Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

And so these silly sisters of mine, jadi my singing alarm clock this morning. Sang Happy Birthday at my door in the morning + guitars lagi tu.

A quiet birthday for me. Got bored in the afternoon, regret cancelling the brunch and lunch plans with friends. Huhu.

Just a candle blowing session with the family after CNY reunion dinner.

Ah... the mighty quarter of century is another new number I gotta get used to. ~ Sigh.
So, there's 25 cupcakes for me. Candle; one enough la. Haha. i just don't wanna be so scared with the sight of 25 candles in front of me.
I am so loving the cupcakes.

Pink + Cupcakes = Joan happy.

Oh ya, anyone interested can call up Mei from CUBE restaurant. The cupcakes are good.
Happy Birthday to me!


Gallivanter said...

Happy Birthday!!


karulann said...

:) Nice surpise frem your sis's... Btw, happy b'day to you too!!!

erizabesu said...

happy belated birthday joan.
Gong Xi Fatt Chai and Happy V'day too. GBU

Pammie Pajammie said...

Happy Birthday Joan!! :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

now that's a fresh kinda bday cake! happy bday! :D

Rungitom said...

Happy Birthday lady, ^_^ God Bless