

Hehe. I know. Pink juga kan pilihan hati. My fave wat..


CathJ said...

Owww... I love to see the Carnation... so sweet...

GladysDavid said...

Ah, LOL. That's near my workplace. U learn ballroom dance sana Imperial?